PATIENCE DOES NOT PAY … (18+) … Part 4



Ronnie’s life becomes harder

“Heiii bby I think I am ready for you, let’s try it out and we see” I re-read the message.

I am a strong man but that statement made me weep like a child. It reminded of how submissive I was ready to be to Tasha, it also reminded me a day I bought a joursey for her and she rejected it claiming that she did not like the color I had chosen for her on top of her not being a sports lady.

That evening she came to my room uninvited. She found me there but in a confused mode.
“Didn’t you like my final decision of being in love with you” she asked and I told her that I was happy only that I had had a long day doing some official work. I worked with New world computer center.
She did not stay for long and she asked me to push her to her apartment. We did not use a boda because it was a walkable distance and above all, it was cool evening. We had moved a half of the journey when she reduced her walking speed and I sensed danger immediately.
She had seen a certain old man coming in a Toyota wish old model.

The man parked on seeing her and I was lucky he did not realize that I was walking with her.
I continued ahead and waited for her from a safe distance.
She did the incredible, the guy turned the car and drove her to her apartment.
I was strong enough to hold my tears and walked back to my apartment with my head cast down thinking of what wrong I did to Tasha that made me liable to such trials.

I did not text her and I did not receive any message from her that night.
The following day she called me, she was putting all the blame on me that I did not wait for her. She also asked why I didn’t like meeting her friends.
I told her one thing, to remain friends with me because we were making a wrong turn.
She told me it was fine but to me it was not any fine.
She resorted to posting things on her status where I was the target audience.
Life went like that and in the next month I received news that she had gotten married to that old man.
I was happy, I then had some breathing space. I also told Clare to Join me and we started staying together.

Clare was a super lady. On her arrival she gave me the money to finalize with the house I was constructing.
But I did not lose touch with Tasha, we stayed friends as I had asked.
Time for entering the house came and we invited all our friends but I did not invite Tasha.
I had to work half a day and on my way back home I received a call from Tasha, her computer had gotten some problem and she believed I could help her in that.
She asked me to pass by if I didn’t mind. I passed by as she had asked. She was alone in the house but I really sorted her computer but I was surprised when I saw her lock the door.

“Please Tasha, don’t do anything to me! Don’t hurt me, I didn’t do any wrong to you” I cried.
She moved closer to me and she wanted sex. I told her that I was getting wedded with Clare very soon but she did not mind. I picked my phone to call one of my friends but before i could make a call she knocked my hand and my phone fell from my hands.
I decided to do what she wanted. I had removed my shirt when I remembered my dear Clare.
In the next minute I was on top of her in her sofas but I was bold enough to resist everything.
In the struggle, her lip got a simple rapture. She scratched my back in the struggle leaving my back injured. I went back home, played everything cool and I did not tell my wife about anything.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s very sad to note that Ronnie is likely to leave this company. He was asked to go and put right the customers computer but on realising that the lady was beautiful and the husband was away, he decided to rape her. He has been sued on grounds of rape and the law requires us to dismiss him until further notice”

This was a remark from the company manager in an emergency meeting.


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