Was she offering her a-s? I’d never f—-d an
a-s before. I responded, “I’m not sure you
could take my big d–k in your a-s.”
“Only one way to find out,” she smiled.
“You sure?” I asked, the idea exciting as
hell… but no woman had ever before made
me such an offer.
“F–k yeah, I love getting my a-s
hammered,” she said, before adding,
“although it’s usually a strap-on c–k from
your aunt or mother.”
“F–k is that hot!” I said, trying to imagine
my mother wearing a strap-on.
She then added, “Or my daughter Becky.”
“Becky too?” I questioned.
“Yeah, she loves using her Mommy,” Dana
replied, the way she used the
wordMommysomehow so hot.
“ThatI would like to see,” I wished, the
visual hard to believe since Becky was so
shy and reserved.
“Don’t let her public personality fool you,”
Dana said, as she got off the bed and went
to her suitcase. “She’s a real dominant b—
h in the bedroom.”
“Wow!” I said, trying to visualize that.
“Want her to join?” Dana asked.
“What? Seriously?” I said, as she returned
with some lube and I stared at her big t–s.
“Yeah, I’ll text her,” she said.
“Sure,” I nodded, thinking,Why not?
She went to her phone, typed quickly and
then tossed the phone on the bed. “I
imagine she’ll be here soon.”
“Cool,” I said, still overwhelmed by how
kinky the women of my family were, as she
went and opened the door slightly ajar,
using the safety bar to keep it open.
“Now get over here and ream my shitter,”
she demanded bluntly, as she returned to
the bed.
She handed me the lube, got back into
position, a-s up and ready. I poured lube
on my c–k and fingered some in her a-s
and then moved behind her.
“Just slam it in my a—–e, Wade. Don’t
make love to my a-s, ream it,” she said, her
nasty persona so f—–g hot.
“As you wish,” I said, positioning my c–k
head at her rather small anal entrance and
wondering how it could possibly fit. I then
soldiered forward and watched, as after the
briefest resistance her a—–e began
swallowing my c–k.
“Oh yes, so thick,” she moaned.
“So tight,” I said, penetrating an a-s a
completely different sensation from having
my c–k in a mouth or c–t.
“So big,” she whimpered, as my c–k
completely disappeared into her back door.
I paused deep in her… in awe of my c–k
buried in my Mom’s sister’s a-s.
“Now pound it,” she demanded.
And I did… grabbing her hips and beginning
to f–k her.
“Yes,” she moaned. “Harder, f–k my a-s
I obliged and for a couple of minutes I
pounded my auntie’s tight a-s. I had just
flipped her onto her back, pulled her to the
edge of the bed and was prepared to slide
back into her a-s when I was startled as
Becky, in bra and thigh highs climbed onto
the bed and s——-d her mother’s face as
she smiled, “I see you’re f—–g my s–t,
“She’smyslut now,” I corrected, slamming
back into her Mom’s a-s and experiencing
a sudden rush of power.
“Is that so?” Becky doubted, as she began
grinding on her mother’s face, marking the
territory as hers.

“Andyou’remine too,” I added, as I pulled
out of auntie’s a-s, stood up on the bed
and stuck my c–k in my cousin’s face.
“Holy s–t,” she gasped, seeing my big c–k,
just before I slid it in her open mouth… the
reality it was just in her mother’s a-s
adding to the wildness.
As I anticipated, she s—-d my c–k…
apparently all the women in my family were
bisexual, big c–k, submissive sluts… how
did the other men of the family not know
As Becky s—-d, she also ground her c–t on
her Mom’s face.
After a couple of minutes I ordered, “Both
of you c–k hungry sluts get on all fours
beside me.”
“Everyone knows I don’t allow men to tell
me what to do,” Becky refused, as she got
off her Mom’s face.
Auntie quickly got onto all fours wanting
my d–k back in her as I shrugged, “Then I’ll
just f–k your Mom,” as I moved behind her
and slid back into her a-s.
“You’re quite an a—–e,” Becky said, even as
she got into an identical position to her
“And I bet you have a really tight a—–e,” I
“Think you can handle me?” she asked,
trying to regain the control I imagine she
usually had.
“Better question is can you handle this?” I
questioned, as I pulled out of her mother
and moved behind her.
“I can take whatever you can give out,
Nancy boy,” she said, daring me.


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