PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 23



I spent some days at my parents house before going back to Abuja, it was good seeing and spending some time with them, My dad gave me some good advice during my stay, my sisters had the fun driving around Kaduna streets with my car, Soon I traveled back to Abuja, the drive was exhausting and I really to rest and eat, as I arrived home, Sandra called me.
Sandra Hey charming, how’s ur journey?
Alex I’m fyn Sandra, I just arrived now!
Sandra Really? So soon? You must be tired, let me come over and take care of you!
Alex I don’t think…
Sandra Come on, I’ll just prepare some food for you.
Alex Okay, fine.
Thank goodness, Sandra called cause I was really tired, I went in to my room, took a bath and took a small nap, later Sandra came to my house, She was looking so hot and attractive, her clothes were too tempting, she prepared the meal and it smelled good, after she was done, she served me the food and I started eating, I noticed she was eating so I asked her why!
Alex Sandra, why aren’t you eating?
Sandra Don’t worry, i’m already full!
Alex Okay oo, more for me then, this food is delicious.
Later, I was done eating the food, it was really delicious and I was full, Too bad carol couldn’t cook as good as Sandra, Sandra packed the plates and started to wash them and I took a rest on my couch!
A bit later, Sandra and I were watching news on my TV, and in that moment, my d–k started rising, I was surprised, but I didn’t bother about it, after a while my d–k became hard and ready to bust, I felt uncomfortable! What was going on? Why was my d–k rising to this extent? I wasn’t watching p–n or seeing nudes, but how? I felt like my d–k was going to blow, the pressure was just too much to bear, this was unnatural, Just then, I remembered the food Sandra cooked, though it was delicious but it tasted a bit weird, and she didn’t even taste it, I looked at her direction and saw she was smiling coyly.
Alex Sandra?
Sandra Yes?
Alex what did you put inside my food?
Sandra Nothing… Just a small ingredient to boost ur d–k!
Alex what? Why?
Sandra Because I’m tired of waiting for you to f–k me, I want to feel ur d–k inside me so I decided to make the move!
I couldn’t believe it, she sabotaged my food so she could have sex with me? My d–k was starting to hurt, I really need to f–k someone if not only God knows what will happen, Since she wanted my d–k so bad! She’s definitely going to get it!
(Sandra P. O. V)
What’s wrong with Alex? He just pounced on me like a man possessed, he didn’t even bother to make me h—y, He tore my skintight and pant off me, and pushed his hard d–k inside me roughly, He rammed his d–k into my c–t furiously, I couldn’t stop him, he was too strong, he ripped my clothes and bra off and s—-d my boobs like a hungry baby and bit my nipples, God! What have I done? Alex was really hammering my p—y and he was going so deep not even Samuel had f—-d me this deep, I couldn’t hold on anymore, I moaned louder begging him to go slow, but he didn’t listen, He kept pounding my c–t, In that instant, I came hard on his d–k but he still didn’t stop for me to catch my breath, but kept slamming his d–k hard in to my p—y, I couldn’t feel my legs, his d–k was extending deep into my c–t as he rammed my p—y like a savage!
His t—-t soon became faster and faster, he was going to c-m, he quickly pulled out and came on my body, Just when I thought it was over, He adjusted me for the d—-e and penetrated my ass, he plunged in deep and hard making me scream, it was painful! He kept drilling me ass into oblivion, this wasn’t sex, it was Rape! He kept ramming his d–k into my ass, soon my body twitched as I came, I nearly fainted but he still kept pounding me hard and I began to cry, it hurts but the sex was good, I felt immense pleasure surging through my body, (God! Where did he get this stamina?).
He grabbed my hips as he continued banging my ass, he later came hard on my ass! My body went limp, my ass was on fire and I was exhausted, this sex was too wild and rough, before I could even take another breath, He adjusted his d–k and shoved it into my mouth, he grabbed my hair as he pounded my mouth, I could feel his d–k inside my throat, I couldn’t breathe the smell of sweat and c-m covered his d–k, I gagged and almost choked but he didn’t stop, he kept hammering my throat, tears filled my eyes as he pounded my mouth, I did my best by sucking his d–k as hard as I could, After a while, I felt his d–k twitching in my mouth, as he came hard on my face, drowning me in his c-m!
D–n! What a Sex!
(Alex P. O. V)
I woke up late in the morning and I was late for work, I could barely remember what happened last night, the room was stuffy and filled with the stench of c-m, I saw a note and it was from Sandra!
“Hey love ,
The sex was amazing, you were really a monster, I don’t think I’ll be going to school today, cause I could barely walk, my ass is on fire, thanks to you and it would take some time before we have another round, you really scattered my p—y! Whew!
So see you next time, bye”
I quickly recalled what happened as I finished reading the note I had sex with Sandra, and whatever she put into that food, also made me lose my mind, F—–g b—h, I shouldn’t have allowed her to come! And now I’ve cheated on Carol, what have I done? And if Carol finds out, She would kill me! I felt so guilty, the best thing to do is not to tell her, Thank goodness I didn’t c-m inside that b—h!
Since I couldn’t go to work, I cleaned my room and sprayed some fragrance in my room! After that I took my bath and went out,
I spent the rest of the day with my friend, Mike in a bar
He saw how worried I was and asked what was wrong
Mike Oboi na wetin happen?
Alex . I just tire!
Mike Tire? Abeg tell me, I’m ur friend!
I told him everything between Carol and I and also told him about what happened between Sandra and I.
Mike Man, you f—-d up! But since she drugged you and you didn’t f–k her on ur own will, She’ll forgive you!
Alex But Mike, I’m tired of waiting for her, I miss her
Its not that I want sex, but I just want to see her!
Mike Well, if you want to see her, Go to her place in London, it shouldn’t be hard since ur salary is enough!
Alex Really? I didn’t think of that, how much is the flight ticket?
Mike Let’s see, about 245,000 at least.
Alex How did you know?
Mike Bro, I have a friend that goes there for business, Go and see ur babe!
Alex Thanks Mike, I will as soon as I ask her uncle!


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