OGA LANDLORD … (21+) … Part 130



As I start the race I dey hear gun shots from all angles, I no send at all.
My mind dey to escape from that road and find myself for express. I look back dey see Ugochukwu dey fire from behind to come meet me for the race, him don off him coat.

Naso I doubled my hustle for running, the guys were shouting at us to stop.
Abi I no hear well say them go shoot if we run, they were not really joking. They kept shooting at us pursuing us from behind.
We were both faster because we were actually running for our life, they turned back when we came out of the express way.

I come dey happy say we get o deshi, how we for take discuss that kind judgment if we took those bullets and didn’t survive.
In space of a week I don do there and back on time to land of the dead, my heart was beating like talking drum. We stopped a car and told him to take us to the church through the long way, we no want short route again even if na to round PH. No… No… to that route that almost claimed my life.
I looked at Ugochukwu feet..
Me: where your shoe?
Ugochukwu: you still dey reason shoe? I no know say Alicia dey very evil reach like this.

I looked at the guy sweating like me and shook my head, he underestimate that girl that worked in the governor’s house.him think say that kind thing dey come to people wey no know who know the person wey know, I touched my pocket and didn’t find shishi.
Ugochukwu phone rang and he picked it.
Ugochukwu: we dey road… the wedding go hold… yes…tell the priest to calm down… am coming..
Me: you hold money there?
he shook his head.
Ugochukwu: you nkor?

I shook head and our eyes each other not moving, me I dey reason how we wan come pay the taxi driver wey Bovi and Basket-mouth nofit make the driver laugh.
When we got to the church Ugochukwu with bare foot come go rag money pay the man, wedding commence with Ugochukwu and I looking like people who came out of a serious fight.
Ugochukwu shoe don lose and coat don disappear, he is lucky that he didn’t want the white marriage to be massive rather it preferred the traditional that will be done after some years according to him.
We marched to the aisle, I be the Ugo best-man while the chief bridesmaid small for me, after the wedding I received a call from the hospital that Veronica is awake.
I jejely tell Ugo to call the other guys holding Alicia captive to release her so that we go file cases against her and that criminal she called her boyfriend.

I waka go hospital with the best man suite looking like potential married man that day sha.. I opened the door of Veronica room and saw her lying her body on the wall.
Me: you don wake?
Veronica: yup, healthy and strong.
Me: so, wetin happen? you just fall start to bleed from bullet.
Veronica: you don’t know? someone tried to kill you and I took the bullet for you, I am your new Jesus. Bow down and worship me.
Me: we nodey worship sexy Jesus, you look cute while sleeping. You for kukuma die then become better saviour wey chop bullet for her boyfriend.
Veronica: naso you wan thank your saviour, huh?
My phone rang it was the Governor and his wife who came to see Veronica, I went out and brought them in.
Governor: you for change na, you wear the wedding suit come hospital.
Me: we were attack on the way.
Madam Stella: by who?
Me: Alicia boyfriend.

Madam Stella and Veronica were having bad vibes around each other, Madam Stella wasn’t comfortable but Veronica was good at masking her feelings.
The governor assured me that police will take care of the matter, Madam Stella took me out of the room for private discussion.
Madam Stella: you know her?
Me: I shrug no.
Madam Stella: you too careless, Gawd!!
She took me in and dragged her husband own, I asked Veronica if she know why the First Lady of the State is acting weird around her.
Veronica: I don’t know.
Me: who are you?

It took her some minutes that almost made me think that she won’t answer before she did.
Veronica: I am a secret agent.
Me: wetin be secret agent?
Veronica: which kind primary and secondary with university you?
Me: mind your business primary school, mind your business secondary school, las las mind your business university Nigeria.
Veronica: no wonder.
Me: wetin make you secret agent?
Veronica: I know of your secret affairs with Governor’s wife, Aisha is a drug baron.
she is the ghost of tigress cartel.


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