PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 16



Carol and I were having a good time, unknown to us a stranger walked in, we had forgotten to lock the door, when I saw the stranger he looked rich and elderly, I was completely dazed when carol called him “Dad”.
So this was her father, His presence meant respect and a no nonsense type, he had walked into with two big ass men, probably his bodyguards, His eyes looked shocked when he saw me on top of his only daughter, I quickly stood up and moved quietly away from Carol, they began to talk and I had no right to talk but watch!
Carol Dad! What are you doing here?
Mr. Lovette I came to see my daughter, and who’s this Lowlife?…
Carol He’s not a lowlife, he’s my boyfriend, and his name is Alex.
Mr. Lovette Boyfriend? Him? So he’s ur gateman lover huh? I see he has charmed you!
Carol Yes, he has with his manners and character, not wealthy and stupid ego.
Mr. Lovette You, Alex or whatever ur name is stay away from my daughter, if not I’ll make life miserable for you.
Alex Aaaa
Carol Don’t listen to him, Alex nothing will happen to you as long as you’re with me.
Mr. Lovette Why do you want to spoil our families name? There are rich handsome men out there! Who could take care of you and ur needs and beside I’ve got one, Mr. Morrison’s son is interested in you, there’s no need for squabble, Just fire this fool and change the course of ur romance,
Carol Father, why? You want me to marry rich, handsome men? And it was those rich, handsome man that cheated on me during our wedding day! I’ve had enough of people choosing and telling me what to do? Its time I choose my own path, enough of this and that, I love Alex, and I don’t care about what people say, Love is not built on Fame or popularity but on trust and care, Alex is the man I chose and that’s final!
Mr. Lovette You’re just like ur mother, so stubborn, enough of this nonsense, Boys grab him!!!
Carol Don’t you touch him or else..
Mr. Lovette Or else what, Grab the pig!
The goons came straight towards me, I couldn’t run or try to resist, from the looks of this guys they’re as strong as they’re fast, trying to oppose them would lead to grave consequences, They grabbed hold of me pulling like a toy, Before we all knew what was happening, Carol halted us! As we all turned around, there she standing with a revolver caliber in her hand! We were all dazed where did she get a gun from? Besides when did she learn to shoot? I was afraid and so were the rests, She clicked the gun pointing straight towards us, Her eyes were cold and deadly, any minute now she would fire the gun, The only thing more dangerous than driving with a drunken person in his car, Is a woman with a gun in her hands!
Carol Alright, stay away from Alex or the bullet flies straight into ur f—–g brains.
Mr. Lovette Carol this is madness, drop that gun now!
Carol Dad, you’re in no position to give commands, now tell ur goons to stay away from Alex or I’ll shoot.
Mr. Lovette You’re bluffing.
Before he could take another step, the gun went off, She shot her father’s cap right his head! The bodyguards couldn’t wait, they ran like antelopes with their feets touching their heads, I too froze on the floor, This b—h was crazy, so after all when I thought she was saying she’s going to kill me, I thought it was just words, She even made her father a shooting target, so what chance do I have?
Even Mr Lovette was surprised, he couldn’t believe what had happened? Just when I thought Carol was sweet and lovely, she was also as deadly as a scorpion .
Carol Now, leave! And don’t think I missed, that was warning shot, the next one enters ur limbs.
Mr. Lovette I’m ur father Carol! You would shoot me over him? This pig!
She fired the gun again and she shot off his walking stick, my body trembled on the floor as she made that shot! Kai, which kind family be this?
Carol Don’t call him a pig, he’s name is Alex! So pls walk out of my house.
Mr. Lovette I’ll deal with you carol, you’re no longer the CEO of the Lovette s communication company, You can go and rot for all I care, and as long as you’re with him, you’re no longer welcome! God! Abomination!
Carol Thank you father, I don’t need ur company and I’ll always be with Alex, this is my life not urs!
Mr. Lovette left the house, with his goons, I still didn’t move after that, Carol shooting guns? And she was terribly good at it, She walks up to me, trying to touch me with the gun in her hands, I quickly stood up and move away from her, she laughed as I did this.
Carol Don’t worry sugar, I won’t shoot you not yet anyway.
Alex Pls keep the gun away from me!
Carol why? You’re afraid? Perhaps I should try and practice on you!
Alex What pls no! I beg you.
Her father was right, she was stubborn, she pointed the gun straight at me, smiling as she walked straight to me, Is she crazy? What if she mistakenly fire the gun? As she cam towards me, she pointed the gun on my d–k! I was terrified, She laughed as she saw my face!
. Carol You afraid of guns, come on its no biggie!
Alex Pls, Carol stop
Carol You want me to stop?..
Alex Yes!
Carol Kiss me!
I did as she asked, she kissed me with so much force like she was going to suck my mouth, I took her to her room, where we continued kissing, sucking and touching each other, no sex! Minutes later, we were on each other’s arms, talking.
Carol You should have seen ur face, it was like yiu were going to shit urself.
Alex So? You had a gun in ur hand, and besides where did you learn to shoot?
Carol From my mom’s sister, Aunt Nicole, she stays in London or grew up in London, mom is not from Nigeria.
Alex So ur mom is from England?
Carol Yes, mom’s family are all there, I’m the only one in Nigeria with dad!
Alex Carol! Why would you shoot ur dad!? Why?
She rose up and balanced her body on mine, she looked at my face, sighing!
Carol Ever since, I was a little girl, my dad has being controlling my life, he never allowed me to play with children of the neighborhood, he said they were too local and dumb, he only allows me to play with the children of his business partners, and they are too pompous and snobby, I didn’t allow me to see things or go around and connect with people, he said I was better than them, life was hard, the only time I had fun was when I went to England to Aunt Nicole, there I can play with whom ever I want, I know dad wants the best for me but this Isn’t life, it’s just imprisonment, he only choose for me, what he wants and I’m tired of that, but when I met you, you showed me all I ever wanted to do and see in my life, I felt so much better being with you, You may not be rich and too handsome, but I like you for what you are!
Alex Hmm, Thanks Carol but I’m still angry about that gun incident.
Carol Okay I’m sorry, darling, have you forgive me? Pls
Alex Hmm, yes Oya come here so I can tickle you.
Alex OH, about ur company..
Carol Don’t worry, about that, now kiss me, my charming Gateman
We continued enjoying ourselves till time passed us by.
(Mr. Lovette P. O. V)
Mr. Lovette My own daughter! Using me as target board because of that lowlife.
Gerald My dear brother, what’s wrong?
Mr. Lovette Can you believe Caroline shot me over a lowlife scum of a boyfriend?
Gerald Really? Are you hurt? I would have loved to see that
Lovette You’re mad! And that scum Is going to pay!
Gerald Look brother, let her be, she’s a grown woman! It’s her choice not urs.
Lovette Is a gateman a choice?
Gerald SEE person oo, weren’t you a small business man once before, Christen married you? And she was a rich and European lady and she made you rich
Lovette At least, I have a business and our families are rich, but this one is just an opportunist.
Gerald Ehn? So aren’t you an opportunist? Marrying christen!
Lovette Christen and I were in love, you know it, and you know what we’ve been through before we got married?
Gerald And this could happen, you know!
Lovette God forbid, I won’t let it happen!
Gerald You know how dangerous ur daughter is? And how stubborn she can be? Allow me to talk to her and let’s see who this Her boyfriend is?


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