She froze and stammered, even as she
stared at the eight-inch c–k I was pumping,
To my surprise she didn’t turn and leave
immediately, lingering for a few seconds
before scurrying out.
Mom walking in on me was all it took as I
came like a racehorse, envisioning a new
fantasy where Mom hurries over to me and
finishes me off, today with me coming all
over her face but tomorrow who knows…
as I now had two fantasies I could create
variations on in my head.
I cleaned myself up and went to the kitchen
to grab a snack, jerking off making me
hungry for some reason, and she
apologized, “I’m so sorry, Wade.”
I joked, “Well, now we’re even.”
She blushed as she said, “I should have
knocked, I was just coming to get your
Yep, I was eighteen and Mommy still did
my laundry. Pathetic, but it had just always
been that way.
I couldn’t help it, as I joked like Dad would
(Dad often teasing Mom about me seeing
her naked, as he thought it was hilarious),
“And I was just coming, too.”
“Wade!” she gasped, even as I noticed, or I
thought I noticed, her glancing down at my
“What? I’m eighteen. I m——–e,” I
defended, and then added, “A lot.”
She shook her head as she repeated, “I’m
so sorry.”
“It’s no big deal,” I shrugged.
She responded, “Au contraire, it is indeed a
big deal.”
Although her words implied she was still
mortified by walking in on me, her tone
implied something else entirely.
She was talking about the generous size of
my c–k being a big deal… at least I was
pretty sure she was talking about my c–k.
I was so stunned I was speechless as she
walked out of the kitchen, leaving me
bewildered and h—y again.
That was the last time I’d seen Mom until
today, although I’d seen her daily in my
stroke fantasies and even usually when I
was f—–g my friend with benefits Janie.
That brings you up to date about what led
to our drive to the wedding and everything
that followed.
The day was full of subtle hints that I didn’t
catch onto until it all came to a head in the
early evening.
As we drove, Dad asked, “Got any hot
“Eric!” Mom scolded.
“What?” Dad asked. “Can’t I enquire if he’s
getting some hot college booty?”
I laughed, “Never say booty, Dad.”
“What, I’m not up with the lingo?” he
asked, then continued, “Have you given a
girl a Cincinnati Bowtie yet?”
“Eric!” Mom gasped.
“What? You love it, dear,” Dad teased.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Eric, don’t you dare!” Mom objected,
clearly mortified.
“When you reverse t-t f–k a nice rack so
your balls are sliding up and down her
neck,” he revealed.
“Oh,” I said, the position sounding okay, but
more focused on the idea of Mom liking it…
the idea of Dadorme f—–g those huge t–s
quite a turn on.
“I don’t like it, you do,” Mom clarified.
“You never complain,” Dad shrugged.
“Probably too much information for our
son,” Mom pointed out, her face apple red.
I added, “Not sure where you got that term,
but college is pretty normal.”
“What, it’s not a bunch of orgies?” Dad
“No not really, we only have those on
weekends, but of course weekends begin
on Friday at noon,” I whimsically played

“Thank God,” he said, “I’d hate to think I’m
paying for you to go to college and learn
Mom asked, “Do you have a girlfriend yet?”
“Not really,” I answered, Janie and I never
going out dates. I call her when I’m h—y,
she calls me when she’s h—y… which
means we f–k every day or two.
“Friends with benefits,” Dad accurately
“Something like that,” I nodded.
“What’s that?” Mom asked.
Dad answered, “A friend you can call on for
Mom joked, “As much as your Dad’s gone, I
need one of those.”
“If you want Sarah, go for it,” Dad
responded, Sarah a hot young woman from
across the street.
“You and your lesbian fantasy,” Mom
Dad asked, “Please tell me you’ve seen two
girls going at it.”
“Nope,” I said, before adding, “other than
some kissing.”
“Well, p–n movies have definitely deceived
me,” Dad joked.
“Wanting to gross Dad out, knowing he was
homophobic, I added, telling the truth, “I did
see a guy blowing another guy in the
bathroom, though.”
“Gross,” Dad said, his entire face grimacing.
Mom asked, “What, two girls munching p—
y is okay, but a guy sucking another guy’s
d–k isn’t?”
“Obviously,” Dad nodded. “Two girls are
hot; two guys are contrary to nature.”


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