PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 4



Gabriel’s POV🍕

‘You slapped me?!!’..I screamed at the top of my voice at the pizza girl…

‘Of course I slapped you!!You touched my ass!!’..she fired back and i scoffed loudly..

‘You didn’t let me finish!!,it was a fu**ing accident!!’..

‘Oh yeah??Well I don’t care you touched my ass alright and I’ll kindly take my leave now!!’..she fired back and rode away on her scooter…

Jeez what a woman…

I walked back into the house and just then everyone began chanting my name..


I smiled and raised my cup in acknowledgement and they all screamed..

‘Let’s party people!!!’…

‘Gabriel mom is on the phone’..Hollin whispered as he walked over and I sighed..

Ughhh why is she calling now??..

📱:Hey mom’..I murmured as I grudgingly took the phone from Hollin’s hands..

📲:Hey baby how’s your new house,is it great??’..she asked..

📱:Yeah Mom and as a matter of fact we’re having a house warming party right now’..I replied giving a passing blonde a sweet smile..

📲:Okay baby,so when are you bringing your fiance home??’..

📱:Uhhh fiance??,Mom I’m just 25 and not 40 I still have a lot of time’..


📱:bye mom love you’..

‘Who was that??’..someone asked from behind and when I turned it was Jessica…

My girlfriend which I’ve been in a relationship with for a year now..

Well she’s the main chick along with my other side chicks..

‘Hey baby what’s up??’..I asked pressing my lips down to hers…

‘I’m good who was that on the phone??’..she replied frowning suddenly…

‘It was my mom you got a problem with that??’..I retorted..

‘You’re sure it’s your mom?? Give me your phone and let me check your call logs’..she said..

‘Are you kidding me Jessica?!!What the hell is wrong with you?!!’…

Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘Uhh ohh someone’s in a bad mood’..Eric mumbled as i entered the apartment..

I let out a grunt and just ruffled his brown colored mop which he calls hair and went into the room…

I plopped on the edge of my bed and slumped down..

Then a text came in and it was from Lucas…

My boyfriend..

💬Lucas: Hey baby,I hope you’re okay and fine❣️,I just want you to know that I love you very much and i miss you….I’ll be back in two days anf I can’t wait to see you…

I smiled as I read the text and just replied with a heart emoji…

Lucas has been my boyfriend for six months now,he’s the sweetest human alive and he’s the definition of a real man…

Not like that stupid Gabriel Alivo who just wants nothing but my number…

Ugh why did I give it to him anyway??..

I walked to the bathroom and then stopped abruptly as I heard Mom raising her voice at dad…

‘You can’t do that Romero!!You can’t do that!! How could you possibly think of selling the business?!’..She said…

‘We have no choice Marie,we have no other choice but to sell the business to the firm,we’re basically going to loose everything if we don’t’..Dad replied and I gasped really hard…


They’re going to sell the business?!!..


They typically love making Pizzas and Romero’s Pizza palace is the best in town…

So why do they want to sell it?!!..

‘We have no choice Marie,you know I love the pizza business more than anything but the firm is going to make us loose everything if we don’t find a way to pay up the debt we owe them’..Dad added..

‘I don’t care Romero but I’m not going to let fifteen years of hard work go to waste all because of your bad investments and that’s a promise!!!’..Mom screamed and opened the door only to see me standing there…

‘Jasmine?!W..what..did you hear anything I…

‘You don’t have to say a word mom,I heard everything why didn’t you tell me about this?!!’..


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