PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 56



Gabriel’s POV🍕

I didn’t know what came over me but seeing her in that pink nightdress with her full breasts showing and her long disheveled hair I almost fell to the ground…

How on earth did I not see all these before i mean damn she’s so beautiful…

‘Uhhh Gabriel please leave with Mandy before i change my mind your silence is kind of annoying’…She muttered and I came back from my thoughts…

‘Uh ohh sorry about that,I..uhh..aren’t you working today??’..i stuttered..

‘Yeah i am but I’ve got to do something first you can go ahead with Mandy’..she replied clearly evading my gaze..

‘Ohhh well i can wait for you if that’s what you want,I..I can take you to work in my car and maybe you can tell me what Mandy likes and dislikes’..i suggested with a warm smile on my face and she frowned..

‘Look Alivo don’t push it okay?? Please do not push it!! Mandy hates anything with peanut in it,she’s allergic to it—Every two hours she needs her favorite blanky and without it she’ll whine and whine away—Make sure she eats enough vegetables and maybe after that she can have ice cream or whatever she wants and lastly,please don’t let her in anyway eat anything that has seeds in it’..She snapped and i nodded my head to the conditions she stated..

It’s funny how two years can change someone completely…

What happened to the feisty and sharp witted Jasmine who is kinda fun??..

Now all i see is a dedicated mother who looks as sexy as hell and hates me..

‘Okay Jasmine I’ll be on my way then..Mandy say bye bye to mommy’…i cooed taking my daughter up in my arms..

‘Bye bye m..mommy!!!’..She responded waving at Jasmine and Jasmine blew her a kiss in return..

‘Jasmine even though you try and no matter how hard you try to avoid it you know we’re going to talk on way or the other’..i said..

‘There’s nothing to talk about Alivo,please just leave before your wife starts filing a police report of her missing husband’..she replied and I sighed as she shut the door on my face…

I’ve been so engrossed in the whole Mandy situation that i forget that I’m a married man whose wife didn’t come home last night…

Where the hell is Jessica???..

Jessica’s POV🍕

‘You were great last night’..I murmured with my head on Antonio’s chest who was breathing heavily…

‘Hmmm you my señorita was the amazing one last night,too bad we can’t do this again cause of your husband’..he replied and i rose my head up immediately..

‘No don’t you ever say that again Tonio i love you’..i said..

‘Love?? You can’t love me my love,you’re married’..He responded and locked his lips with mine again…

‘No I’m not married Tonio,I’ve only known you for few days but Gabriel doesn’t love as much as you do,he doesn’t even care for me and he’s not as rich as you anyway’..I blurted out loud..

‘So what are you ..

‘I’m going to divorce Gabriel Tonio,I’m going to divorce him and have half of his properties’…


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