PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 21



(Nicole mansion)
Lizzy Mom, Carol is not well
Nicole Well what’s wrong with her?
Lizzy Well, she has been moody, and drinking lately and she has eaten properly!
Nicole That’s bad!
Lizzy Mom! She’s sad and feeling hurt! Thanks to ur idea, She’s looking pale like a vampire.
Nicole well, She’ll come to her senses soon, don’t worry she’ll eat when she’s really hungry!
Emma Lizzy!!! Mom! Come quick!
Lizzy Geez, why shout? What’s wrong?
Emma Carol just fainted!
Nicole What? Hurry! get the family doctor, quick!
Minutes later….
Doctor Mrs Nicole!
Nicole Yes, doctor, is my baby alright?
Doctor Yes, but she needs to eat to be alive!
Nicole sobs oh my baby, Can I see her now?
Doctor Sure!
(Enters Carol’s room)
Nicole oh Carol why?
Nicole Come on honey, say something pls, anything!
Lizzy Mom, you need to let her go back to her man! Its not fair to keep her here!
Nicole Keep shut! Girl,
Tedd Lizzy’s right, Mom, she loves him dearly, I mean what lady would torture herself because of a man? Mom you need to let her be, She’s a grown woman!
Emma Mom, she’s gonna die! And if that happens…
Nicole Okay, okay, I give up, She can go back to her lover if she wants, let me call her father, I can’t watch her suffer like this. leaves the room
Carol Is she gone?
Tedd Yes!
Carol Thank you guys for playing along with me!
Emma Yes, it was fun seeing Mom freak out, but seriously you need to eat! Those chocolates aren’t doing you any good!
Carol What? It was the only thing I could eat when I planned my hunger strike.
Lizzy Well, I’m really happy for you.
My cousins were the best, helping me plan everything was no easy task even bribing the doctor to play along was no easy matter, it was the only way Aunt Nicole could ever allow me to leave, Poor lady, I almost gave her a heart attack, and I really need to eat, I feel a bit dizzy eating chocolates for weeks!
(Nicole room)
Nicole Hello Lovette
Mr. Lovette Hello Nicole, how’s my daughter?
Nicole Terrible, she’s been drinking and not eating for weeks all because of that lover of hers, She passed out a few minutes ago, I can’t watch her die in my house!
Mr. Lovette What? How? I hope she’s okay!
Nicole Oh, she will be if she starts eating, I’m sending back to Nigeria a month from now!
Mr. Lovette What? Don’t you dare, Nicole, she stays there!
Nicole Watch ur mouth, Lovette, besides if she loves this man, let her be, you know how stubborn she is like her mother!
Mr. Lovette I wont allow her to be with that trash!
Nicole Oh please, don’t let me, remind you how you were before you married my sister, My family was against it but she stood for you, and you got hitched!
And don’t forget she’s also a part of the Alexander family as well so better watch it, We can take her away from you if we like,
Mr. Lovette But she….
Nicole Pls allow her, she’s not 10yrs old, She’s a grown woman, and try to get to know the man she likes, this is her life so let her be.
(Mr. Lovette P. O. V)
My daughter is sick and drinking because of one bastard, I need to make an example out of him, He can’t just come and charm my daughter, Carol deserves better than him.
(Enters Gerald)
Gerald Hello brother,
Mr. Lovette Hello Gerald
Gerald You look worried, what’s wrong?
Mr. L Its Carol, she’s sick and drinking again!
Gerald What? How?
(Mr. L narrates everything to his brother)
Mr. L I’ll make him pay for making my daughter like this!
Gerald Hold on, so you planned her travel in order to keep her away from him? What’s wrong with you? She’s a grown woman! Why can’t you accept who she chooses?
Mr. L Buts he’s a gateman, what could he possibly offer her? How is he going to take care of her!?
Gerald Do you believe no condition is permanent? That gateman is a university graduate and he works for me in my company, That man is a hard working fellow, I can vouch for him, He misses her, he always asks how she is, He truly loves ur daughter and if it was some idiot, he would dump her and look for another woman since she has already taken care of his needs.
Mr. L But…
Gerald No buts brother, you have been controlling Carol since she was a kid, I know you want what’s best for her, but this is her life and thanks to you, She looks terribly Ill in London, Don’t ruin her life because of ur own interests, she’s already suffered a terrible humiliation during her wedding day, and it was ur fault, you introduced her to that bastard, Pls don’t make the same mistake, do you think her late mother would be happy the way, you’re treating her daughter?
Pls think over this matter and remember she’s ur only daughter, and if you lose her, you’ll never get another like her ever again!
(Carol’s P. O. V)
Nicole Caroline
Carol Yes mom?
Nicole Pls honey, eat!
Carol No mom,
Nicole Pls darling, I beg you, if anything happens to you I’ll never forgive myself, you’re the only memory of my sister left!
Carol No mom!
Nicole Pls, if you eat, I promise you, you’ll be back to ur man, before you know it!
Carol Really?
Nicole Yes darling, anything for you! Now promise me, you’ll eat?
Carol Yes, mom!
(Hug eachother)
Nicole But, you need to stay here for a month to see ur family, everyone wants to see you!
Carol Okay mom, but no funny business!
Nicole Okay Carol, now let’s go have some tea, shall we?


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