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“Mom!” Jeremy squealed and swooped to his mother, engulfing her in a tight hug, unable to contain his happiness any longer.
He could sense that his action surprised her the more but she reciprocated anyways and when he pulled away, he smiled toothily at her.
“Can you stop being dramatic and tell us why you’re suddenly so excited!” Kylie asked, with a bit of irritation.
“I got in,” he said breathlessly. “I got picked for the scholarship, people!” He said and his mom gasped, covering her mouth with both palm.
“Whoa! That’s really great news! Congratulations, bro” Kylie said, giving him a brief hug and patting his shoulders.
“Oh my goodness, Jeremy!” Mom rushed to hug me again, holding him very affectionately this time.
He could hear her soft whimpers from behind while Axel just try to fit ignorantly into the hug too.
“I’ll go hurry up with the food so we can celebrate this” Kylie said. Giving him a thumbs up before walking out.
“Mom,” Jeremy drawled as she pulled away from the hug and he found her cheeks wet with tears which she effortlessly tried to hide. “Stop crying. Axel’s starting to get sad too” he said, placing his palms on her shoulders.
She sniffed, smiling toothily. “They’re actually tears of joy!” she said, sniffing and wiping her tears while maintaining the smile.
“I know but Axel doesn’t know that so you should stop now” he said and she nodded, sniffing again. She felt his cheeks with her palm.
“Congratulations baby!” She smiled, amidst the flickers of tears and he nodded. “Come-on, let’s go have dinner first then we’ll talk more about this” she said, “put on something warm and come out” she added, taking Axel up in her arms and walking out.
Jeremy fist bumped the air with a happy laughter before walking to his wardrobe.

That night he spent his time going through the School web and gathering the tangible informations.
He saw the information to come for the admission process the next day and he had to carefully pick out his outfit for it. Before he slept, his mom brought Axel to his room and laid him on his cot since he was fast asleep.

They discussed more about the scholarship and she prayed briefly for his success; careful enough not to wake Axel.

“Hurry up now honey, I’ll take a shower for Axel. Don’t worry about it” mom said as he put on his shoes.
“Thanks Mom!” He pecked her cheeks, picking up his backpack that contained some vital papers he had been asked to bring along for the admission.
He slung it to his back, ruffled Axel’s hair cutely and walked out of the room.
“Let’s head out together” Kylie said, emerging from her room and dressed for school.
“Bye Mom! Axel” Kylie waved and he joined her.
“Mi-mi!” Axel giggled as he waved back at Jeremy and Kylie scowled.
“Yeah..keep rubbing your love for him in my face” she rolled her eyes, pinching his cheek lightly.
They left the house after that.

“Do you feel nervous?” Kylie asked, as they made a turn away from their block.
“No. Why?”
“Well, for starters you’re resuming school after many months of waiting and it’ll be your first today at your new school, you should feel a little nervous, plus I heard those rich kids at your school don’t usually get along with average ones” she said.
“I’m not nervous. And I don’t care about what they think. I’m just glad I’ll be returning to school and mom won’t have so much expenses to cover” he said truthfully.
“True” Kylie nodded in approval.
“Do the students at your school bully you cos you’re of an average class?” I asked on impulse and she gave a weird laughter, clinging to her stomach as she laughed out.
“They wouldn’t dare! My school is for the average, remember. And speaking of financial status, I think we’re all pretty much on the same side” she said and he nodded, holding his bag straps. “I’m taking this turn. I’ll see you at home. Good luck!” She said, giving him a thumbs-up.
“Yeah, you too” Jeremy said and she walked away, taking a different turn.

He crossed to the other side of the road and continued his journey. Recalling Kylie’s words, he rechecked and realised, he didn’t feel nervous or maybe he was but just didn’t feel it. He only knew he felt happy, super happy!

Getting to the school premises, he sight a short queue at a building opposite a bigger one. The gatekeeper inquired of his motive and directed him to the queue after he told him. Jeremy joined the queue and waited.

An hour passed and some other people had joined the line, they were dressed in casuals like himself yet looking very elegant. It got to his turn few minutes after and he walked to the receptionist.
“Your name and age?” She asked simply, her gaze not leaving the screen of the computer on a desk before her.
“Jeremy Harris Smith. I’m Eighteen years old” he said and she typed on the computer.
“Your file, please” she said, her gaze still on the computer’s screen.
He brought down his backpack and handed the file to her, she collected and opened it. Perusing through it briefly, she took the passports and kept it aside, handing him a printed sheet.
“Fill this carefully and correctly” she said, directing him to a chair.

Jeremy sat and read the sheet, the questions were mostly about his medical records, recent illness, disorders and disabilities. He filled in the answers neatly and carefully and returned it to her. She glanced briefly at it and began typing quickly again, her fingers dancing skillfully on the keyboard..
“Here,” she returned the file after making a photocopy and alongside, a number tag. “Take it to the directors’ office, it’s in the school premises; the building opposite this one,” she said, “Second floor. Third door if you use the right staircase” she said, dismissing him.
“Thank you!” He said, picking his bag and walking out.

Jeremy made his way out of the building and passed the demarcation that led to the next; the school premises. He entered the entrance and walked to the staircase, he climbed the first fleet and was about taking the next when he heard some quick movement ahead of him and in the next second, he felt a body carelessly brushing past him.
“Watch it, goof!” The girl paused, eyeing him repeatedly before walking away. Jeremy stood there for a split moment, calculating what happened.

