(Secret star🌟)
🎶Born again…
🎶And born for real..
🎶I feel like I am someone else
🎶In a tight and enclosed spot that just ain’t me..
🎶cos I’m so different from who I am..
🎶I need flyyyyy, a space to brea-

Bang the loud bang from my door erupted the moment and I grumbled under my breath, took the earphones off my ears and tilt my head towards the door to find Kylie walking in.
“Kylie,” I drawled, giving her a full look. ” A little notice would do” I said with a slight frown.
“Duh! I’m your sister, what could you possibly be hiding from me?” She blurted out and I narrowed my brows deeply at her. “I knew you wouldn’t be naked so quit giving me that look and besides, that’s not what’s important right now” she said, sitting beside me on my medium sized bed.
“And what’s so important right now that warrants you barging into my room?”
“Me being tired-sick of this pea-sized house and its tiny rooms. It’s so hard to fit in, I think I’m developing a strong phobia for tiny things” she whined.
I sighed softly. ” It happens Ky, especially when it’s new but you’ll get used to it”
“I doubt that, it’s been five days already!”
“Just quit whining and putting too much of your thoughts on it, you’ll fit in fast enough if you start caring less”
“Yeah, I guess.. Breakfast’s almost ready and Jose’s up. Mom needs you to run him a bath” she said before standing up..
“I’ll be out soon” I replied and she walked out. I stared at my phone.
“I’ll be right back J.D” I spoke to my phone, as I paused the song; like the incognito artiste could hear me..
How I began loving her, I didn’t know but I remembered I developed interest in her songs during the period of my dad’s illness. The lyrics and tune was just so soothing and subtle at that moment and it helped me get over my mental breakdown, I had to search out more about J.D, I found out she was an incognito artiste and all her songs were only made in audios. She became my favorite artist and I could only hope she’d one day reveal her identity and I would see the woman behind those subtle and breaking words. Her abbreviated names makes me even more curious.

I stood up from my bed and walked out of it, passing through a very short demarcation; I arrived at the living room and made my way to the kitchen.

“Morning Mom!” I greeted, placing a quick peck on her cheek, she smiled warmly in response.
“Mi-mi!” Axel came out from the store, flinging himself to my body. I caught him and took him up in my arms, ruffling his hair and causing him to giggle.

Axel was our impromptu last born, mom had no idea she was pregnant, before she had him, She and dad had agreed that Kylie and I were enough but after some years of sticking to that decision; she took in again unaware. Axel was only a year and five months when dad died. He is two years old now.
He’s fond of calling me Mi-mi, I guess pronouncing my full name was kind of hard for him at his age so he just shortened the Jere-MY to Mi-Mi.
“You’re hungry, right?” I asked, feeling his stomach size. He nodded, pouting his lips.
“Come-on, let’s go take a bath first before we eat” I said giving him a light tickle and he laughed.
“I’ll be back” I informed mom who nodded from behind the gas she was cooking on. Settling Axel comfortably in my arms, I took him to the bathroom.

One look at mom and you can tell that it’s tough for her, she looks and acts satisfied and fine for our sake. I couldn’t blame her; living like this is very new for all of us. Dad’s death took almost all we had, we couldn’t keep up with the rent anymore and the landlord became very unfriendly to us. It was even more tough raising Axel too and as a kid, he demanded more.
Kylie and I stopped going to school and we only lasted four months in the house after dad’s death, before we got kicked out by the landlord. Mom was able to find a smaller and cheaper house before then, and had to sell most of our bigger properties. She spent most of what we earned, renting it.
Left with almost nothing, she set up a small kiosk where we run a dry cleaning service. I guess the poor construction didn’t really attract many customers but we had quite a lot of sales and mom was able to register Kylie in a school where the pay and the other dues was just fine.. she didn’t have enough for both of us so I insisted she let Kylie go first.

Days after, she found a job as a saleswoman in a convenience store and has to work extra hours most days so her pay would add up and would be helpful to cover some expenses..

After bathing Axel, I dressed him up in one of his long sleeved jumpsuit wnd styled his full and curly hair.
We all sat down to have breakfast later and after mom said a brief prayer, we began eating.
“Right.. I’ll be working extra hours today” mom announced, filling Axel’s spoon with cereals and reaching it into his mouth.
“Okay” I mumbled under my breath, chewing on my food.
As much as I hated seeing her do this, I knew there was nothing I could do to change it, at least not yet.
“I’ll come assist you at the store after school today” Kylie said.
“You won’t. You’ll stay at home and read for your mid test” mom interjected, giving Kylie a Stern look.
“But mom, I still have a week left and-
“No buts Kylie. You’re staying home” she said and Kylie pouted her lips.
“Mom’s right, Ky. You should read ahead for your test and besides there really not much work at the store” I said.
“Okay,” she said, picking up her spoon. “That reminds me, the scholarship list, it’s out right? Did you get in?” She asked, perking her brows at me.
Thinking about it, my expression quickly slid to a blank one.

