PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 53



Gabriel’s POV🍕

‘J..Jasmine??’..Was the only word that came out of my mouth as i took Mandy in my arms..

‘Don’t take it too personal,i just want my daughter to know her father and that’s it’..Jasmine retorted with a frown on her face but i couldn’t resist the urge to smile…

‘Thank you,p..please come in’..I ushered her in,she hesitated a bit but came in nevertheless..

I pressed my lips to Mandy’s cheek and she giggled like the angel she was…

It was like an empty space in my heart was filled when i tickled her tummy which made her giggle again…

‘So where’s your wife??’..Jasmine asked and the smile on my face instantly faded..

‘Je..Jessica?? Well she’s uhmm she’s not home’..I replied and she pursed her lips..

‘Hmm okay does she know you have a baby and a baby mama??’..She asked again and i sighed…

‘Jasmine look i—

‘Answer the question Alivo!’..She cut in..

‘No she doesn’t Jasmine!! She doesn’t know about you or Mandy’..i replied..

‘Well then i can’t do anything for you,I can’t be kept as a secret you either tell her about Mandy and i or else I would leave this place and you would never see the both of us ever again!!’..She adamantly said and I rubbed my forehead in frustration…

She really hates me doesn’t she??…

‘Look Jessica can’t know anything about this I…I..well I’m having problems with my marriage’..I replied and she scoffed loudly..

‘Oh really and whose fault is that??’..

‘Jasmine please!!’..

‘Okay then i guess i can make room for you —You’re allowed to be with Mandy twice a week and you’d be the one to pick her from her Daycare agency,I’ll send you the address and when she isn’t there you’d come pick her at my house deal??’..She said extending a hand over me..

To even think that I would be timed to spend time with my daughter..


‘Okay then it’s a deal’…I muttered and tried shaking her hands but she withdrew it immediately…

‘Okay then I’ll be on my way’…She said taking Mandy from my hands..

‘Jasmine can we please talk about us’..i begged holding her hands and she stared down with a frown on her face…

‘There’s nothing to talk about Gabriel so please leave me alone okay?Tomorrow you can come pick up Mandy and that’s it,it doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you’..She said and left before i could persuade her more…

She had this cold look in her eyes —Heartless in fact and it caused me so much pain knowing that I was the one…

‘Okay then i drop you off? So I’d know where you’re staying when i come to pick Mandy tomorrow??’…I asked..

‘I came on my bike so there’s no need for that’..She retorted sharply and I held the wince that wanted to come out of my mouth…

‘Okay then can i take you out to lunch??’..


‘Jasmine please!!’..

‘No Gabriel,you’ve got Maddy what else do you want from me?!’..

‘To make it up to you Please Jasmine its just lunch no strings attached’…I begged..

She glared at me for a while and when i smiled she sighed..

‘Okay then just lunch and after that i don’t want to have anything to do with you deal??’..

‘Deal’..i replied jubilating inside..

She handed Mandy over to me and unwound her hair from the cap she was wearing…

I watched in awe seeing her black with little gold highlights fell down to her waist..

Jeez she’s so beautiful…

How could i not have seen all this earlier??..


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