OGA LANDLORD … (21+) … Part 144



I drove home and had a wonderful sleep only to wake to see a missed call from Madam Stella, I quickly called back and she picked up.
Me: good afternoon, ma’am.
Madam Stella: where are you?
Me: you didn’t show up.
Madam Stella: yes, I didn’t.

Why you go show up when you are busy in the other room with someone else, she told me about their journey to U.S the next day. At least I will have space to breathe, she ended the call after our discussion.
The next day Ugochukwu visited me and find me having breakfast in the dinning.
Ugochukwu: big man sweet, so wetin be the name of that one for your plate?
Me: mad man, Shantel dey do you well oh! sas you don freshen up finish.
Ugochukwu: na evidence of better wife, so wetin you been dey tell me about Alicia?
Me: even me shock when I see the babe for Governor house, abi she get twin sister?
Ugochukwu: I no believe wetin you talk like this because the officer in charge assured me say she go dey there for a long time.
He stood up.
Me: were you wan go as you dey stand up like that?
Ugochukwu: to confirm with my eyes.
Me:go ahead.

He left and some minutes later my phone rang it was a call from Mikel, I picked up immediately.
Mikel’s voice: my guy you no try oh! you for tell me na say na bad business you dey contact me for.
Me: I no understand wetin you dey talk at all Mikel, abeg explain wetin you mean by bad business.
Mikel’s voice: the guy I give you them don drop am yesterday, even the guy wey link am to the business contact nodey go.
Me: no worry, my try the man number.
I hung up and dialed Jack’s number, he quickly picked up.
Me: Jack is the guy dead?
Jack’s voice: yes, boss. The second guy is also dead, we are trying to reach the other guy but he has left the State.
Me: good, hope the other guy is out of the country already.
Jack’s voice: yes, boss.
Me: keep your eyes on them.
I hung up and dialed Mikel’s number again to explain what happened, he wasn’t happy about the bad business. I didn’t expect the woman to be killing people like christmas chicken, na wa oh!
I received a call from Chairman for the new project plan of establishing an L.G.A computer training school. That educate people everything about computer, programming and turning them to computer softwares guru.

After the meeting we voted for the money and hand it over to team of engineers that will took care of the buildings, I made sure they took an oath so that they won’t be able to make prices of things to rise like Ijebu garri.
I returned back to my residence to find Ugochukwu waiting for me in my house.
He wasn’t happy when I saw him.
Me: why you dey keep face like person wey swallow old man shit?
Ugochukwu: na truth you talk, I even go meet the officer and him tell me say Governor wife order am to release her. Just imagine!

I sat on the sofa thinking about how things are playing out nowadays, is it that Madam Stella is actually using Alicia to carry out some evil schemes because the Governor looked ill nowadays.
Me: just relax, I go talk to her about am. You fit go your house ’cause your wife godey look for you.
Ugochukwu: thank you, my mother dey hospital I wan go see am first before I go go house.
Me: make we go together nothing I go even do for house now sef.

We got into his car and drove to the hospital, after we met his mother who was undergoing treatment we came out of her ward and met a little girl who was playing along the hallway.
Little girl: good afternoon, sirs.
Me: afternoon, how are you?
Little girl: am fine sir, you look like my father.
Ugochukwu: where is your father? Vic, this one you don dey look like another father again issoright.
Me: be calming down make the girl talk finish before you conclude.
Little girl: mommy always shows me daddy in the tv, daddy is always in the TV.
Me: wait… wait.. no be this hospital them bring me when them shoot me?
Ugochukwu: at least you get last memory, yes.
A young lady appeared from somewhere and called the child.


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