PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 92



🍕FINAL Episode 🍕

Gabriel’s POV🍕

Thirty minutes later🍕
‘I promise you Jasmine Romero that I’ll love you until Rapture takes place I would always love you in sickness or in health,for richer for poorer till death do us part—I love you’..I replied after Jasmine said her vows with so much love in my eyes and tears went down hers…

‘Well I now pronounce you husband and may now kiss the bride’…The priest said and before Jasmine could say anything else i took her in my arms and kissed her senselessly with my ears void of all the cat calls and the cheers from the congregation…

I lifted Jasmine up in my arms and kissed her again as we left the church and just when we got to the door huge petals of wet flowers dropped on the both of us…

‘Happily married!!!’..Hollin and Mandy screamed and I laughed so loudly even though there were petals on my lashes…

‘I have a wedding present’..Jasmine whispered..

‘What is it??’..I asked and she whispered into my ear…

‘I’m pregnant’…

🍕A Year Later🍕

Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘Hey stop it Mandy I’m breastfeeding Carl!!’..i snapped as Mandy started crying even though my 3-month old baby was on the verge of sleeping…

‘No fair don’t love me!!’..She cried out again…

‘I love you Mandy and i would always love you but i really have to breast feed Carl so he would sleep okay??’..i said trying to make peace with her..

‘You promised me that you’d watch Badanamu!!!’..She cried out again and I sighed deeply…

It’s really troubling balancing being a mother for both Carl Gabriel Alivo and Mandy Gabriel Alivo….

I want to spend time with my daughter but also my son needs me especially at a young age..

‘Okay let’s make a deal,if you keep quiet and let Carl sleep I’ll do whatever you want for the rest of the day’…I said..

‘Okay’..she whimpered and strode away…

I heaved a sigh of relief and rocked Carl feeling so tired and when i checked the time i almost freaked out..

The whole house is messy…

Mandy needs me..

And now Carl won’t sleep..

It’s so tiring and i just can’t seem to juggle it up in one piece and oh Gabriel is out of town for a meeting…

Gabriel’s POV🍕

I walked into the house only to see toys everywhere lopsided and messed up…

Toys were literally everywhere and i had to kick some out of the way to the living room only to see Jasmine with Carl on her chest and they were both fast asleep…

I smiled seeing how cute she looked and obviously turned on too with her hair all tousled and in her very cute jumper…

I took sleeping Carl away from her chest and placed him in his cot..

After that i took Jasmine in my arms and carried her towards the bedroom…

‘You’re back??’..She murmured in my chest…

‘Yeah I’m back’..I replied smiling down at her as she linked her arms around my waist…

‘I’ll go make dinner’..she said..

‘Shhh just go to bed i love you’..i replied kissing her softly on the cheeks


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