After mom’s new job, I was able to sign in for a scholarship exam that was ongoing, mom spent quite a lot in it and just three days ago, I sat for the exam. Hopefully, I might be able to get into high school through it and with a lesser expense too.
Actually, the winning list came out last night and out of thousands of people that sat for the exam, only twenty people were to be chosen and the names came out in batches. When I checked last, only the 18th person had been added and my heart had made a huge thump at it. Hearing Kylie talk about it again, I felt hopeless.

I looked away and accidentally made eye contact with mom, I lowered my gaze immediately.
“Where are your manners, Kylie. You shouldn’t talk when you’re eating. Eat up quick so you won’t be late for school. You too, Jeremy” mom said and I watched Kylie begin to eat happily again. I picked up my spoon reluctantly and dug into my breakfast again, my appetite reducing.

After breakfast, Kylie, mom and Axel left the house together. While Kylie went to school, mom and Axel left for the store.

Left with nothing, I went to my laptop and visited the school website, clicking on the scholarship list tab, I began scrolling down and I saw that that the nineteenth member had been posted and sadly enough, it wasn’t me. With a soft heartbroken sigh, I shut the laptop and stood up,
I knew I was at a loose end and I hated how it pricked my heart so much. Well, it was almost like a last hope for me . I knew it wasn’t, it might come late but I’m definitely going back to school. I went to my small study area and picked up a book from the table, packaging it in a bag.
Picking up my phone, I grabbed a jacket and walked out of the house, I plugged my earphone in, played ‘Chronicles’ by JD and walked on the pavement with a motive to ease my worries while reaching my destination.

I got to the library which was a long way on foot and opened the door, sighting the few people on seat at the far sitting space in usual quietness; I gently closed the door. I walked to the library assistant.
“Good morning. My name is Jeremy and I lent this on the 18th to return today” I said to her and she collected the book and checked her record to be sure before inspecting it.
She returned the book and granted me permission to go ahead and I walked to the shelf, walking quietly to where I took the book from.

I walked quietly to where the shelves were located and found the one I was looking for, I squat to its level and began creating space to fit the book into when I felt someone brush past me from behind, the knee consciously hitting my back and almost causing me to lose my balance.
I held myself from falling and by the time I turned, the girl turned to a corner, leading to the exit. I could tell it was a girl because of the School skirt she had on and the girly booth and long socks, she wore a hoodie and the cap covered her upper body, including her hair. She was out of sight as soon as I saw her, she seem to be in a hurry but still, a little sorry would’ve been nicer. I turned to tend to my lower back that had a slight pain from the hit when I sight a blue diary resting on the floor, I picked it up. Remembering the girl, I had a hint that it might be hers, so I quickly slipped the book into the shelf and with the diary, made my way out of the library.

I arrived outside and stopped when I didn’t find anyone around the library area, I looked around and made a little search but there was no one, at least not the girl. I stared at the blue diary clasped in my palm and sighed, gulping at nothing.
She seemed to be in a hurry and for a school student to be leaving for school at the time, I guess that explains the hurry. She must’ve been running to school because she was late.

I nodded slightly and took my phone when it began ringing, it was mom so I answered.
“Hi Mom?” I said.
“Jeremy, are you busy?” She asked.
“No. Not really. Why?”
“Would you come deliver a customer’s clothes for me?. It’s almost past the delivery time and I’m busy”
“Okay. I’m on my way” I said, dropping the phone. I glanced at the diary once more before making my way to the store.
Work at the store later that night was a little hectic than it used to, so I locked up slightly late on mom’s order made my way home.
“I’m home!” I informed Kylie who was in the kitchen, making dinner.
“Welcome and go have a shower, I can perceive your soap stink from here!” She murmured.
“Yeah, you don’t have to keep reminding me every time” I replied her and walked to my room.

It was few minutes past seven when I got out of the shower, I put my short on and my gaze subconsciously moved to my nightstand, I found the diary resting exactly where I had left it earlier.

Ignoring it, I adjusted the towel around my neck and moved to my study area, I sat on the chair and opened my laptop, wiping my wet brows, I began operating the laptop.
I went to the school tab and refreshed it, my fingers moved on the mouse, scrolling down and I saw that the 20th and final name has been uploaded.
With slightly shaky fingers, I clicked on it and froze almost immediately on my seat, my finger pausing on the mouse.
Unconsciously, I let out a loud joyful scream, bursting away from my chair as I danced around and the next minute, my door came flinging open, revealing mom, Axel and Kylie; all giving me a frown etched with curiosity.

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