Things got hotter when Aunt Carol bent
down and began licking her sister’s c–t.
I pulled out and slid my c–k in Auntie’s
mouth for a couple quick strokes just
because I could… but also wanting to show
I was in charge, even as Mom whined with
desperation, “Get that c–k back inside your
“Just sharing the wealth,” I quipped, as I
slid my c–k back into Mom’s wet, hot box.
“Now f–k Mommy hard,” she demanded, as
I resumed f—–g her and Auntie resumed
licking her c–t.
I slammed into Mom as hard as I could,
making her entire body shake as I did, as
her moans increased exponentially from the
double pleasure and I knew her o—-m was
She also seemed to really be getting off on
the incest angle as she babbled, “Yes, f–k
your Mommy,” and “Slam Mommy with
that big p—k,” and finally “Yes, you mother
f—-r you’re making your Mommyfucking…
The last one she screamed as her o—-m hit
her hard and I pounded her c–t and Auntie
tugged on her c–t.
“Pull out,” Aunt Carol ordered.
I reluctantly did, even as my own o—-m
was boiling.
As soon as I pulled out a massive gush of
wetness flooded out of Mom and onto the
edge of the bed just as Aunt Carol buried
her face in Mom’s flooding c–t.
Mom’s entire body was trembling as she
demanded a few seconds later, “Get your
c–k back inside meright nowyoung man!”
As if she were scolding me for not cleaning
my room.
“Yes, Mommy,” I replied meekly, the soul of
an obedient son as Aunt Carol moved her
now very wet face away and I slid back
inside Mommy’s hole.
“Now pound me and f–k me and take me
until you come in your Mommy!” she
demanded, looking straight into my eyes
with burning red cheeks and a lust you
can’t fake.
“OhGodyes,” I groaned, as I resumed f—–g
her fast and furious, as she tightened her
vise-like p—y around my c–k even tighter
than Aunt Carol’s had done.
It was like she was milking my c–k… it was
amazing and like the guy I was, that was all
it took as she repeated,“Now come in your
Mommy you sexy mother f—-r, shoot me
full of your jizz!”
Not able to last a millisecond longer, I
erupted my second load of the hour, this
one deep inside my mother. I was in
The o—-m was more intense perhaps
because it was my mother, perhaps
because of the crazy things her c–t was
doing to my c–k or likely a mixture of both,
as I deposited a full load and groaned,
“Take it all, Mom.”
“Any time,” she smiled wickedly, as I kept
spewing my creamy c-m inside her.
“You come on my face but in her c–t?”
Aunt Carol demanded.
“I was just obeying my mother like a good
boy,” I responded, slowing down, refusing
to be intimidated.
“Yes, remember Carol, he ismymother f—-r
first and foremost,” Mom smirked.
“And remember you’remysister s–t first and
foremost,” Aunt Carol countered, straddling
Mom’s face and lowering herself onto it.
“Yes, big sister,” Mom replied, giving me a
wink before her face disappeared under
Carol’s dress.
Aunt Carol smiled, “So do you wish you’d
gone golfing?”
I laughed, remaining in my Mom, “Well, I’m
the only one who got three holes in one.”
“Oh I couldn’t agree more,” she smiled, as
she began grinding on Mom’s face.
We were all startled as Carol’s phone rang.
“Be a dear and bring my phone to me, will
you honey?” Aunt Carol requested, adding,
“I’m not going anywhere until I remind my
baby sister who’s in charge.”
“Sure,” I nodded, slipping out of my mother
and going to get the phone. I grabbed it
and returned it to her, noticing it was Uncle

To my surprise, she answered it while she
was still grinding away on Mom. “Hi,
She winked at me as she continued talking,
“I’m just sitting here helping give Heather a
I gasped.
“Yeah, I’m making sure she gets just the
right moisturizer,” she continued, as she
snapped her fingers and pointed first to my
d–k and then to her mouth.
“And how was golf?” she asked, as I moved
back to the bed. “Did you get a hole in
She chuckled, as she stroked my c–k,
which had been beginning to shrink, “When
was the last time you got a hole in one at
I heard a tinny little voice say, “Is that all
you ever think about?”
“What can I say, I like a nice s—t and
playing with a nice set of balls,” she
continued, as she cupped my ball sac.
“The cab is here,” the little voice in the
phone said, just as she took my c–k in her
“See you soon,” she said, swirling her
tongue around my c–k. “I’m about to finish
this facial and maybe get one myself.”
“Okay, bye,” he said and she hung up.
“Oblivious f–k,” she said, tossing the phone
to the bed and resuming grinding her p—y
on Mom’s face.
As she took my c–k back in her mouth, her
phone rang again.
“What is this, Grand Central f—–g Station?”
she cursed, as I reached back down for her


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