PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 60



Gabriel’s POV cont’d🍕

‘A divorce?? Really?? A divorce is what you want? What have I done Jessica?.Yes I know our marriage is a mess but it doesn’t warrant you to ask for a divorce??’..I asked with my eyes already widened…

A divorce is also what I want but why is she the one to ask for it when clearly she’s the one ruining the marriage..

‘I just want a divorce Gabriel,I no longer want this marriage of convenience,you clearly don’t treat me like a woman’..She replied and I scoffed loudly..

‘Ohh really??Jessica you really baffle me to be honest,I don’t treat you like a woman?! For heavens sake your parents and my parents forced me into the marriage!! My career was on the line because of this marriage!!! I betrayed a girl because of this marriage!! I literally almost became a drunk because of this marriage and now you’re saying you want a divorce?.Oh you’re a f**king liar Jessica!!’..I yelled pacing around while she just stood there with her arms crossed and her eyes without pity..

Does she even know what I went through because of her??..

‘Cut me the shit Gabriel you’re acting like you’re the only one who suffered in this marriage!! I stopped being a model because of you,My Instagram followers reduced from 3 million to 2.97 million followers all because i wasn’t taking enough sexy photos and oh guess what?? All because of you!! I had to make use of dildos just because you weren’t satisfying me enough and Oh let’s not forget the part about your berating and whining when you come home and you don’t see food!!!’..She cried out and I clenched my fists holding myself from killing her right on the spot…

What kind of a mistake did I make??..

How on earth could I marry such a despicable and shady person??..

‘Fine Jessica,if it’s a divorce you want then it’s a divorce you’ll get but just so you know you won’t receive a penny from me!!’..I said stomping my foot down..

‘Ohhh who wants your money anyway I’ve got a man that can take care of my wants’..she cackled .

‘What do you—

‘Tonio baby please come out!!’..She interjected and all of a sudden Mr Tonio came downstairs with an smile on his face..

I watched horridly as they both locked lips and touched each other..

What on earth is going on??…

‘So you mean to tell me that you’ve been sleeping with my wife Tonio?!! And you’ve been sleeping with my client Jessica?!!’..I screamed and Tonio laughed squeezing Jessica’s boobs .

‘Ohh you are so naive Gabriel but don’t you worry I’ll take good care of my señorita here’..He said and kissed Jessica again..

Jasmine’s POV🍕

I yawned loudly as I searched through the Internet for famous recipes of pizza for the new project I’m working on..

Even though life has been hard for me in Italy i still haven’t forgotten the reason why I’m here..

To continue mom and dad’s legacy by building the biggest pizza shop in the whole of Italy..

It would take sometime but I’m not going to let my dream fade..

Ding dong my doorbell rang..

I looked down at my watch and frowned seeing that it was 11pm..

‘Who could that be??’..I grumbled under my breath as I opened the door only to see Gabriel with his suit jacket in his hands and his eyes blurred with fury..

‘What on earth?? What are you doing here?!’..I asked..

‘Sorry b..but I need a place to stay’..He replied..



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