PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 47



Gabriel’s POV cont’d🍕

‘Wait you’re Mandy’s father??’..The young man asked and my face went into a frown..

‘Y..yeah I think i am’..i replied..

‘Hmmm yeah cause I pretty much see the resemblance well I’m sorry but it’s not right for me to give you my former employee’s address or number,it’s against our code of ethics’..He said..

‘Look i really need to see her like really bad and I’ll do whatever you want me to do but please just give me an address or number’..i begged and literally went on my knees…

‘Okay fine,well I can’t give you her address or phone number but i can tell you where she works,I’m Jonas and I’m like her best friend and she also works for me —Well not with me per say but she helps me in delivering pizzas i guess that’s enough then’..He said and as he turned around i held his hand quickly…

‘Wait!! What’s the name of your Pizza store or shop or whatever??’..i asked and his grim face reduced into a tight frown…

‘It’s Aviero’s Pizza now please enough with the questions okay??’..He muttered lightly and walked away through a large oak door..

I guess it still runs in her blood..

She still has a thing for delivering pizzas on her bike which poses a striking resemblance with her scooter…

Gosh I’ve got to speak to her one way or another..

I’ve got to tell her that I’m sorry..

The problem is how??..

Jasmine’s POV🍕

I winked at Maria,the manager of the shop and also Jonas’s long time admirer who doesn’t seem to get the memo that Jonas isn’t interested with her..

‘Hey Jas where’s Mandy??’..She asked as she handed a list of the places I would be delivering to…

‘She’s in the daycare facility Jonas paid for,he wants me to stop stressing myself’..i replied and took a picture of the list so i wouldn’t forget…

‘Yeah he’s an angel’..she said and I chuckled seeing her eyes go dreamy again..

‘You do know that you’re not his type Maria and he doesn’t like you as a lover he’s your boss so snap out of it!!’..I blurted out loudly as i loaded my bike with the cartons of Pizza…

First to GRAHAM COLLEGE and the next to some house on Calico street…

I finished loading everything and started the engine of my bike..

A minute without thinking of Gabriel would just do me good…

Twenty minutes later🍕
I smiled at the white spaniel who barked at me as i stopped my back in front of the house…

I carried the last four boxes of pizza with salmon and mozzarella cheese toppings up the stairs..

‘Delivery!!’..i called out and then my pen fell to the ground.I crouched down to pick it up and that’s when the door opened…

‘I knew you’d come’..i heard and when i raised my head up it was Gabriel…


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