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Their eyes locked and instantly he felt the connection; to them it just started but it felt very old.
He picked up the last piece of fries on his plate ignorantly and chewed dryly on it, his gaze on the blue haired girl seated on a booth far away from them, preferably at the farthest side of the cafeteria; only an orange juice on her tray which she constantly sipped on as her gaze stayed glued to the book in her palm. There was something daring yet disorienting about her. He could see it in her action and in her gestures as she moved her hands to pick the glass. She was always alone. It had only been his third day in the school and he hadn’t seen her with anyone he could describe as a friend or a close partner. He couldn’t help but wonder why? She looked more like the sociable type. Her appearance? One would think she thousands of friends, Or could there be something else about her?

“Hey, what’re you staring at?” Harrison, the only friend he had managed to make asked him. Of course, they were from different classes financially but he sensed his closeness because of that day’s event. Well, surprising event as he had called it.
“Is she always like that?” He asked him, giving him only a quick glance and taking his gaze back to her.
“Who? McCoy?” He asked.
McCoy? Is that her name?
“Yeah,” he continued without getting a response, smirking. “she might look soft and deserted but trust me, she’s really tough. Although she’s like a nerd when it comes to books and study and the most brilliant in our class; well until yesterday but she’s actually very bitchy!” He said, putting all his words in one breath.
Jeremy struck his brows at him, confused.
He looked away from, facing back to her and in a split second, their eyes met and locked.

Jeremy Harris is a teenage high schooler whose life went from Crystal clear to topsy-turvy after losing his Dad.
He had an indescribable love for an incognito artist and even through the trying and thin moments; that didn’t change.

Left with a mom, a brother and a cranky sister and with lots of payments on their plates, he had to support his mom with her dry cleaning business while she worked extra hours at a convenience store to make their ends meet less meagre.

Moving, to a ‘pea-sized’ house meant for rats as his sister described it, living differently didn’t seem that hard for him as he hasn’t always been an extravagant person but trying to blend into a new school with all shades of character, was.
Being poor, he got an entirely different attitude from all; it was totally new to him considering his old status at his old school, yet expected. But what happens when he got entangled with Becca McCoy, the most reserved, unsociable yet belligerent ‘A-grader’ of the school by topping the class and taking her position in class for the very first time in forever, shocking everyone who knew her and had thought getting ahead of her was indispensable after severe trial, of course.
Everyone initially dismissed her cold attitude as pride and of course she had absolutely no problem with it. Infact, she loved as it pushed people from her life. There was nothing fun in it anyways.

But what happened when Jeremy found effortlessly-concealed bruises on her the next day?
That moment was all it took to get to her hate-list.

What happened when uncalled aggression gets transferred to him and Becca seemed even more angrier than normal about it?
What about the threat and the strong desire he had to find out the more he thinks there was to her even when she happened to bear a sudden surprising hatred for him?

One would wonder if she was always so reserved and strong-willed but on the other hand, Becca was only a teenage girl who has to live how she has been taught, was right.

Will Jeremy succeeds in winning her?
Will she eventually get to reveal that soft spot?
What happens when she one time let her guard loose and unknowingly opened her camouflage and Jeremy found out her deepest secret unexpectedly which filled him with ecstasy and shortened the line between them.
Will Becca eventually open up completely or will her ‘brought-up’ teachings pent her up forever?

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