PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 25



Hours later, I arrived at England! The place was so amazing, as I came out from the airport I was confused! This place was totally different, New country, new face, How in the world am I going to look for Carol here? I hope I would get lost, Thankfully I saw a taxi and asked him to take me to Greenwich!
Alex Driver!
Taxi Yes sir!
Alex Can you please take me to greenwich?
Taxi Okay, hop on in and I’ll take you!
Alex Thanks, How much is ur payment?
Taxi 12 pound sterling
(1 pound sterling is 450 naira)
Alex Pound sterling? Ok let’s go!
D–n! This currency is making confused, I didn’t know anything about this currency, but thank God, I have dollars at least he would collect it, The drive to Greenwich was slow and steady but it was better, The scenery of the area as we drove was beautiful! Their weather was cool, though it wasn’t raining or snowing!
At least, I wasn’t going to get lost, But finding the mansion was going to be a real workout. I just hope Carol is there!
About an hour later, We arrived at Greenwich, the place was nice and quiet, The people were walking minding their business, The place was just lovely! I came down from the taxi and negotiated with the cab driver.
Alex Look man! I’m new in this country and I’m not used to ur currency but if you don’t mind I have some cash in dollars, pls!
Taxi Okay, mate
I gave him about 50dollars, and he went off smiling, maybe the money was too much, well its his day, I started walking around Greenwich, the place was full of trees, I walked for minutes without any idea of where I was going, Finally I got tired and decided to ask around, the people around there didn’t give me any favorable answer, I kept on asking without any luck!
I wondered why they were treating me this way, was because I’m black? Well I continued asking till I bumped into a lady, She seemed nice so I asked her!
Alex Pls excuse me miss!
Lady Yes? How can I help you?
Alex Uhm, I’m looking for a mansion that belongs to a Mrs Nicole!
Lady Nicole?
Alex Yes!
Lady There is one Mrs Nicole Alexander and her mansion is located a few blocks away!
Alex Okay, Can you pls take me there! I’m new around here!
Lady Okay, let’s go!
(Carol P. O. V)
God! They say too much of a good thing is dangerous for you! And they were right! Spending a month and a half in London began to make me bored, there was nothing else to do, Me and my cousins have had also enough fun, We’ve done everything there is in London to have a good time, Even spending time with Aunt Carol was too depressing, too much tea and going to visit rich people and hosting events racked my skull, God! I really need to leave!
Lizzy and Emma however were not bored, they found a way to amuse themselves, by sleeping with black men! It was they became addicted to it! Luckily for them, their mother didn’t know about this if not she would really murder them! So I decided to speak some sense into her whoring heads!
Carol You girls should stop this, having sex is fun and all but there are consequences, We guys need to lay low and easy off the sex!
Lizzy See who’s talking? Don’t tell me you dont want it too!
Carol Look everyone loves sex, but you guys ur own is way off the charts , if you like sleeping with black men so much, Get a boyfriend!
Emma Easy for you to say! The bastards run off after they’ve had their fun! Besides who needs love?
Lizzy Excuse me? I do, if I could get one, the sex mania will stop!
Carol Still you guys should stop! What if you get Aids and even get pregnant? What will mom say!
Emma Ewww! Aids no! Pregnancy yes! But not illegitimate! Imagine me being pregnant for a black man?
Lizzy Yes, we like to f–k but we’re not stupid to do that without a condom! So…..
Carol Don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you want sex so bad just get married!
House butler Miss Carol!
Carol Yes?
H. Butler There’s a black man or a stranger rather requesting for ur presence!
Lizzy Ohhh, who’s the black man? See I told you she wouldn’t last, she would eventually give in to her temptation!
Carol Pls, I didn’t see any black man! Let me go and check!
I was surprised, a black man! Asking for me? It must be a mistake! I quickly went to see who it was and my cousins followed me, As I reached down, I was totally surprised, I couldn’t believe it, it was Alex and he looked dazed. He was just looking around, poor guy I couldn’t wonder what he got through to see me!
I ran to him and hugged him, God my Alex was here to see me, I kissed him out of joy! I was so happy, my cousins were also amazed, Me kissing a stranger but I quickly cleared their thoughts.
Carol Lizzy, Emma, this is Alex my boyfriend!
Lizzy Wowie, so this is Alex, so charming, nice to meet you (What a man)
Emma Same here (he looks so hot)
Alex Pleasure to meet you as well!
Carol Ok let’s get inside.
The butler helped pack Alex’s luggage to the guest room, I still couldn’t believe it, How did he get here? And how did he find this place, We got into the living room and we sat on the sofa!
Carol Baby, how did you find this place?
Alex well, I asked around and a lady showed me this place! Its lovely,oh and Jessy says hi!
Carol So what brings you here?
Alex I’ve missed you Carol, since you left you didn’t call so I took a friendly advice to come and see my lady.
Carol That’s sweet love, Sorry I couldn’t call, I had some really tough issues, I’ve missed you as well, I hope your flight wasn’t tiring!
Alex No! But finding this place was!
Sweet Alex, I immediately kissed him, I longed for his presence and the sweet man surprised me by showing up here! God i’m really lucky, This could have been a romantic moment but my cousins spoiled that.
Lizzy Hubba, Hubba, nice kissing!
Carol Lizzy, Emma, give us some privacy pls!
Emma Privacy? Baby you’re in our house!
Carol F–k off, Alex let me get you something to drink!
Alex Okay!
I went to the kitchen to get some juice for Alex, Finally now Aunt Nicole can see Alex now and things will be settled, as I came back with the drinks, Lizzy and Emma were clamouring over Alex, they sat close to him and their hands all around him asking silly questions!
Lizzy So Alex how’s Nigeria?
Alex Its nice!
Emma Really? I heard poverty and corrupt is a plague over there!
Alex Well, life’s hard!
Lizzy So tell me, is it true nigerian men marry dozens of wives over there?
Alex uhm!..
Emma Do Nigerian men really crave for sex?
Alex Yes… No…
Lizzy So how long do they last?. I heard they have big donkey dicks,
Emma So have you tangled with Carol on bed?…
Alex No not yet.
Lizzy Really? She’s such a geek, having this stupid issue about maintaining her virginity till marriage! Wjo does that? That period is long gone! This is the 21th century!
Alex Well, its a good thing!
Emma Wow, it seems she made you like her, Who needs virginity? Sex is the stuff, it makes you feel alive, I think sex should be done regularly like 5 times a day!
Lizzy So have you slept with a woman before?
Alex well,…..
Emma Look! He’s the shy type! I like shy men!
Lizzy Listen Alex, I know you’re feeling the sexual urge to blow ur nuts inside a woman, so let’s make this simple, We’ll allow to f–k us, this once, believe me, we white women are much more sexuality active than ur black bitches, So since Carol is our cousin, she won’t mind!
Emma Yes and it will be fun! You black men can’t resist a white woman’s body!
Alex I don’t think that’s a good idea…
Carol Alright bitches, Alex is off limit, and don’t you even dare try to do anything funny with My boyfriend! Come on Alex, let’s get to my room!
Lizzy Wow, take it easy, we’re just trying to please our guest! Alright go and do with him as you like!
I dragged him straight to my room, I couldn’t believe they would willingly f–k Alex in my presence, I have to keep an eye on them, cause Alex can’t resist them for long! We entered my room and locked the door, now we could have time and enjoy each others company!


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