PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 57



Gabriel’s POV🍕

Eyes peered and mouths murmured as Mandy and i walked into my office hand in hand in an affectionat
e way…

‘Daddy..Paper!!’..She squealed at the top of her voice pointing at my files as I plunked her down on my table…

‘Ohh so you wanna write huh??’..I asked and she nodded…

I smiled sheepishly and gave her a blank A4 paper and a pen,she smiled and I brought her to the ground…

Before I could even put her in a comfortable position she lied down flat on her belly on my rug and scribbled away…


She looks so adorable…

I took out my phone and took a picture of her which came out great and instantly made it my screensaver…

My marriage may not be working out fine but at least I have a daughter that loves me and I love her too…

Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘So you’re saying that he’s a married man who has problems with his wife??’..Jonas asked..

‘Mmmh’..I replied..

‘And he denied your pregnancy two years ago??’..He asked again..

‘Mmmh’..I replied..

‘And how Mandy’s with him??’..


‘Jeez Jasmine are you drunk?!! What if his wife finds out?!’..He yelled and I frowned deeply..

‘Hold on Jonas!! You were the one who gave him directions on where to find me and I don’t care in the least about his marriage!!! He just wants to be Mandy’s father not my boyfriend okay?! I’m just doing this for my daughter what do you think?? That I’ll jump onto his bed with w given opportunity?! Hell no Jonas I hate him with every bone in my body and I’m just doing this because I WANT THE BEST FOR MY DAUGHTER!!!!!’..i fired back and left before he could say anything else..

The last thing i need right now is someone judging my actions…

Gabriel’s POV🍕

‘Mandy please get down from my table please get down!!’..I begged panting heavily as Mandy climbed my conference table in a meeting with a very important client..

‘D..Daddy..Daddy look I’m a b..big girl’…She stuttered playing with the papers..

‘Gabriel is this your child??’..Mr Cortez asked and I nodded nervously..

‘Can you please take control?? I can’t finish a deal with a two year old all over the place’..He said..

‘Yeah..yeah I’m on that sir..M..Mandy get down now!!’..I yelled trying to control my frayed temper and the next thing I knew she bursted into tears…

‘Dad..Daddy hates me!!’..She cried out..

‘This meeting is adjourned for tomorrow i can’t take this anymore’..Mr Cortez muttered angrily and walked away with his entourage..

No one said having a kid was difficult?!!..

How come Jasmine makes it look so easy??..

‘Okay Mandy you’ve got to let Daddy work for sometime okay?? He needs money to take care of you’..I said with a frown on my fave and when I turned around I screamed loudly…

She was soaking all my important documents inside a glass of water..



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