PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 50



Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘Coochie coochie coo’..I cooed as I carried Mandy up on my bike…

She giggled in her little squeaky voice and I kissed her cheeks stroking her hair..

She’s got her father’s hair no doubt,she’s got his eyes,his lips in fact she’s a definite replica of her father and it hurts to see her that way…

‘Daddy!!!’..She said aloud and I turned only to see a young man picking his daughter up from the ground…

Tears went streaming down from my cheeks as i watched the man kiss his daughter and walked away..

Gosh what am I even doing??..

What am I trying to prove what am i doing??..

Mandy needs a father in her life?? What do i say to her when she’s of age?? How do i explain that her father is a ruthless bastard who cares about himself??..

What should I do??..

‘Mom..Mama do..don’t cry??’..She whispered using her little hands to wipe my tears off and i smiled…

‘You’re an angel Mandy,you’re my angel and you’re going to be my angel alone’..I said and started my bike…

I can be a father and a mother also even without Gabriel,i don’t need him in my life after all he’s done to me but i can let him be a part of Mandy’s life…

Maybe it’s time I forgave him…

Gabriel’s POV🍕

At Night☄️
‘Where are you off to??’..I asked Jessica as i walked in on her doing her make up..

‘I’m going out isn’t it obvious enough’..She replied rubbing her lipstick…

I stared down at her cleavage half drunk and walker over to kiss her on the neck..

‘You look beautiful’..i murmured and she abruptly pushed me away..

‘You’re drunk Gabriel and I’m not in the mood’..She said trying to walk out but i stopped her…

‘What do you want from me Jessica?!! When last did we have s*x huh?! When last?!! No wonder we have no kids!!’..I yelled and she scoffed…

‘The only reason we have no kids is because i don’t want one I can’t bear the risk of getting fat and flabby just because I want to get pregnant?! This shape is something i worked hard to get and I’m not ready ruin my chances just because of a whiny baby!!!’..She yelled back and walked out the door before i could say anything else…

I groaned and threw my wine bottle across the wall utterly frustrated about everything..

The company is going through some tough times..

My wife is a b*tch who i can’t control..

And i have a baby mama and a sweet daughter!!…

Why me??..

What do i do??..

Where do i go from here??..

How do i make it up to Jasmine for the pain i caused her??…

I placed to and fro from the room and then an idea popped into my head…


I’m going to get my daughter legally with the help of the court if Jasmine doesn’t co operate…

There is no way I’m going to let her take my daughter away from me..


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