NICK THE HOUSE HELP…..(18+)…..Part 6


Over that week, it was something else..
Yvonne and sara was always together,they
barely talk to me,they made it hell for, is
either they go out and come back home
late,it was their daily routine.
I have to stay cool and behave myself, this
time it was always me and tunde,we were
always together than before. I completely
forgot about sara and yvonne,the worst of
it,sara would bring a guy home,sometimes
they sleep over the night,until one day i
decide to leave the house for good.
I have my dreams with me, one morning i
intend to let tunde know what i was
planning,I met tunde outside doing
Me : Tunde,how far nau?
Tunde : I dey o, wetin dey happen?
Me : Babatunde, I wan comot this house o.
Tunde : *Stoped what he was doing* wetin
you just talk?
Me :I talk say i wan leave this house.
Tunde : you no serious sha.. Abi u wan
develop madness gan?
Me : I dey tell you the real thing my guy,
with this rubbish wey dey go on ehn,I no fit
stay here, and you know say if i stay here,,
I no go succeed for life.
Tunde : Ehn, na true u talk so o, but where
u wan stay survive,abi u get money with
Me : I don save up to 80k sha.. I go use
am rent even if na one room apartment.
Tunde : *mouth opened* OLUWA.. O’boy u
be king o.. Your head dey there my
brother,but if you comot so ehn. I no go fit
stay o.
Me : why?? Stay make you manage this
girls nau.
Tunde : thunder fire you there, abi i tell you
say i need girls.
Me : Hmmm.. When you dey eye yvonne
Tunde : that was then nau
Me : wetin be your own plan?
Tunde : (cleared throat) I get plan sha,
make we put money together rent house
nau.. I also get one guy wey wan do him
bus hire purchase.. The guy say make i
bring peson wey sabi drive. Say the peson
go dey balance am 30k in a week. If the
30k don complete 700k,the peson go carry
the bus.
Me : bros tunde.. I gree make we rent
house togethe,but this bus own no go work
Tunde : money dey am o,we go fit save
from there o,but if u no gree.. No wohala.
Me : *i think of it for a while* tunde u dey
sure say this thing go work,because i no
wan go enter gbese o.
Tunde : e go make sense,make we just try
am first.
Me : Ok o,but how much we wan take rent
the house?
Tunde : we go rent a room self contain for
iyana – ipaja side for 200k or 250k
Me : *looking at tunde* Where you wan get
that kind money from?
Tunde : No worry your spirit my guy,I go
surprise you
Me : Alright, if you say so.
(Tunde and I both agreed to rent the
the next day, tunde left the house,he went
to the bank to get the money he promised.
While i watched over the gate,within one
hour he was back,he showed me 150k,I
counted it and it was a wow to me.
Tunde and I was smiling at each other,he
told me he borrowed 50k from his
brother,but the 100k was for him,I went to
get mine.. I gave him 85k, I handed all the
money over to him, I told him to look for
the house in one week,which he promised
me to do so.. tunde left in search of the
house,but through out that week tunde
never returned.

Hope it’s not what am thinking?? I waited
till the upper day he never showed up i was
now week and was asking my self
* Is tunde ok?
*have he been attacked my arm robbers
*or may he’s run away with my money
*i trusted tunde o
* Why will he choose to treat me like this?
Oh God help me
The week was hell to me,sara and yvonne
choose to do anything they like and treat
me as if am nothing, tunde on the other
hand have runaway with my money..
I don’t even know if he is alive.
One morning i woke up very weak and sick,
I can hear someone shouting in the sitting
room,but I don’t know who it was.. Until
the voice was coming closer.. It was
yvonne, she was shouting approaching
towards my room With sara. She pushed
my door.
Yvonne : *with anger* Nick where is my
Me : *surprised* what money?
Yvonne : the one i kept under the rug in the
sitting room,because you always clean the
sitting room
Me : (stood up from my bed) I’m not with
your money,go and look for it or have ask
the guys that slept over here yesterday?
As i was about stepping one foot
out,yvonne dragged my hand to my
greatest surprise she slapped me and told
I couldn’t say anything that moment,it was
only tears i noticed rolling down my eyes.
Oh Lord why is my life like this,I cried it out
and then decide to leave the house with
immediate effect,I don’t know where i was
gonna go but i believe something great out
there is waiting for me.


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