I shrugged, enjoying the attention, and
definitely willing to open any doors if doors
were available to be opened, “Well, I’ve
never had any complaints.”
“If you’re as big as your mother described, I
imagine not,” Tiffany said.
Then the phone rang and it was Dad. Mom
answered, “What?”

After a few seconds, Mom said, “Look, we’ll
meet you at the hotel. We’re still eating and
enjoying our time without you boys.” Her
tone when she saidboysclearly
After another moment, “No, he’s a man,”
Mom clarified, looking directly at me and
seeming to like what she saw. If she wasn’t
my mother I would without a doubt think
she was hitting on me… yet I couldn’t be
sure she wasn’t.

Everyone watched Mom on the phone as
she finished, “Yeah, yeah, see you there.”
Once she hung up, I felt a foot between my
legs reaching directly for my crotch.
My eyes went big as there were three
women across from me who could be
doing something so forward… one being
my mother.

I moved my hand and felt the sheer nylon,
not giving anything away because whoever
it was would know I was aware of her foot
and why wouldn’t I be curious who she
was; although the nylon clue didn’t help as
I’d previously noticed all the women were
wearing nylons for the wedding…
something that I learned nana had taught
them as children.

I massaged the nylon foot, looking across
the table curiously.
It could be my outspoken Mom.
It could be my outrageous Aunt Carol.
Or it could be the hitherto completely silent
Becky, Dana’s only offspring and only a
couple years older than I. She had huge t–s
which she usually hid, but today they were
very much in view… as if demanding I stare
at them.
Yet none of the three showed any hint they
were rubbing their foot on my c–k as they
kept chatting, or in Becky’s case remaining

After a couple minutes, the foot
disappeared and I was left aroused, hard
and confused.
Aunt Carol paid for the entire bill then we
all headed back to the hotel as the women
all needed to freshen up.
I even pointed out, “You gals all look
radiantly beautiful.”
“You are so charming,” Aunt Carol said,
she seeming to be the one most likely to
have put her foot on my crotch.
I wondered,Is it possible she wants me to
f–k her?
That was definitely more likely than it being
my mother or my shy cousin (but with
today’s highly exposed cleavage maybe not
so shy after all).

Would I f–k her?
God, yes.
Would I f–k Aunt Carol?
In a heartbeat.
Would I f–k my Mom?
Only if dreams came true.
Back at the hotel, Mom sighed, “The guys
are still at the golf club and they’re already
Carol joked, “I guess that meansI’mnot
getting hammered.”

“Mother!” Emily sighed, clearly exhausted
from her mother’s continuous sexual
innuendos. Again, Emily walked away.
Carol ignored her daughter as she
whispered to me, “Did you see anyone at
the wedding you wanted to hammer?”
“There were a few hot MILFs,” I replied,
playing along with her game.
“Anyone in particular?” she asked coyly.
“I don’t f–k and tell, you hot MILF,” I
teased, again hinting I was more than
willing to f–k her if that was what she was
implying, yet not totally blunt in case I was
misreading the clues.
“If your c–k is as big as your mother says,
you should,” she countered, “well, maybe
not thetellpart,” which made me wonder
again if it had been her playing footsie
under the table. My c–k had been hard and
she would have felt it.

That said, her foot probably wouldn’t
provide as much information as if her hand
had been feeling it.
“I like to think of myself as humble,” I
shrugged, which was true.
“A true gentleman,” she smiled, just as
Mom arrived back from the washroom.
“So we still have a couple hours to kill,”
Mom said, glancing at her watch.
“Let’s go up to my room for a drink,” Aunt
Carol suggested.

“I need to go freshen up first,” Mom said.
“Then Wade will come and keep me
company,” Aunt Carol decided. “You okay
hanging with your ancient aunt?”
“If I have to,” I teased.
“You do,” she said. “I hate being alone.”

“She always has,” Mom said.
“Let’s go,” Aunt Carol said, as the three of
us got in the elevator.
“What about Emily?” I asked.
Carol said, “I imagine she’ll be in the lobby
texting all day.”


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