PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 11



I drove straight to the mechanics place, it was inside a huge building, like the ones white people have, it was so modern and well equipped, I drove into the place and parked near the mechanics place ;As I came down from the car, a very sexy lady approached me, She asked what I wanted and told her I was looking for the mechanic for Mrs Lovettes car, the answer she gave me, surprised me!
Ginger I’m the mechanic!
Alex What? Mrs Lovettes mechanic?
Ginger Yes, is there a problem!?
Alex no, I was just surprised to see a sexy lady like you as a mechanic!
Ginger Thanks for the compliment, what’s ur name?
Alex Oh sorry, how rude of me, my name is Alex, Mrs Lovettes gateman!
Ginger Hmm, my name’s Ginger!
We shook hands, I still couldn’t believe it, a sexy lady like her a mechanic? As we shook hands, her eyes were looking at me in a coyly way After that, she opened the car bonnet, and looked into the car, she told me, it would take a while that if I don’t mind waiting, this was the break I needed, I took the cake out from the car and went straight to Sandra’s house.
As I arrived, I knocked at the door, she opened the door wild open, D–n! She looks so sexy, she wore a bum short and a loose singlet which revealed her straight melon boobs, my d–k kicked immediately, she saw the cake and happily collected it, and hugged me tight! Oboi, I’m one lucky guy, her boobs leaned tightly on my chest, she smelled great, I just couldn’t stand there, I wrapped my arms around her waist and reached for her ass, grabbing it! So soft my d–k started rising as I did this, she let go of me and dragged me inside, she pushed me on her sofa and mounted on my laps wrapping her hands around my neck, I looked into her eyes and I saw it was filled with lust! The b—h wants to f–k! She started kissing wildly, I couldn’t contain myself any more, I kissed her back and fondled her breasts, her hands reached down into my trouser and she grabbed my d–k! She smiled as she felt it, it was hot and hard, she pushed her melons towards my face, allowing me to suck them as I wanted, and in the process she stroked my d–k as I s—-d her boobs, she made sure my d–k was hard as rock! Just as we were enjoying ourselves, Carol popped into my mind! I immediately stopped Sandra, and she didn’t feel good about it and she wasn’t expecting this to happen!
Sandra What’s wrong? Why did you stop?
Alex Sorry Sandra, I just remembered something, I need to go to the market and buy something for Mrs Lovette!
Sandra Your boss? Why?
Alex She’s expecting guests tonight, look i’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you next time!
Sandra Alright, you better, thanks for the cake, it was lovely.
Alex Bye.
I quickly left Sandras place, she didn’t deserve that but my bet with Carol was at stake! This was my only chance to win her heart! I went to the mechanic to check on the car!
(Sandra P. O. V)
Why? Why? God why? Why is it anytime, I have him in my hands, he always slips away! Why? And that b—h, Carol just because she’s rich, doesn’t mean she can take whatever she wants, she’s not going to steal my man! Not on my watch, I’m willing to meet and beat all competition, she’s just a woman like me so I won’t lose! The next time, he comes he will be mine completely.
(Alex. P. O. V)
I dashed straight towards the mechanics place, I couldn’t walk, cause people would see my hard d–k, i was so h—y and I needed to f–k, D–n! I regretted leaving Sandras place without banging her, God see body oo, Finally, I reached the place and went straight inside, the car had been fixed already by some of Gingers personnel, I waited in a small corner, so that nobody could see my d–k! Unfortunately, I didn’t see ginger coming, as she came where I stood, she saw my hard d–k! She smiled staring at my d–k, i pretended as if nothing happened and asked her about the car.
Alex Uhm, is the car ready?
Ginger Yes, the problem was minor!
Alex Yes Mrs Lovette will settle the payment!
Ginger Yes, she will….
Alex I’ll be going then.
Ginger Nice d–k by the way!..
Alex what?
Ginger oh pls stop pretending, ur d–k is ready to burst and I can help you.
Alex How?
Ginger Silly I’m a mechanic, I fix things even hard dicks!
She grab hold of my hands and dragged me into a storage room without anyone noticing, as we entered, she kissed me passionately, She removed my trouser and started stroking my d–k, I also removed her own trousers and fingered her c–t, time wasn’t on our side so we made haste.
She sat on a table and stretched her legs open, i grabbed her waist and plunged into her p—y, she moaned as I entered, I f—-d her fast and deep, her c–t was really tight, Her body trembled every t—-t into her c–t, She was moaning sweetly, she held my ass, pushing at c–t towards my d–k, her p—y was squeezing my d–k tight, the sensation was too much, I couldn’t hold on any longer, I released my c-m into her sweet p—y! D–n! That was good, She turned around and twerked her ass towards my face! I grabbed her hips and pounded ferociously into her ass, I rammed my d–k deep into her ass, she couldn’t keep quiet anymore, she moaned louder as I hammered her ass, I spanked her ass hard and she reacted, her body twitched as she came hard, she nearly passed out, I continued lashing my d–k harder into her ass, my hips were out of control, I f—-d her faster and deeper soon enough, I came deep into her ass.
After that we quietly sneaked out of the storage room, she gave me her number in case I wanted to screw her, and said her legs will always be open for me anytime, anyplace. I entered the car and drove straight to the market! F—–g ginger was great! I felt relief and at ease, There’s nothing more sweeter than f—–g a woman then c-m inside her, I arrived at the market and bought the groceries and drove back straight to Carol!


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