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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 33

4 min read



Jasmine’s POV🍕

Twenty minutes later🍕
‘Jasmine!! Jasmine wait!! Jasmine wait up!!’..Dad hollered from far behind me as I ran out of the Alivo mansion..

I ignored his calls and quickly climbed my scooter…

‘Jasmine please don’t do this’…he begged..

‘Sorry Dad,I’ve got to be alone for a while’..I replied with hot tears streaming down my cheeks as I rode off leaving a gust of wind behind…

I just can’t deal with any of this right now…

I just wanna sleep and cry heart out..

No one understands the tears I need to let out and when I’m done I’ll be okay…

Hollin’s POV🍕

I squirmed my lips as i spotted Jasmine scooting away in tears and gasped loudly as her father ran after her…


Why are they both here?!..

I went inside the house only to see mom doing her usual —Fixing her nails and reading the VANITY FAIR magazine…

Gabriel was also seated trying to look as normal as possible but the dark conceited look in his eyes gave him away…

‘I saw Jasmine and her father scooting away what’s up??’..I asked and they both turned to look at me…

‘Ohhh those two?? Well they’re the gold diggers who wanted to frame your brother for a pregnancy which is clearly not his’…Mom replied and almost let out a guffaw…

‘Wait Jasmine’s pregnant?!! And she’s saying that Gabriel is the….

‘Shut up Hollin!!’..Gabriel cut in annoyingly and I shot a look at him…

‘Gabriel can I uhmmm..can..can I see you outside for a moment please??’..I muttered out loudly..

‘But why would I…

‘Gabriel please!!!!’..

‘Okay’..he murmured and rose up..

We both excused ourselves from the living room and proceed to the relaxation area of the house and I was ready to give him a earful…

‘So Jasmine’s pregnant huh?’..i finally said after a minute of silence…

‘Yeah she is but I’m not responsible for it and I never slept with her’…he replied blatantly..

‘What the heck are you saying Gabriel?!! Are you claiming never to have slept with Jasmine?!! Dude you’re a terrible liar!!!’..I screamed trying to keep my tone as neutral as possible..

I mean there’s no way he could do this to her?!!

It certainly isn’t fair!!!…

‘Okay fine even though I slept with her it still doesn’t mean the baby is mine’..He said indignantly…

‘Oh my God Gabriel she was a virgin when you slept with her!!! She was a f**king virgin!!! I saw the blood on the jersey she was wearing and I also saw blood on your sheets so there’s no way you’re going to tell me the baby isn’t yours!!! I mean what is wrong with you dude!! How on earth could you treat her like that?!!’..I screamed not being able to control my voice anymore…

‘Whatever and however I choose to live my life is none of your business Hollin so beat it and besides what would you have me do?! I’m getting married to Jessica’..He replied..

I clenched my fists tightly and grudgingly refusing the notion to punch his front tooth out…

‘Y..you’re getting married to Jessica?!! Jesus Christ for heavens sake you don’t even love her even with the tiniest bit!!!’…

‘Well I have no choice it’s what mom wants okay?? And the future of the company depends on it!!!’..He protested and I snickered..

‘You’re a sell out Gabriel and you’re not a real man’..I said aloud and poked his shoulders pushing him backwards a bit..

‘Stop this Hollin or I’ll be forced to..

‘What?!! Forced to do what?? Beat me?! Gabriel for crying out loud you denied your own baby and it’s mother in front of mom!! She ruined her dignity and destroyed her pride!! That baby isn’t going to have a father Gabriel,there’s still time Gabriel you’ve got to make this right but if you’re not ready then that proves you’re a power hungry monster!!’..


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