OGA LANDLORD … (21+) … Part 135



Cynthia thanked me after making sure my rice pot were making nonsense emptiness sound and left, I thought of the text message I got from Dolce, how on Earth did the devil still have my number?
I picked up my phone from were I kept it on the chair and dialed Ugochukwu’s number, he picked the call and we both exchanged greetings.
Ugochukwu’s voice: Veronica don call you?
Me: she never call me, I still dey wait for her call. Something serious happen.
Ugochukwu’s voice: wetin be that?
Me: guess.

Ugochukwu’s voice: I nofit guess anything, the only thing wey dey my mind now na different styles wey me and Shantel go do this night.
Me: abegii! my hear word!! bro, you fit escort me go see Aisha?
Ugochukwu’s voice: Ai wetin?! I fit follow you go hell fire but that woman house, you are on your own.
Me: fear fear, I know say you no go follow me go just want tell you in case.
Ugochukwu’s voice: I don already buy my black suit and black shoes, you no need to remind me.
I hang up and prepared in ernest to leave for Aisha’s residence, I got into the car and drove directly to her residence.
Before I was allowed to see her I was stripped of everything to communicate with.

I met her sitting by the pool side with three bodyguards stationed on different position with guns, I come dey wonder why all her guards dey look like gorilla and chimpanzee.
Aisha: I think say you no go come, sit.
Me: I sit down jare! is late, I no wan stay long here.
Aisha: I won’t keep you long either, sorry for your lost on agent Carl. such a fine agent.
My heart raced when she talked about the death of Carl, my breathe practically caught in my throat as I stared at her hopelessly trying to understand what she is trying to communicate to me.
Me: oh! thank you, you don become nicer these days oh! I smile uneasily
Aisha: you never can tell.

She didn’t say a word again but drank more from the glass she held, it took a long abi na my imagination dey go wild before she spoke.
Aisha: how is your girlfriend?
Me: she is in U.S
Aisha laughed and laughed getting me confused on what was actually amusing her to laugh wickedly.
Aisha: fool!
I didn’t say a word but watched every of her action, she ordered her bodyguard to display a screen.
On the screen was Veronica tied to a chair after she was beaten thoroughly, I was confused and tried to see the person as someone who isn’t my Veronica.
Alas when I saw the ring on the person’s finger I had to owe it, my Veronica is in bad shape.
Me: why? I mumble
Aisha: she is a bad business.

I remembered what Veronica told me about Aisha, the dirt she uncovered about her dealings. D–n! this lady don get all the information and she has took one down now gunning for Veronica, I breathed uneasily.
Me: what do you want?
She laughed and laughed before she finally spoke.
Aisha: you, marry me and she will live.
Me: God forbid, I reject and scatter!
Aisha: so, you no need to go church after all to turn to christian.
She returned my disdain look with wicked smile, I go meet police and army to rescue Veronica and I ain’t gonna marry over used punani, matcheeww.. of the highest order.
I got up and clenched my fists about to turn and leave when she warned me not to involve any third party or she dies and nothing is gonna happen, she gave me two days if I don’t accept the marriage proposal she dies.
See the way she dey mention die upadan you go think say na chicken she wan kill, some people are just cursed to be wicked.

The whole night I couldn’t sleep was tossing on my bed till daybreak before I slept off.
I woke up later in the noon and my head was playing band, I had to drink some tablets after eating and bathing.
If is to marry Aisha so that Veronica go live why won’t I, Ugochukwu visited me in the evening.
I was so weak to even do anything was sulking like a child that lost his mother.
Ugochukwu: wetin happen?
Me: bro, I wan marry.
Ugochukwu: virginia people have come again oh!
Me: I dey serious.
Ugochukwu: to who and when?
Me: to Aisha.
Ugochukwu: you hit your head for where? what of Veronica?
I couldn’t tell him because that witch warned me not to, I just cooked up an excuse say she be my babymama and blablabla.

He tried to convince me not to marry that witch as if say I get choice, he left when he got tired.
I called Aisha and gave her my positive reply, she only directed me to get ready for court wedding the next day.
My phone rang and I checked the caller after I hang-up from the call to Aisha, it was Madam Stella calling.
No courtesy she went straight to the point.
Madam Stella: why on Earth you wan marry that useless middle aged woman?
As if say she no be the same age with her wey dey tell me say make I marry her.
Me: you no go understand.

She tried making me to understand but I end up inviting her and her husband to my wedding tomorrow.
Ugochukwu came in later and met me preparing to go out for shopping for what to use in the wedding tomorrow.
Ugochukwu: where you dey go?
Me: to buy suit.
Ugochukwu: so you dey serious about this wedding of a thing?
Me: yes.
Ugochukwu: aru!!
Me: you be my best man.
Ugochukwu: God forbid! you better go hire goat to best man you.


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