PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 39



Gabriel’s POV🍕

🎶I see you crumbling in my heart down to your heart of stone…

🎶You words feel like a stormy see you never show…

🎶Why don’t you take what you want from me,take what you need from me,take what you want and go…

I staggered into the house already drunk to stupor..

‘What the hell is wrong with you Gabriel you look like a mess!!’..Hollin exclaimed and i sunk onto the cream sofa…

‘My life is fucked up dude,I’m getting married in two weeks to a girl I don’t like all because I’m power hungry’..i replied and let out an hysterical laugh…

He shook his head and just as he tried to leave I guffawed..

‘You’re a mess Gabriel but you can still salvage the whole situation by stopping the wedding’..He said..

‘Stop the wedding?? Hell no Hollin!! I can’t stop the wedding?!! My whole career depends on it!!!’..i blurted out loudly and rose up…

He made a ‘Ta-ta’ sound and walked away disapprovingly..

How i wish he knows what I’m going through..

How i wish he could have a glimpse of my shady thoughts..

How I wish he knew how hurt I am that Jasmine left obviously hating the hell out of me…

What have I done?!!…..

The Next Morning⛅
‘Get up Gabriel!! Gabriel get up!!’..I heard someone scream and when I opened my eyes it was Jessica who was pretty much angry from the bloodshot look in her eyes….

‘Ja…Jessica?? What are..what are you doing here it’s Sunday??’..I asked with a puzzled look on my face…

‘What am I doing here?!! Gabriel for your information it’s Saturday and you were supposed to meet me three hours ago to pick my wedding dress!!!!’..She replied in a fit of fury..

Oh really??…

‘Sorry I forgot’..i muttered and grabbed a glass of water which i drank in a gulp..

‘You forgot Gabriel?!! What on earth is wrong with you and —Do i smell alcohol? Were you drinking last night?!’..She asked..

‘No i was in a church choir with Reverend Peter and we were carrying out a prayer mass for the dead’…i replied sarcastically and she scoffed…

‘Well I don’t care about what you have to say Gabriel,just dress up and let’s go,i would have kissed you but unfortunately your breath smells so bad’..She said and walked out the door…

‘Don’t make me wait’..she added and slammed the door..

I groaned loudly and walked into the bathroom to take my bath,i didn’t bother brushing and in five minutes i was done with what I was doing…

I put on a simple shirt and didn’t bother straightening out my hair when i went downstairs to meet her…

‘i hope you’re not going with me wearing that??’..She asked throwing me an irky look..

‘What do you mean by that?? Do I really look bad?’..I asked and looked down to check what was wrong with my clothes…

‘Yes you look bad,I’m not going to let people think I’m going out with a beggar,please go change Gabriel’..she replied…

Okay that’s it!!..

‘I’ve had enough with your prissy and stupid attitude Jessica!! I even have a ch….’ voice trailed off as soon as i got to the word ‘Child’…

‘You have a what?You have a child??’..


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