NICK THE HOUSE HELP…..(18+)…..Part 26


(We all drive different ways,Kingsley is the
one driving while Mrs Amanda sit in the in
front sit, I look at south and the boys,it
seems they don’t know how am feeling, i
don’t want to lose any of them, Especially
yvonne. I have no choice letting her to go.
Fear was written in my face, South noticed
South : Bros Nick,how far you nau?
Me : (pretending) Nothing o, I dey fine
South : (Smile) Shey you know say me no
be small pikin,bros see ehhn, I no mind
anything wey dey our front. Like this ehhn,I
dey ready to kill any cockroach wey block
my way,if i no come out that place with
tunde alive ehh,walahi, make you know say
my name no be South.
Me : I dey feel you bro.
**I look at jimoh it seems he is ready for
anything,me that can’t even hurt a fly.
We drive for about 3/4 hours, they were
much holdup. For about 1hour we get over
the traffic,the road is free this time until we
get to Ogun state around 3pm,
when we get to sango ota, we all get
exhausted, we decide to eat at a nearby
restaurant. We all ordered for food,Mrs
Amanda came to sit by me. She wants to
say something.
Mrs Amanda : My son am sorry for putting
you through all this,just find somewhere in
your heart to forgive me.
Me : Am not angry with you but you should
have think of the once who loves you
before doing all this, As you can see, the
life of your son is also in danger.
Mrs : But please forg…….. **Kingsley cuts
Kingsley : Boss we have to starts going it’s
soon gonna be dark.
Mrs Amanda and i stands up and we all
head towards the car,how food was
packaged in the take away pack,we all
entered the car and zoom off,we have to
complete this mission, Kingsley drives
straight to ota forest. I tried calling
Yvonne,the network was so bad.. It was not
reachable,I just want to make sure she and
others are safe.
Kingsley drives for about one more hour
before we finally get to where Mrs Amanda
said we are to complete the remaining
journey with foot, Kingsley packed the car
at one corner where nobody will see it,we
carried our guns and head straight inside
the bush,it was getting dark,we walked as
fast as our leg would carry us, we finally
get to an uncompleted building where Mrs
Amanda pointed and said that is where
tunde and Yvonne’s mummy were kept.
Four of Anderson’s men were playing card
outside the building,also smoking..
Me : Now what shall we do?
Kingsley : Four men outside,we are not sure
how many are inside.
Mrs Amanda : Non is inside, Anderson is
not here,it is likely they went out.
South : Na hin be say na the right time to
Mrs Amanda : Yes, but through the back of
the building
Kingsley : Ok, South follow me
Kingsley and south pass through a narrow
bush part to get through the back of the
building, while me Mrs Amanda and
jimoh,waits.. We waited for them,we expect
them to be out in 10mins time,no one
showed up.

Mrs Amanda now said that something
might have happen. She said we should
pass through the front that since the men
outside doesn’t know me and jimoh, they
knows her,she said she will tell them that
we are her bodyguards, she ensured us
that nothing will happen..
We believed and followed her,when we get
to the point where the four men were
playing card games. They saw Mrs
Amanda and asked
Who are this two men?
Mrs Amanda : Seize them,they are
I look at Mrs Amanda with great shock as
thy unarmed us,then to our greatest
surprise, we saw Anderson and his men,
they tied south and Kingsley in there
Anderson : (Laughed) Welcome to hell, Mr
Nicholas.. And to those that you loved
**He said to his men : Bring others.
To my greatest surprise
Yvonne,Natasha,Rebecca,Dan and Olamide
were also caught. We also saw a little boy.
I guess he was Mrs Amanda son.
Anderson : You will watch them die one
after the other one by one
** Turned to Mrs Amanda** you can now
go with your son.
She carried the boy as she smiled to us…
Yvonne looked at her and said, I would
have killed you when i have the chance.
Mrs Amanda : But you didn’t, so you’ll die
We’ve been Deceived


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