She pulled my underwear down and
gasped, “F–k, it’s even bigger up close and
“You should feel it in your mouth or c–t,”
Aunt Carol urged as if she were a
sommelier and my tool was a bottle of
vintage wine.
“I’m about to,” Mom said, stroking my
raging hard-on. I was also super happy I’d
already come once or I likely would have
spent myself on her clothing already.
“Do you want Mommy to suck your c–k?”
she asked, looking so sweet and demure.
“F–k, yes,” I answered, about to live almost
every teenage boy’s dream.
“I want you to f–k me too,” she said, before
adding, “you’re so much bigger than your
“And he reloads almost instantly,” Carol
added, as Mom took my c–k in her mouth.
“Oh, God,” I groaned, the most impossible
fantasy of all somehow becoming real as
Mom began bobbing on my c–k. When I
reran this interlude with Mom in a future
stroke session, I didn’t think I’d need any
alternate endings.
“Do I taste good on your son’s c–k?” Carol
asked, as she walked over and dropped to
her knees beside her sister, smoothing her
Mom took my c–k out of her mouth and
smiled, “Not quite as strong as directly
from the source.”
“Do you often get it directly from the
source?” I asked, gaining more confidence
now that I knew I was in control and not
about to shoot before I wanted to.
“Very often,” Mom nodded, before adding,
“We’ve been doing things since I was in
high school.”
Carol explained, as Mom returned to
sucking my c–k, “There’s a clear hierarchy
here, Wade. I’m on the top, then Tiffany,
she’s a MILF hunting dominant by nature,
and then there’s a continual power play
between the rest of them… although Dana is
the bottom feeder, even a complete
submissive to her daughter.”
“You all lez out?” I asked, this too much
information for any man to comprehend.
“Even Emily?”
Carol nodded, “Lesbian incest has been
common in our family for several
“Wow!” I moaned, both from the stunning
revelation and the amazing sensations of
my Mom’s mouth.
“But you’re the first male addition to our…
club, perhaps you could call it?” Carol
added, before smiling, “you Sir, will become
very popular.”
“You’re serious?” I asked, still trying to
process all this information.
“Deadly,” she answered, now sucking my
balls while Mom s—-d my c–k.
That was a new sensation… having my c–k
and balls s—-d at once.
A moment later, Mom said, “I need this c–k
in me now.”
“Do you want to f–k your Mom?” Carol
“Hell, yes, I’ve wanted that for years,” I
nodded, pulling Mom off her knees and
leading her to the bed.
Mom took off her dress with a quick unzip
from Carol, to reveal she too wasn’t
wearing panties and was still wearing her
thigh high stockings.
I joked, “This is exactly what I fantasized
you wearing at home every day.”
“I usually was,” Mom smiled, as she got on
the bed, now only in a lace bra and thigh
high stockings.
I got out of my pants again and as I stood
by the tall bed; Mom put her nylon-clad feet
on my c–k as she said, “You’re a nylon guy

“How did you know?” I moaned, as I got a
nylon foot job… another first.
“You stare at my nylon-clad feet all the time
and often have to adjust yourself while
staring at them,” Mom revealed, as Carol
got on the bed to join us.
“Guilty as charged,” I shrugged, always
thinking I was so sly when drooling over
her feet.
“Time for a second crime,” Mom said a
moment later.
“What is that?” I coyly asked, hoping she
was making an incest reference.
“Time to make you a true mother f—-r,”
Mom answered as she spread her legs
wide, her nylon feet sadly leaving my c–k.
“That’s a crime I’ll gladly commit,” I said,
as she slid her p—y to the edge of the bed,
ready to be criminalised. I pressed my d–k
against her p—y and caressed her nylon-
clad legs, thrilling to the smooth, warm
“God I wish I had a son,” Carol sighed. “I
mean all my girls eat my c–t at the snap of
a finger and they can all wield a strap-on,
but they just don’t have a real, throbbing,
spurting c–k.”
“You can borrow mine whenever you want,”
my mother generously offered, as I pressed
the head of my c–k about an inch into the
wet c–t I’d once exited.
“I wasn’t asking permission,” Carol
responded wickedly, as she reached around
me, grabbed my a-s and pulled me forward
into my mother.
“Oh yes,” Mom moaned, as I groaned, as
my c–k slid inside her. “Now f–k me son,
hard, with that big Mommy-f—–g c–k.”
Her words were so hot, and exactly what I
had fantasized many times. I obliged her
request, slamming into her hard with each
forward t—-t, holding her in place by her
spread legs, her entire body and big t–s
still in the bra, bouncing around with
extreme hotness.


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