PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 55



Jessica’s POV🍕

‘Oh my word Antonio you’re so funny!!’..i chuckled as Tonio made a joke about how he divorced his first wife..

‘Yeah I am,I’m happy to make a beautiful lady like you happy’..he replied threw sultry glances at me..

Ohhh Jessica it’s finally going to happen!!…

‘Uhmmm Antonio don’t mind if I ask but do you like me? Forget the fact that I’m married and just answer the question’..I murmured taking a sip of the wine and crossing my legs to make my thighs more appealing…

He paused for a while knowing where I was going with the question and then finally smiled..

‘Ohhh my señorita,i really like you and I would have…’re married’..he replied also sipping his wine and I smiled standing up from my chair and walked towards him..

‘What if i said my marital status isn’t a problem??’…I whispered nipping at his earlobe…

‘Well then..j..Jessica’..he stuttered as I seductively unbuttoned his plad shirt…

‘Shhh Antonio let me make you feel good’..

Jasmine’s POV🍕

The Next Morning⛅
I woke up in a loud thud as I fell on the floor all because my doorbell rang…

‘Who could possibly come at 6am In the morning??’..I muttered under my breath as I wore on my robe and walked towards the door…

I yawned loudly and when I opened it I frowned seeing Gabriel with enormous bags of whatever he was holding…

‘Good morning!!’..He said in a cheerful manner and came in before I could even accept him..

‘Dude it’s 6am in the morning don’t you have to be at work and why are you here??’..i asked in a drowsy tone..

‘Ohhh sorry if I disturbed your sleep but i wanted to get on an early start with Mandy today’..he replied with a smile on his face..

‘Ohhh well she’s still in bed,she doesn’t get up until 8am so you could just wait??’..i said in a yawn again and that’s when I noticed his lingering look on my body.I looked down and that’s when I noticed that my breasts were way too revealing under my night gown

‘Uhhmm sorry let me change first’..i said and went into the room as quick as i could so he wouldn’t see my flushed cheeks…

Get a grip of yourself Jasmine!!..

You hate this man!!..

‘Daddy!!!’..I heard Mandy scream with delight and quickly went back to the living room only to see her in Gabriel’s arms..

Seeing the happy look on her face and the amused one on Gabriel’s gave me a heart tug but I resisted it immediately…

Just because he’s Mandy’s father doesn’t mean we can be close of sudden…

‘Mandy come here baby,you’ve got to give your daddy some breathing space you know??’..I teased and she shook her head…

‘Me love d…daddy more than mommy..Daddy is cute’..She said and i smirked…

‘No Mandy mommy’s more beautiful see her pretty eyes’..Gabriel interrupted and our eyes met immediately…

I evaded his eyes and sniffed but still he kept looking at me..

‘Stop it’..I muttered..

‘You’re beautiful Jasmine’..he replied..

‘Okay that’s it you can go now!! Mandy you’re going to be with your daddy okay?? Thank you Gabriel but you have to leave now’..


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