It’s just his first day and he’s already seeing their mean sides.
He shrugged the thought off and made his way to the third floor, carefully looking ahead. He was on the last staircase of the third floor when he saw a student manhandling another student. From his feature, Jeremy could tell that it was a bully and the guy being rough handled was his victim.
Jeremy thought of minding his own business, so he ignored them and kept climbing the stairs.
“Let go off me!” The victim pleaded, trying effortlessly to free himself.
“Else what? You’ll call your rich daddy to arrest me?” The bigger guy mimicked, pinching his hair hard and making him wince badly.
“Ahh! Somebody help me!” The bullied guy cried, his countenance gesturing how much in pain, he was.
Jeremy fought the urge to interfere but he couldn’t do that for long.
“Let go off him!” He found himself pushing the bully off and the victim, gave him an awed look.
“Who the fvck are you-
He was about transferring aggression to him when a voice from a nearby intercom, spoke.
“Jose Grey, report to the principal’s office immediately!” It said.
“You’ll definitely hear from me, poke-nosing pipsqueak!” The bully snickered at his face before walking away.
“Hey, are you okay?” Jeremy asked the terrified boy who still stared at him in awe and he nodded.
“You’re new here, right?” He asked and Jeremy nodded.
“On scholarship” he added.
“I figured” the boy nodded, arranging his rough clothes.
“Does he bully you always?” He asked.
“Often” the boy corrected.
“Why?” Just asked.
“Because my parents are wealthy” he said plainly.
“You’re bullied cos you’re rich?” Jeremy repeated.
“Too rich, actually. My father’s the CEO of FlorMark Enterprise” he said.
“Oh..” Jeremy found himself saying. FlorMark was actually one of the top organisation in the state. “But still it’s absurd”
“I know right” he grinned.
“And I appreciate what you did back there but it would’ve been best if you hadn’t interfered” he said, gave Jeremy a half smile and walked down the stairs.
Jeremy stared unbelievably after him and shrugged.
Maybe he truly shouldn’t have interfered..

He counted the door as he walked and paused at the third, he read the sign above it and knocked.
“Come in!”
He opened the door and walked in.

Minutes later, Jeremy was on his way home with the school’s designated backpack that had all the school’s necessities and information.
He head home immediately, carefully avoiding any more meanness of the school.
He arrived home and dropped the bags, grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator; he drank it empty and relaxed his body on a couch.

He carried the bag to his room. He checked out the equipment in the bag and smiled as the thought of him going to school tomorrow rang in his head. Of recent, It was the best feeling he has ever had.
Glancing at his table clock; 11:10am, he puts the stuffs back into the exclusive backpack and stood up; going to the kitchen, he made a quick shabby sandwich and ate it up, he drank some water, placed a call to his mom and head out of the house..
He has a lot to tell her.
The next morning, Jeremy woke up early; pretty earlier than he should. The excitement of going back to school kept him super excited that he barely slept a wink. He stood up quietly so he wouldn’t wake Axel up. He stretched to the switch and turned the lights on and his gaze landed on the diary on his nightstand. He sighed; he had totally forgotten about taking it to the library yesterday, he picked it up; opened a drawer and left it inside.

He checked his uniform, it was ironed and well kept just as he had left it last night.. He took his nightwear off and made his way into the bathroom.

He was in the middle of preparing breakfast when his mom walked into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes.
“Good morning!” He greeted, taking the sweetened pancakes out of the pan.
“Morning. You look like you didn’t sleep well last night” she observed.
“I couldn’t, I woke up pretty early so I decided to make breakfast” he said and she nodded.
“I’ll go wake Kylie up and then set the table after,” she gave his back a loving pat and walked out.
With his expression, she could tell that he was very excited about going back to school and it made her fulfilled; she had been too worried whenever she watched him sit at the store instead of school. She knew he badly wanted to but couldn’t do it just yet and she felt very bad about it and now that he’s finally going back to school; she’ll do her possibly best to make sure he remains there and finishes off.

They all sat down to eat and Jeremy couldn’t believe how happily he ate.
“Quit humming while we’re eating, Jeremy. It’s irking!” Kylie complained.
“Sorry!” He smiled at her and she rolled her eyes.
“Let your brother be, Kylie. He’s just really excited” his mom interjected, passing Jeremy the bottle of Jam.
“Thanks!” He thanked her for both and added jam to his pancakes..

After breakfast, Mrs Harris insisted on doing the rest of the works; waving them off to school. They simultaneously kissed her cheeks and Axel suddenly didn’t want to let go of Jeremy’s school shirt, thereby roughening it.
“Come-on buddy, I’m going to be late if you keep holding me like this” he complained with a pout. “And my shirt’s getting rough too. What? Should I get you some chocolates after school?” He asked and Axel nodded.
“Okay, deal. I’ll get you a really big box of chocolate. Is that okay?”
“Yess!” Axel eyes brightened as he let go off Jeremy who ruffled his hair and head out of the house with Kylie.

“Have fun at your school!” Kylie Said. “And you better stand up to any bullies you encounter, don’t be a coward like that rich dude!” She said and he remembered he had told her about the guy he had helped at the school.
“You too and I won’t” he waved back at her and went his way.

Getting to school, he took his time to locate his locker, dropping what he didn’t want, he searched for his class. Ignoring the desperate eyes that stared and gawked at him. He found his class, cross checked and opened the door, walking in.
He realized that not much attention went to him and the very few that did, just scoffed and went back to their businesses. He looked around for an unoccupied seat and walked to it.
Looking around the classroom, he found some girls at the left side of the room staring at him and then laughing. He recognized one of them as the one who bumped into him the previous day and she smirked at him and looked away.

It’s his first day and he’s already being gossiped about. He waved it off and heard a loud slap on his desk. Jerked, he tilt his head forward to find the bully from yesterday, staring right at him with a very stern expression.
He sighed, irritably.
“Jeremy Harris Smith. 18 years old and living in the slum.
We’re just getting started, pipsqueak!”



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