PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 7



Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘So what you’re trying to say is that you owe Alivo’s firm five hundred thousand?!! And Gabriel Alivo is threatening you?!! Dad why didn’t you say this earlier dad why didn’t you?!!’..i cried out…

‘Baby I’m sorry I just didn’t want to bother you that’s why,I made some bad investments and I regret it’..Dad replied and took me in his arms…

My frustration literally turned into tears and I held onto him as tight as I could…

‘I’m going to do whatever it is to pay up your debt dad,when is the deadline?’..i asked..

‘Two weeks’..he murmured and I almost jolted from him…

I can’t believe this!!!..

So i have two weeks to pay Gabriel Alivo five hundred thousand dollars??..

What do I do and how do I do it??…

Jessica’s POV🍕

‘Hey baby’..I blurted as i walked into Gabriel’s room and he jolted from the chair…

I frowned deeply as I gazed from head to toe at his sexy receptionist who fluttered her fake lashes…

‘What is she doing here?!!’..I screamed and he smirked..

‘Baby Celine’s just here to help with the office work’..

‘Really?? Office work?!Do I look like a fool to you Gabriel?! So with all the seven hours you had at your stupid father’s office all you had to do was bring this slut over here for work also?!!!’..I responded in a very subtle manner..

‘Yes Jessica I brought Celine home for work purposes only you’ve got a problem with that??’..he retorted…

Like is he for real?!!..

Why can’t Gabriel just accept the fact that he’s a terrible flirt and he just brought his receptionist home to f*ck her?!!…

I’ve been his girlfriend for a year and he still doesn’t understand that I’ve been keeping mute about all his wild escapades…

‘Uhmm Celine or whatever your name is can you please leave before I descend my wrath on you!!!!’..I screamed after pausing for a while…

‘O..okay..u..uhh boss I’ll see you tomorrow??’..she replied and rushed out..

I stared at Gabriel for a while and then stomped down the stairs only for me to hear a girl shouting;

‘Pizza delivery here!!!’…

Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘Pizza delivery here!!’..I hollered reluctantly inside Gabriel’s house..

I don’t get this guy’s strategy but I sure as hell do not like it one bit…

Why on earth would he order another batch of pizzas??..

‘Who are these for??’…a young lady exactly my age if I’m sure asked and when I turned i saw a scowl on her face..

‘Uhmmm I’m here to deliver these boxes of pizza to Gabriel Alivo’..i replied returning the scowl…

‘He doesn’t want them take it away’..she muttered and I scoffed loudly..

‘I’m sorry what??’..

‘i said take them away!!’..

‘As what?!’..

‘As his girlfriend I said take them away!!’…

‘Well i can’t cause you’re not the one who ordered the pizza so you don’t have the right to open your mouth and blabber mouth me!!! I’m a pizza girl so shut the hell up and call Gabriel Alivo!!!’..i screamed..

Who does this bitch think she is??..


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