PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 34



Gabriel’s POV🍕

Two Days Later🍕
Two Days…

It’s been two days and no living being has come out of Jasmine’s apartment..

Not even her…

Within those two days I fought the urge to go over and tell her I’m sorry for what I did but my mind stops me from doing so…

My hearts yearns to do so but my mind says otherwise..

Every time I try knocking on her door mom’s words creeps into my head..

‘You and Jessica are a perfect pair’..

‘Ohh Gabriel you make me so happy’..

‘Your father and I are proud of you’…

‘The Wedding would be so splendid and all my friends are going to be there’…

So what should i do??

Do the right thing??..


Sometimes the right thing doesn’t always help..

Mom and Dad are so happy about my decision so i can’t break their hearts now?!!..

I just can’t do that??..

‘Baby denial son of a bitch’..Hollin muttered as he carried a box past me and dropped it inside his car..

He’s been avoiding me for the past two days also and when he can’t he just insults me..

‘Stop being impish Hollin,you know I didn’t have a choice’..i replied as he walked past me again..

‘Tell that to the 22 year old girl who from reliable sources say —Dropped out of Stanford just because she’s pregnant,You’re not only a baby daddy runaway Gabriel,you’re also a destroyer of dreams’..he replied and finally walked upstairs…

Jasmine is dropping out of Stanford because of me?!..

Oh hell i think i need a drink…

Jasmine’s POV🍕

Two Days..

Two Days..

I’ve been caved up in this apartment for two days crying my heart out…

Two days I’ve been eating cookies and milk of which I’ve been craving for..

I just can’t take it anymore,i just can’t bear living twenty feet away from that bastard who calls himself Gabriel Alivo…

I peeped outside my window and then my door hole to check if anyone was outside but luckily the only thing in the street was a rolling hay ball which Farmer Huskin pretty much owns…

I came out of my house and briskly climbed on my scooter and just then i heard Hollin call my name..


‘Oh h..h..hey Hollin I..I..I didn’t know you were home?’..i managed to say as my hand gripped the scooter’s handle..

Why did he have to look like his brother so much?!..

‘Ohhh cut that bull shit Jasmine i know what’s going on so I’m not stupid,for heavens sake you’re pregnant and you haven’t even taken a stroll or something!!’..He protested and I gulped hard…

‘Thanks for the concern Hollin but i can take care of myself’..

‘Yeah I know you can,you’re a strong girl Jas but can I suggest something??’..he replied..


‘Why don’t you leave Manhattan,go somewhere else and have a breath of new life,Gabriel’s getting married soon and staying in the area with him won’t do you any good especially knowing for a fact that he’s not ready to accept you and the baby’…he said…

Gabriel’s getting married?!!..

The stupid son of a bitch is getting married and he’s going to leave me alone?!..

Mom was right..

I should never have played with a player and now see what it’s cost me..

‘T..thanks Hollin I think I’m going to go ahead with what you said’…


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