PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 17



Carol and I spent the rest of the week together, It was a bliss moment, Since she no longer worked at the company, She stayed at her house, together with me enjoying ourselves, She had a successful agricultural business, which was selling of manure to farmers, the business was a success so she didn’t need to worry about money, We spent the time doing nothing, but kissing, watching movies and well the usual stuff, Whenever there was no food, we went to the market together and bought them, She quickly learnt how to male some food especially her favorites Moi-moi and the Tuwo stuff, and she prepared it nicely, So when the weekends came, She wanted to follow me to my house!
Alex Okay Carol see you Monday!
Carol I can’t wait till Monday, I’ll be lonely here!
Alex But you’re doing fyn before! Don’t worry it won’t be long, the weekends will be over before you know it.
Carol No, I won’t stay here besides I don’t want that Sandra lady snuggling up to you during the weekends so let’s go!
Alex Hmm, you’re jealous?
Carol No, i’m not.
Alex See how ur cheeks are red, it indicates you are jealous.
Carol Okay, I am, so do you want me to spend the weekends with someone else?
Alex What? No! Never!
Carol Alright let’s go! We can take my car!
Alex No, since you’re spending the weekends with me, let’s do it my way, we’re taking the taxi!
Carol Taxi?
Alex Yes, let’s go.
She closed the house and locked the gate, and we took off, when we reached the main road, there were alot of taxis passing, Stopping one wasn’t easy, I always struggled to get one, Carol on the other hand was tired of standing and was losing her patience!
Carol Mr let’s do it ur way? See now, you’ve made us come here for nothing!
Alex Don’t blame me, the taxi drivers are the one to blamed, they aren’t stopping, I wonder what’s the problem?
Carol The problem is that you’re a man!
Alex Excuse me? What’s that got to do with me being a man?
Carol Watch and pay attention!
She loosed her braid and her hair fell on her shoulders, she moved a little bit further away from me, and stretched her hand to stop a taxi, before long three taxi cabs stopped at her direction, each of them was fighting whose passenger she would be, she choose one of them and the others drove away annoyed, She talked and convinced the driver and Soon she called me and we went straight to my house, as we dropped I paid off the driver and entered the compound, The neighbors were already outside with their wives talking to eachother when they saw us, Carol and I greeted them but the men didn’t answer me, they answered Carol, their wives didn’t reply at all, as they were angry and jealous of Carol, We entered my room and closed the door!
Carol jumped straight on my couch, stretching herself, I went to my room to remove my clothes, I entered the kitchen to prepare something for us, since it was already evening, Carol came behind me asking what I was doing!
Carol what are you doing?
Alex I’m trying to cook for us? Is there a problem?
Carol No, but I’ll be doing the cooking, it will be a surprise!
Alex Really?
Carol Yes, so go and stay in ur room and I’ll be done soon!
Alex Okay!
I went to my room and waited, was she really going to cook for us? Well I hope it will be delicious though, cause she’s still learning, I waited for almost an hour, when I got bored, I wanted to see, what she was doing, before I stepped out of my room, She came to me with the food, in her hands I couldn’t see what it was because she had covered it with another plate. We sat on my bed together, and she uncovered the food, it was Jollof rice, I was surprised cause I never taught her that yet!
Alex How did you…. Where did you learn that?
Carol I bought a recipe book about Nigerian meals so I wanted to surprise you by making you one, Go on enjoy!
Alex Aren’t you eating?
Carol Don’t worry, I’m stuffed!
Well, I couldn’t wait to dig in the food was really smelling good, I took one spoon of the rice, and I felt like I was going to vomit! The food was delicious all right but It was too spicy , i couldn’t spit it out in front of her, Carol’s eyes were just looking at me! She noticed my discomfort and she was worried!
Carol Is everything okay? You look uncomfortable!
Alex Don’t worry babe, I’m good, I just need some water!
Carol Water? So soon? Is the food bad?
Alex No, no, it’s not, it’s really delicious, I just need to take some water that’s all.
How could I tell her the food was too spicy, something she spent an hour cooking it, it would hurt her feelings and I won’t do that, I’ll just try and finish it all for her sake, She went and brought the water for me, I gulped it down immediately, thank goodness it wasn’t Hausa pepper! I continued eating the food with difficulty, when she noticed I drank water with every bite, she became suspicious!
Carol Alex are you really okay? Why are you drinking water after every bite, what’s wrong?
Alex Nothing, I’m just thirsty!
Carol Really? Thirsty?
Alex Yes!
Carol That’s a lie! Give me the spoon let me taste the food!
Alex What? No that’s suicide (shit)
Carol Suicide? My food? Give me the spoon!
Alex Carol!
Carol Now!!!
Well, she asked for it, I tried to stop her, She collected the spoon and took a bite, immediately the spoon entered her mouth, she jumped and yelled! She ran quickly to my fridge and drank water! I laughed so hard when she did this, Later she came back with her cheeks red! I tried to hold my laugh but I couldn’t, When she saw me laughing she jumped on me and started punching me.
Carol Stop laughing, its not funny!
Alex SoSorry babe , I couldn’t stop myself, I never knew you were fast!..
Carol Why didn’t you tell me it was spicy?
. Alex Sorry love but I didn’t want to hurt ur feelings, you spent an hour cooking it and it would have been a waste of time, if we threw it away, so I tried to appreciate ur efforts by eating it all.
Carol Awwwn, that’s so sweet! Thank you but next time, tell me if something is wrong with my food, okay?
Alex Okay!
