PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 49



Gabriel’s POV🍕

I watched as Jasmine drove off on her black bike leaving a gust of wind and went into the house…

Jessica was busy on the phone with someone laughing all through and when she saw me she disconnected the call..

‘Who was that??’..I asked with my tears welling up in my eyes..

‘It’s my childhood friend and it’s also none of your business’..she replied and tried walking away but i pushed her back…

‘Don’t talk to me like that stupid as btch!! I’m not in the mood for your foolishness okay cause there are more pressing problems I need to attend to!!’..I yelled..

‘Jeez Gabriel what is wrong with you??’..She asked as I panted heavily..

‘Sor…sorry som..something just came over I..I’ll..I’ll be in..jeez i need a drink!!’..I stammered and grabbed my keys leaving before she could ask anymore questions…

Jasmine is right..

I have no right to want to be in Mandy’s life cause I denied the both of them in front of my mom and humiliated her father..

Jeez what have I done?!!..

What the hell did i do??..

How am i so stupid enough to do something as wicked like that?!!..

My phone rang as I made a U-turn into the next avenue and that’s when my phone ring..

It was Hollin…

📱:What??’..I asked sharply as I picked the call..

📲:Someone’s grumpy’..he replied..

📱:Sorry for lashing out at you in that manner my mind isn’t in it’s right place now so what’s up??’..I said trying to keep my tone less harsh..

📲:Nothing much Dad just wants the files he sent to you and I’m coming over tomorrow to pick them up,what’s the problem??’..He replied and I heaved a short sigh…

📱:I saw Jasmine Hollin,i found her and she has a kid!! She has my kid Hollin..I..I mean my daughter has been born and her name is Mandy and she’s the most beautiful one year old or so and Jasmine still delivers pizza and i want my daughter back and—

📲:Whoa whoa hold up man!! Did you say you saw Jasmine and she has a daughter whose name is Mandy??’..He interjected and I frowned..

📱:Yes Hollin haven’t you been listening to the conversation??’..I retorted as I parked my car in the Club’s parking lot to avoid trouble from the cops…

📲:Yeah I’ve been following but I just can’t believe it to be honest and did you just say you want to be a part of Mandy’s life???’..He asked..

📱:Yes and so??’..i replied winding down the car window since the car became too stuffy for me…

📲:You literally denied her in front of mom and you said you didn’t sleep with her so what’s all this now?? Jeez Gabriel i thought you’ve quitted acting so childish,for two years you forgot about her and went ahead to marry Jessica who terrifies your life and now you’re saying you want to be a part of Jasmine daughter’s life???’…

📱:Look Hollin she’s also my daughter too i know she’s my daughter!!’..i blurted out loudly and he scoffed..

📲:She seized being your daughter right from the day you said you weren’t responsible!! She seized being your daughter right from the day you married Jessica Gabriel please don’t do anything stupid and just leave Jasmine alone,you’ve ruined her life enough and now that she’s happy you want to take that away from her,please just leave her alone!!!’..He yelled and i hung up immediately…

I don’t care about what anyone has to say..

Mandy definitely needs a father figure in her life and I’m going to make sure of it..


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