We were all on the same floor.
Mom went to our room, then Aunt Carol
and I were alone in hers.
As soon as the door closed, she walked
over to the counter, grabbed something
and then returned to me. She grabbed at
my crotch, dropped to her knees and said,
as she lifted some mistletoe above her
head and well, in truth, my head too… my
c–k head, “It’s time for some mistle-blow.”
I gasped, as she handed me the mistletoe,
quickly fished out my already very hard c–k
and said, “I need to do my own inspection
of this family legend.”
“What about Uncle Jim?” I asked with a
moan, as she took my c–k in her mouth.
“F–k him,” she said, looking up at me,
stroking my hard c–k
“I’d rather f–k you,” I countered, this time
blunt as you please, just as she took my c–
k back in her mouth, this timewayback in
her mouth.
After a few bobs, she responded, “God, this
is a perfect c–k.”
“Those are some great lips too,” I
responded, as once again she took my c–k
in her mouth.
She s—-d much better than my FWB (figure
it out; you’ve had clues) or any other chick,
creating a lot of saliva in her mouth which
made it feel like a pleasure tornado.
“Oh yeah, that feels amazing,” I moaned.
“Better than your college s–t?” she asked,
as her tongue slid down my s—t.
“Way better,” I admitted, as she s—-d on
my balls… the first woman ever to do that.
“Have you come yet today?” she asked,
moving her mouth from one ball to the
other while slowly stroking my c–k.
“Not yet,” I admitted, knowing I likely
wouldn’t last long if she went back to
sucking me.
“Do you want to come down Auntie’s
throat?” she asked, as she slithered her
tongue back up my steel s—t.
“Or maybe all over your pretty face,” I
answered, loving to come on someone’s
“That’s not very gentlemanly,” she smiled,
as she looked up at me, her tongue
swirling around my c–k head.
“Looks can be deceiving,” I replied.
“You can shoot your first load all over my
face,” she negotiated, “so long as the
second load is deposited in my c–t.”
Very few girls or women used the
wordcunt, so hearing it from my aunt’s
mouth was hot as hell, as was the fact she
was now bobbing on my c–k furiously,
taking almost my entire s—t in that sexy
I replied, “I have a few loads I can deposit
here and there before the night is over.”
She kept bobbing, the speed, the excess
saliva and her amazing suction skills had
my balls boiling and I waited until the last
possible second before I pulled out and
shot my full load all over her face.
Like an expert c–k sucker, who had taken
facials before, she closed her eyes in the
nick of time and opened her mouth wide.
The first rope landed in her hair and on her
forehead as I was apparently a bit too

The second rope hit right between her
eyes, on her nose and in her open mouth.
The third landed on her chin in a big wad
that was just hanging on.
While the remainder also hit her chin and a
little on her black dress.
She took my c–k back into her mouth,
which few girls ever did once I’d come.
And f–k did it feel awesome!
After a few slow bobs, she stood up, pulled
me over to the bed, and lifted her black
dress high enough to reveal she was
wearing a garter-belt and stockings.
“Uncle Jim is an idiot,” I acknowledged, as
she got on all fours, now revealing she also
wasn’t wearing any panties.
“I got rid of my panties at the restaurant,”
she smiled, looking back at me. “Wanted to
make sure you could just slide right in.”
I got on the bed, positioned my d–k behind
her and did just that.
“Oh f–k,” she moaned as I slid inside her.
“Now f–k me hard. I don’t know how much
time we have.”
I wasn’t going to argue. I was f—–g my hot
aunt. I grabbed her hips and began
urgently slamming into her.
“Oh yes, s–d,” she moaned. “Pound me
with that huge f—–g d–k.”
Spinning back to the earlier flirtation, I
quipped, “I’m hammering away just like you
“Oh yes you are,” she moaned, as she
began bouncing back on my c–k, meeting
my forward thrusts.
Her moans were getting louder, and after a
couple minutes of both of us f—–g each
other with reckless aggression, I could tell
she was close.
Then she did something I’d never felt


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