OGA LANDLORD … (21+) … Part 84



I stared at the woman who looked indifferent while talking about to kill somebody like chicken, she no even dey moved. I feel like lifting her up and throw her down from the balcony, she go fall scatter into different pieces.
But na feelings sha.. You no expect me to try that kind thing, she sipped from the glass of wine in her hand and looked at me expectantly. My village people don fail, lai lai.
Me: why?
Madam Stella: laughing wetin you want my talk?
Me: don’t hurt her, I go do anything you want.
Madam Stella: laughing wickedly hahaha, you don already kill her.
Me: I frown how na?
Madam Stella: hiss irritably just go, I am tired.
She yawned and stretched, I felt defeated why this woman dey talk about someone safety with parable.
She strode out and walked majestically through the door.
I rushed and grabbed her from behind, used my hand and tightened it around her neck. Asked her to tell me, she was frightened and spoke. That kind thing na very impossible imagination, I sighed in defeat and walked inside my room.
I opened the door and saw the room illuminated, I closed the door and saw Ugochukwu sitting on a sofa with his legs on the table.
He was enjoying himself…
Me: bro, you don eat na?
Ugochukwu: so?
Me: why you dey abuse the two fried legs of chicken and juice?
Ugochukwu: he frown at me when you start to fight for food right?
Me: you go get running stomach oh.
Ugochukwu: wetin concern you if my stomach wan run, na still part of exercise just allow the matter rest biko?
He started chewing the chicken laps noisily and drinking the juice with loud throat noise, my stomach start to respond.
Hungry saliva moved in numbers to my mouth, I started salivating.
Me: I shout noooo! I no go chop!!
Ugochukwu quickly picked up the plate and the juice in his other hand while the other held the chicken.
Ugochukwu: hope say you never mad? who even call you to come join me. You better sleep oh!
I hissed heavily and undressed I went for the towel.
Ugochukwu: wait wait… You be neat guy oh!
Me: I wrap the towel around my waist na today you know.
Ugochukwu: why your di-ck barb moromoro and your arm-pit barb punk?
Me: hope say you no be…
Ugochukwu: no think am, befoe thunder go roast you.
I went inside the bathroom and had my bath, I tried to sleep but what Madam Stella said made sleep to be far away.
Nothing will happen to Veronica, I vowed.
The next morning the Lawyer came for us to prepare for the case the next day, we sat in the garden and planned.
I narrated the third filing, which will be to accuse him of trying to kill me and kidnap.
Lawyer: no involve the other girl that died that time.
Me: thank you.
He promised that with those facts my accusation is in my favour, I was about going in when my baby called.
Me: girlfriend, how far?
Veronica’s voice: why you nofit seek for google help to teach you how to be sexy?
Me: I get surprise for you.
Veronica’s voice: laughing hahaha, I bet say this your surprise go get bend leg.
Me: no worry, iffa I catch you.
I ended the call and went inside the house, the girl no go ever make me get angry.
I texted her where to meet me, I prepared and went there.
I called her line but it was switched off, I felt like to beat senses into that girl.
After thirty minutes she walked into the eatery and took my breathe away, my anger was formated.
Pretty girls are big problem in this world, I stared hungrily at her. And imagined what I will do to her after now.
Veronica: boffie! You fit stop to dream and prevent flies from entering your mouth.
Me: my senses return so, your time na 2pm?
Veronica: I use thirty minutes to look good for you.
One idiot sitting by our tabled turned,
Idiot: you look beautiful.
Veronica: thank you beaming with smile
I clenched my fist, is like these days these girl wants to make me go mad. I exhales my anger and ate quietly, she started eating too ’cause I don order everything.
Voice: you are so fine boo, cute lover like no other.
My eyes googled for the voice and saw the girl and the chimpanzee she was calling cute, Veronica will never say that.
See cute chimpanzee but her girlfriend is telling him that he is cute.
I looked at her sternly and she raised her head and looked at me.
Veronica: what?
I moved my face and she got the message I wanted to pass to her, she saw them.
Veronica: so?
Me: you no sweet at all.
Veronica: she wink you sure?
Me: I nod yes.
Veronica: when I no gree give you sweet again, no cry oh!
Me: no even think am, I fit kill for that thing oh.
Veronica: my papa na god of war oh!
I realized I don’t know anything concerning my girlfriend’s background.
Me: tell me about your dad.


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