She somehow tightened her c–t around my
c–k, while still being excessively wet.
“Don’t stop f—–g me you mother f—-r,” she
said, furiously bouncing back on my c–k
with a lust I’d never seen or felt before.
“Don’t you mean aunt f—-r?” I corrected.
“Yes, until later tonight,” she moaned.
“What?” I asked, as sweat dripped down
me: wishing I would have taken off my suit
jacket at least.
“Just keep slamming that big salami stick
in my c–t,” she demanded, leaving me with
a big question.
She was implying Mom wanted to f–k me.
Had she made that implication deliberately?
Had Mom said something? What did Aunt
Carol know that I didn’t?
“Oh God, f–k yes, f–k, you’re f—–g
amazing, f–k me, s–t, yes!” she screamed,
as her o—-m hit her and she collapsed
forward, my c–k slipping out of her.
I could have kept f—–g her; but I wanted to
taste that fresh p—y, so I flipped her onto
her back and buried my face in her
flooding c–t.
“Oh God!” she moaned, her legs wrapping
around my head. “You’re going to be
visiting auntie a lot.”
I lapped up her tangy wetness while
imagining stopping by her house for a f–k…
wishing I lived closer… wishing I’d known
about her proclivities when I was still in
high school.
I love eating p—y and hers was one of the
wettest, tangiest yet.
I was lapping eagerly, she was moaning
still, when there was a knock at the door.
“F–k!” she sighed, “you haven’t come yet.”
I got off the bed and grabbed my pants. I
whispered, “Rain check. Yes I know, I still
owe you a c–t deposit.”
She slowly got off the bed as there was
another knock.
“I’m coming,” I called out.
“I wish that was true,” she smiled, as she
fixed her outfit and I buckled my belt.
“Hurry up,” Mom called out.
I went to the door and opened it.
“What took so long?” Mom asked.
“We were on the balcony,” I lied.
“Oh,” she said, as she walked in with a
bottle of wine in her hand.
She looked around and said, “Thereisno
Busted!I thought to myself, my quick
thinking sabotaged by facts.
Mom shocked me again as she sighed,
glaring at her oldest sister, “You already
f—-d him, didn’t you?”
“In my defense,” Aunt Carol pointed out,
“you arrived before he could come… a
second time.”
“But you obviously did,” Mom said, as I
stood there bewildered.
“Yeah, and his c–k is as big as you said it
was,” auntie replied, giving me a wink as I
stood there speechless.
“I thought we agreed I’d get to f–k him
first,” Mom complained, shock
compounding shock.
“I just let you think that,” Carol said. “I’m
the oldest, I get dibs.”
“He’s mySon,” Mom said with twisted logic,
clearly annoyed.
“He still has a load or two if you want
them,” Carol offered, before adding, “or you
can come lick his first load off my face.”
“You’d better go clean up, you look like a
cheap s–t,” Mom said to her older sister.
“C-m is a great natural moisturizer,” Aunt
Carol shrugged.

Mom turned to me and complained,
“What’s wrong with you, I rub your c–k at
the restaurant and you f–k my sister?”
“I thought it was Aunt Carol doing that,” I
finally spoke, still feeling like I was in the
most twisted, trippiest version of Candid
Camera ever.
“You don’t want to f–k Mommy?” she
asked, with a pout.
“I-I-I wouldn’teversay that!” I stammered,
struggling even to form my words, but
desperate not to miss this crazy
“So youdowant to f–k Mommy?” she asked
sexily, her tone dripping sultrily, as she
walked up to me.
“Well…yeah!” I answered, my confidence
beginning to build as I came to grips that
this was really happening.
“Tell me what you want, son,” she said, as
she dropped in front of me.
“You’ll be tasting me,” Carol warned,
reminding Mom I’d just f—-d her older
“It won’t be the first time,” Mom replied,
shocking me yet again, as she unbuckled
my belt. A belt I’d just done back up.
“True, but usually it’s because you’re
between my legs,” Carol continued the
stunning revelations.
“I don’t think my son needed to know about
our lesbian incest trysts,” Mom said, as she
unzipped my pants and pulled them down.
“Or do you, my big boy?”
“You had me atlesbian incest tryst,” I joked,
as my hard c–k was about to be allowed
out to play again.


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