She sat on my belly, looking at me with lust in her eyes, we started kissing, I remove her shirt and bra and her boobs came into view, D–n, these Big white milk breast, I s—-d them hard, they were delicious, She moans as I s—-d her boobs, I started kissing her neck and I continue kissing going down her stomach, She moaned sweetly as I kissed her body, when I reached near her V section, I stopped.
Carol What’s wrong? Why did you stop?
Alex I thought you said no sex just kissing and touching.
Carol Yes, now you can suck my p—y, you’ve been promoted. But no d–k! Got it?
Wow! I removed her jeans and and pants, her p—y was so lovely, well shaved and clean, and it smelled nice, I kissed the entrance of her p—y, her body jolted as I did that, I continued kissing till I slipped my tongue inside her! She moaned louder , wrapping her legs around my head as I s—-d her, she pulled the bedsheets biting her lips as I Gave her pleasure, I s—-d her p—y and fingered her c–t, her p—y was so tight even tigher than Sandra, I fingered her slowly so she could feel the vibe through her c–t, Her moans were getting too loud, I bet the neighbors could have heard us, I continued eating her p—y till she came hard, her body twitched and she was barely conscious, My d–k was hard as rock and I wanted to f–k her but resisted for her sake, “they say the patient dog gets the biggest bone”so since she allowed me to suck her c–t, she would eventually allow me to pound her good! She got up smiling, she felt like she was in heaven when she saw how hard my d–k was she grabbed it and started to suck!
Carol I hate blowjobs but since you’ve made me c-m hard, I’ll give you this chance to f–k my mouth.
She licked my d–k slow and hard, She couldn’t swallow it all but she eventually pushed everything into her mouth, She covered my d–k with her saliva as she s—-d, She licked my balls, which tickles me, Though she didn’t suck fast but she was really taking her time making me feel good, I could feel my d–k near her throat, I slowly pushed my d–k inside her mouth, D–n! This BJ was good, her mouth was tight and She was doing her best to make me c-m! I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, She was slowly killing my d–k, the sensation was too much, I felt like I was going to c-m, I tried to pull out but she held my d–k inside my mouth, it was like she wanted me to c-m, Soon I released my c-m deep inside her mouth, She swallowed my c-m all, not one drop escaped her mouth, My body felt limp as I came, She balanced on my chest as I laid down!
Carol D–n! You c-m like a horse! It doesn’t taste bad though!
. Alex You were also amazing, her mouth is a real killer, Are you sure this is ur first time? You suck like a pro!
Carol Hey, I may work all the time but I watch p–n also to please myself.
Alex Let’s take a shower!
Carol Okay!
We removed our clothes and entered the toilet, Carol’s body was just too lovely and ravishing as we showered we kissed and s—-d eachother, I s—-d and fingered her p—y and she gave me a Bj, it was fun,After the shower, We slept together on my bed naked!
The next morning, I woke up feeling good! Last night was fun, I sat on my bed and didn’t see carol, I checked the toilet but she wasn’t there, and I decide to check the kitchen, and there she was wearing her pant and my loose shirts, she made breakfast of tea and break and some egg sauce, I walked behind her slowly, I grabbed her waist and kissed her neck, God, I’m really lucky this lady was just angelic!
Carol Good morning, Love!
Alex Good morning, Mrs Lovette, my sugar pie! How’s ur night?
Carol It was great, yours?
Alex Better! So what’s for breakfast?
Carol Tea, break and some egg sauce!
Alex It smells great!
Carol Well, I had a great teacher! Have you brushed?
Alex No!
Carol Alright go and do it, else no food for you!
What a sweet lady, I went and brushed my teeth, after that, I went to my room and Carol had already served the food, we ate feeding each other, it was romantic, after the meal, we washed the dishes together and later went to my couch to watch TV, as we were watching, I heard a knock on my door, and went to check who it was. It was Mr Robert, Jennifer’s husband!
Alex Good morning sir
Robert Morning, Alex there’s something I want to tell you!
Alex YesYes? What is it?
Robert Yesterday night, you and ur harlot were disturbing us the neighbors, We could hear you both shouting like fools, this is not a brothel, if you want to f–k someone, do it outside the house!
WTF!? This bastard calling Carol, a w—e, I punched him straight on his face , he had no right to call her that and invade my privacy, How dare him? We struggled for a while before the others came to separate us, Carol heard what was happening and came outside!
Carol Alex? What’s wrong? Why are you fighting?
Alex Stupid man! If you ever call her that again I’ll castrate you!
Emeka Stop now, come on!
Robert You dare punch me? I’ll make ur life miserable!
Carol Mr. Robert?!
Robert *terrified * Mrs Lovette?!
When I saw this turn of events, I was surprised, it turns out, Mr Robert works for Carol, when he saw her he was completely terrified, He felt like a mouse in a corner.
Carol So this is where you live? Why are yiu fighting with my boyfriend?
Robert Im -s-sorry ma! It won’t happen again!
Carol Good and make sure you apologize to him this instant or else..
Robert Alright ma!
She went back in, and he quickly knelt down and begged me not to tell her, he mistakenly called her a w—e, I didn’t pay no attention to him, I entered my room and closed the door, everyone was surprised that the daughter of a billionaire was my girlfriend!
I went back to my couch and sat with Carol around my arms watching TV, She asked what caused the fight and told her he was being a nosy neighbor and punched him in the face, She didn’t say anything!
Later her phone rang and she answered!
Carol Hello Uncle Gerald nice to see you!
Gerald Nice to see my favorite niece!
They talked on the phone for a while and soon she ended the call, looking worried! I pulled her clothes to me and asked what was wrong!
Alex Baby what’s wrong?
Carol My uncle wants to see us both!


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