PIZZA GIRL … (18+) … Part 29



Gabriel’s POV🍕

I was busy writing the account report when my door opened..

When i looked up it was Jessica..

‘Jessica?!! What are you doing here?!’..i asked obviously surprised..

‘What is it?? Don’t you want me to be here?? Aren’t you happy I’m here??’..She retorted…

I held a snort and stood up to hug her and then she smiled..

‘I missed you’..she murmured in my arms..

‘I missed you too’..i lied and patted her shoulder…

‘So what have you been up to??’..she asked..

What do i tell her?..

That someone’s pregnant for me?!..

Hell no..

‘Well I’ve been busy and I guess your mother told you about the new development right?? About the marriage bull crap??’..i replied..

‘Ohhh she told me,that’s why I came back anyway so when is the wedding!?’..she said and i gasped loudly…

‘You want to marry me?!! For what?! I thought you’re a free spirited woman!! I don’t want to marry you Jessica and my mind is made up!!’..

‘Ohh really?? But Gabriel I thought you loved me??’..she muttered pursing her lips…

‘Look it’s not that i don’t love you but —

‘But what Gabriel and let me remind you that your father wants us to get married so bad cause it’ll form an alliance between the two companies,think about it Gabriel,marry me and have everything your father owns or don’t marry me and loose everything,the choice is yours baby,I’ll see you later tonight’..she said and kissed my cheeks then walked away…

She’s right…

I might loose everything if i don’t marry Jessica..

But the Jasmine clause is also there too..

What do i do about her??…

Jasmine’s POV🍕

‘Okay then!!!Fine I’ll say the truth!!’..i screamed after much pondering from my parents..

‘So what truth are you going to tell us?? Spill the beans Jasmine if you’re sick tell us,we’ll take you to a hospital’..Dad replied and I sighed deeply..

‘I’m not sick Dad’..i murmured..

‘You’re not sick then what is—

‘I’m pregnant!!’..i cut in and immediately I said it time froze..

Eric dropped the glass of juice he was holding..

Mom slumped onto a chair..

While dad..

Dad just stared at me and the loving look of a father for his daughter just turned to disappointment..

‘How did this happen Jasmine??’..he asked..

‘Dad i—

‘Answer the fucking question Jasmine who’s responsible for the pregnancy and how did this come about?!! Is it Lucas?!’..He screamed..

I moved back a bit and bursted into tears not knowing what else to say anymore…

‘W..well I slept with Gabriel Alivo and that’s how I got the fifty thousand dollars!!’..i cried out..

He paused for a while and then grabbed a knife but before he could do anything mom held him..

‘Romero please don’t do anything stupid please don’t do anything!!!’..She begged also in tears…

‘Jasmine how could you be so desperate!!! How could you do this to me?!!’..He screamed..

‘Dad I’m sorry,i was desperate and I wanted to help so bad Dad I’m sorry!!!’..i begged as I went down on my knees..

‘Okay then who’s the father?!’..He asked..


‘Jasmine who’s the father?!!’..

‘It’s Gabriel Alivo!!! The son of Frederick Alivo!!!’..


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