PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 24



Mike gave me a really good idea, why didn’t I think of it sooner? I went and bought the tickets for the flight, it was expensive but worth it, seeing Carol was all that matters, After I booked for the flight , I went to see Carol’s uncle the next day at work, I waited till the day was over so I met him in his office, Thank God, he was alone, I went in and talked to him.
Alex Evening sir,
Gerald Evening Alex, sit down, how’ve you been? I haven’t seen you for some days!
Alex Yes sir, I took a leave to see my parents sir!
Gerald Good, how are they?
Alex They’re in good health sir!.
Gerald That’s good! A responsible man should take time to see his family, Remember Family matters more than anything else!
Alex Yes sir, Sir I came to talk to you about something!
Gerald What is it?
Alex Sir its been a month, since I’ve seen or heard from Carol, and I was wondering if you could allow me to go and see her, if that’s okay with you!
Gerald Hmm, you want to go and see her? In London?
Alex Yes sir, I’ll be back in a few days, Sir I really miss her!
Gerald So do you know where she is in London?
Alex Yes sir, she told me all about her Aunt’s place in London.
Gerald Okay, if you really miss her that much, you have my permission, besides you’ve done ur share of the work, the company can manage without for a few days.
Alex Thank you sir!
I quickly went out of his office and went home happy, I was going to surprise Carol, I can’t to see the look of her face when she sees me I hope she will be happy, Soon I arrived home and started packing my stuff!
(Sandra. P. O. V)
Two days later…….
Wow! Alex really banged me well, I could still walk properly, Poor Samuel, he thought I was stressed from work not knowing that Alex carved me properly, Well, thank God, Stella was there to help me tell the school I was Ill if not…….
I sat resting on my Sofa watching TV, when stella stormed in! She looked like she was on a mission, She sat breathing heavily, and went to the fridge to drink water, She quickly gulped down to bottles of water, After a while, She spoke.
Stella Sandra! You’re done!
Sandra Excuse me? Done as in how? Wetin I do?
Stella Wetin you do? You dey sit down like queen for house, you no know say Alex wan travel?
Sandra Travel? To where?
Stella Carol nau!
Sandra Abeg shut up! That’s a lie! He doesn’t have that kind of money to go to Europe!
Stella I’m telling you oo, its true, Mike told me about it, This afternoon, so my phone was dead so I came to ur house, he’s leaving tomorrow!
Sandra I don’t believe this!
Stella My sister you better believe it oo,
Sandra Let me call him, he can’t after all the fun we had, he still pines for that b—h.
I quickly called Alex, Why would he go to her? Is she even better than me? I’m a woman like she is! What can she offer that I can’t? Enough is enough! Its time to settle this!
Alex Hello
Sandra Baby, how are you?
Alex I’m fyn, Sandra! U?
Sandra I’m bored Alex, Can you come over? Pls
Alex No!
Sandra Why?
Alex Because I’m busy getting ready to travel tomorrow!
Sandra Travel where?
Alex To Carol’s place!
Sandra You ungrateful bastard! After all I’ve done for you, you still follow her like a dog!
Alex Done for me? Look Sandra, I like you but I don’t feel the same with you as I feel with Carol and besides She sacrificed alot for me than you’ll ever do!
Sandra Alex, God punish you, I won’t let you be with her, you’re mine, you think you can use this body for pleasure and walk away free?
Alex Listen Sandra, I didn’t force you or ask you for sex, You tempted me into it, and what happened a few days ago was ur doing not mine, Sleeping with you was never my intention!
Sandra Listen, I won’t allow that! Never its either I have you or nobody else does! I can’t let that b—h slip you away from my hands!
Alex Don’t ever call her a b—h! I can’t believe you’re like this, I thought we could be friends but no, You and I had something going but I really love Sandra!
You and I can’t be! Its over! ends call
Sandra Alex! Alex! F–k!!!
Stella Wetin happen?
Sandra He said he doesn’t want to see me again!
Stella Well, at least he came out clean and told you instead of playing with ur sense, At least Samuel is here for you!
Sandra Pls shut up, I swear I won’t let him get away with this, I swear it.
(Alex P. O. V)
Well today is the day, I’m finally going to see my true love, too bad Sandra and I didn’t end in a good term but it was her fault, I never intended to get to intimate with her, Well thank God, I ended things with her, cause the Sandra I once knew was totally different from the one now!
Before I could get into the plane, Jessy called me!
Alex Hello!
Jessy Hey, Alex, how’ve you been?
Alex I’m fyn, thank you!
Jessy so where are you now?
Alex Oh, sorry for not telling you Jessy, but I’m in the Airport now, I want to go and see Carol!
Jessy Really? Oh my God! That’s so sweet!
Alex Thanks
Jessy Oh, Carol will be crazy when she sees you and if you reach there, tell her I said Hi!
Alex Okay, I will
Jessy Have a safe trip!
She ended the call and soon the flight was going to take off I kept my luggages and entered the passengers route to the plane! Carol here I come!


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