PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 77



Jasmine’s POV 🍕

But it’s not possible!!.

I can’t believe this what on earth and why on earth are they here???..

How are they even here cause I never told anyone about where I was going apart from Hollin..

‘So are you going to let us keep standing here or you let us in??’..Dad muttered after a minute of silence…

‘Y..yeah come in guys..c..come in’..I stuttered biting my lower lip and opened the door widely for them to come in…

If they find Gabriel here then I’m done for!!..

I gulped hard as we all went to the living room and to my own surprise Gabrielle wasn’t there anymore…

‘Where is she??’..Mom asked..

‘Where’s who??’..I replied with a confused look on my face.

‘My grand daughter of course!!! I am just so excited to meet her’..She replied happily .

‘Ohhh Mandy?? Well she’s asleep and..uhmm…sorry but I just don’t know how to process the whole thing It’s just that.. Just that.oh my God you guy’s are really here!!’..I cried out and lunged into my parents arms immediately and they chuckled…

‘We have good news for you but first I’m just so glad you got everything going together for yourself Jasmine I’m just so proud of you cause you’ve become so mature and beautiful and it’s really amazing to see that you’ve got your shit together’..Mom commended and I sniffed loudly..

In as much as I’m shocked beyond words by their arrival I can’t just forget the fact that I’m happy to see their faces..

Especially Eric who’s my little torment…

‘Ughh can we please cut the mushy stuff!!’..He said aloud and we all laughed as I ruffled his hair.

‘You’re a big boy now how old are you? 10??’..

‘I’m 14!!’.He protested and I ruffled his hair again..

Just in perfect timing Mandy walked in with her tiny legs rubbing her eyes and mom gasped loudly…

‘Ohhh my God she’s so beautiful!!’..

‘Mom meet Mandy and Mandy meet your mom’s family’

I said and mom carried Mandy up in her arms and started pressing soft kisses to her cheeks…

‘She looks just like her…’.Dad’s voice trailed off as soon as he realized the name he wanted to mention…

‘Yeah she looks like him Dad you don’t have to feel bad about it’..I implied pursing my lips..

‘He even got married to that Jessica model girl!!! He’s a very bad person Jasmine and I can never forget what he did to you,your baby and the way his family treated the both of us!! Remembering it just makes me sick Jasmine and I’m just happy you moved on’…He said and hugged me..

There was a time when he was so disappointed in me when he realized that I was pregnant…

There was a time he hated me for making a mistake and now he’s proud of me even though I live in a one room apartment..

‘Thanks Dad but sometimes we’ve got to let things go’…I said…

‘Yeah I know but mark my words Jasmine I world never forgive The Alivos for how they treated you!!?’..he replied and I gulped hard seeing the pain in his eyes…

Uh oh….


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