PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 41



Gabriel’s POV🍕

Two Years Later🍕
‘You don’t talk to me like that young man I’m not your slave!!’..Jessica screamed as I stuffed my bags with clothes..

‘Yeah you’re my wife Jessica!!! You’re my f**king wife but you don’t cook!! You don’t clean!! All you do is pose in front of the cameras all day long and update your Instagram status and I’m getting sick and tired of it!!!’..I fired back and shut my bag with a heavy amount of force…

Its been almost two years since we got married I’m getting sick and tired of her attitude…

Ever since after the wedding she quit modeling and we both moved to Italy just as Dad suggested..

She’s always home doing nothing and when she isn’t home she’s busy partying with her stupid friends..

I suggested that we bring in a maid but she refused saying that she can’t have a rival in the house…

Now I’m back from a trip and the least I thought she could help me do was help me wash my clothes but no —She claimed to be tired…

‘Look I’m tired Jessica,i haven’t eaten a good meal for three days and I’m tired,leave my clothes and prepare me anything cause I’m hungry’..I said trying to placate the whole situation…

‘There’s leftover pizza in the fridge,you can go microwave it up and have for your dinner I’m off to a party’..she replied..

‘Jessica for heavens sake you’re a woman!! Please prepare something for me to eat!!!’..I yelled but she didn’t answer me and just slammed the door on my face…

I sighed deeply and rubbed my forehead thinking of what to do next but my brain just became blank…

Well welcome to my hell..

Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘’..Mandy squealed in her squeaky tiny voice and I smiled…

‘Awww she called me mama!!’..i said as I handed her over to Jonas,my boss and who happens to be my closest friend..

Jonas Aviero,the owner of AV’s restaurant,one of the most prestigious restaurants in Italy..

I met him when I was heavily pregnant with Mandy and when he heard my story he decided to help me by giving a job as a pizza delivery girl and a part time waitress in his restaurant…

Life in Italy has been great so far and it’s better with my sweet little Mandy who would be a year and some months…

I heard about Gabriel’s marriage to Jessica on the news since it was the most lavish wedding of the year according to Forbes…

‘So what about her father??’..Jonas asked interluding my thoughts and I jolted a little…

‘Well uhmm her father doesn’t exist in my life anymore’..i replied..

‘What do you mean by you he doesn’t exist??’..he asked..

‘Well what i mean is that her father doesn’t exist’..i replied again and went into the kitchen before he could question me further…

How on earth would i tell him I’m the baby mama of a billionaire Playboy who denied me in front of his mom??..


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