PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 59



Jasmine’s POV🍕

I heard the car and rushed out only to see a distressed Gabriel and a cheerful Mandy..

‘Mommy,mommy,mommy!!’..She screamed as her little legs ran towards me..

‘Ohhh baby!!’..I murmured as I took her up in my arms and kissed her cheeks…

‘Daddy took me to work office mommy!’..She replied and i smiled glancing over at Gabriel who in return smiled back at me but i saw the worry in his eyes…

‘She wasn’t any much trouble was she??’..i asked..

‘Ohh she was a lot of trouble,she even ruined my meeting and soaked my document papers in water’..He replied and the dampness of his hair made me see how tired he was and how handsome too…

‘Ohhh sorry about that,so sorry you can’t see her tomorrow till Wednesday then’..I murmured and turned to leave but he held me back..

‘Jasmine please—

‘Gabriel please don’t go there,I’m really not in the mood for this just go home please your wife is waiting’..I interjected..

The last thing i need right now is entanglement..

‘Okay Goodnight Mandy,Jasmine..Good night’..He said a dejected look in his eyes…

‘Goodnight Gabriel’..i murmured as I patted the already asleep Mandy…

I just hope I’m doing the right thing…

Gabriel’s POV🍕

What on earth is wrong with me??!..

Why can’t i get over her??..

She pretty much hates me and I’m a married man but i just can’t ignore the fact that i can’t stay away from her..

I sighed deeply as i parked the car,swinging my keys and whistling the same time i walked into the house only to see Jessica pacing around the living room angrily..

Here we go again..

‘What’s the problem??’ i asked dropping my briefcase on the couch and she turned around sharply..

‘Ohhh there’s a really big problem Gabriel there’s a really big problem with you involved!!!’..She yelled and i sighed again..

‘Are you talking to me?? For God sakes you left this house for two days and I don’t know where on earth you went but i didn’t say a word and now you’re saying I’m involved in your business?!! What kind of a despicable person are you??’..I lashed out at her..

I can’t believe she’s so unreasonable..

‘Gabriel there’s a rumor going around and it’s that you have a baby and a baby mama!!! Tell me it’s not true!!’…She replied..

‘Me..w..where did..where did you hear such thing from??’..I stuttered already shocked about her discovery…

How on earth did she find out??..

‘Ohhh really Gabriel,a reliable source told me you brought a two year old to the office and she has a striking resemblance as you!!’..

‘No Jessica i don’t have a child!! Wait are you really going to believe what they’re telling you?? You heard a rumor and you’re believing it??’..i asked clearly evading her gaze..

‘I want a divorce Gabriel’..she replied..

‘What??’ .

‘I want a divorce,I’m calling this marriage off’..


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