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💀💀💀CHAPTER 6⭐️⭐️⭐️



🕤🕤🕤35000 YEARS AGO🕤🕤🕤

Lightning flashed through the sky, Green Colored Beings with Shinning Armours could be seen waging war against an Destructive Army, The Ultimate Clan and The Six Primordials could be seen levitating on the Air in an unknown realm.

” Isn’t this wonderful Brothers, Watching this Pitiful Carains Attack us, Well the Ultimate Warriors will destroy them and I know that we don’t need to attack them ourselves ” Theus said with pride as he watched the Races war but something strucked them and they were shocked.

” Don’t get to cocky Primordials, do you really think that they wouldn’t have backup, Three races against you six, You all are surely going down and Guess what? The Keepers of Darkness against you will be fun ” A dark unknown force spoke out and Twelve Dark Beings with red glowing eyes floated with pride and The Primordials smiled.

” Oh Keepers our Step brothers, Don’t get to relax because even though you twelve were formed from the void are nothing compared to our powers, We are Nigh Omnipotent and Omniscient and we are also Cosmic beings… How foolish of you to challenge us ” Zord said with smiles and the keepers of darkness gritted their teeths in anger.

” You May be Nigh Omnipotent but don’t think of Challenging the Void, We are the sons of Time and From the Void of Life, We are the keepers of darkness and Our Powers are beyond imagination, Your end is near Primordials… Time to begone ” The Leader of the keepers said in pride and Both teams attacked themselves.

A Glittering Ancient Sword with ruins appeared on Zord’s right hand, Theus held his Balls of destruction, Neptune Twisted his Enternal Trident Skillfully, Redan glowed with his sapphire staff in his hand and Eous was ready with his Axe of destruction while Raven was ready with his Bow of darkness with Infinite and Endless Arrows which appears mysteriously.

” Verion Delepom simtos… We Call upon the Powers of Nature ” The Keepers shouted and They were completely covered with Armours of Spikes and Thorns all around them, They were putting on dark Outfit and The Primordials Were not afraid.

The War was very Hurt and All The Races were destroyed and Killed By the Ultimate Warriors of Divine, Zord Slashed the Armour of a keeper and one slash burnt up the Armour rendering everyone shocked as the sword glowed.

” Oh yeah, I understand why you all are shock but you underestimated my sword, The Sky Slicer destroys anything and anyone including the void, Both the indestructible and unstoppable, The Omnipotent weapon with vast Powers and you think I am easy to be killed Huh? ” Zord said with and the Keepers smirked.

Theus blasted One keeper with one of Balls erasing the keeper immediately after the explosion and the Rampaging war commenced, All the Keepers of darkness died horribly and they were erased out of existence but their powers were extracted from them and transferred into orbs which were created by the Primordials.

” Punny Weaklings thinks they could defeat The Nigh Omnipotent Primordials ” Eous said with pride and his axe disappeared immediately, They all Extracted the powers of the dead races into different Orbs all around and they varnished.


The Primordials Appeared before an unknown dark Cave with dark auras, They all Entered the cave and the smiled immediately they sighted all the glowing orbs all around, The powers of thousands races and beings they destroyed years ago, They kept those powers there because they may need it in the future after sending those Races warriors into Gehenna in the underworld to suffer.

They Called that Cave the Cave of The Unknown because the force guarding that Cave is Unknown and Powerful, Some days it is the Creator(Time)that is guarding it but we all don’t know about it, It is just unknown to all.


🌺🌺🌺TYRUS 💥💥💥

Pegan and Beauty could be seen Having a nice time chatting all day, Pegan was stylishly teaching Beauty how to fight to defend herself when it is necessary but Beauty doesn’t like weapons especially the daggers of Pegan which is Called the Daggers of Light.

” So Pegan how do you expect winning the Tournament because The Princes will be there and I have heard of The Ancient Violet’s Children will also be partaking in the tournament, and don’t forget that Coutexa is also fighting ” Beauty uttered and Pegan scoffed.

” I do know that this won’t be easy, I know the ways of The princes and they are brutal when it comes to war, I have fought Coutexa two or three times and I know that she is a very destructive woman to face but that doesn’t stop the greatest goddess of light whose powers is beyond imagination and Knowledge, I am unstoppable to all forces all around and I am the ruler of the heavens.. Just the Heavens powers alone is enough to face those weaklings but when it comes to the offspring of Ancient Violet and the rest.. Then I will surely go rogue ” Pegan said with pride.

” Oh yes you will surely go rogue ” A calm voice was heard behind them and they all turned back to see Rae and Vekan standing before them, Pegan smiled immediately she saw Rae and Beauty smiled immediately she saw Vekan.

” Wait what are you two doing here? Are you not supposed to be with the rest? Why are you here? ” Pegan asked Rae who was already sitted and smiling, Pegan really loves Rae and she is so confused on why she which is of the light is Loving someone of Evil… The god of Evil to be precise.

” Well we came here to visit our darling, The rest are busy doing their separate stuffs while Tegan is down in the Mortal world to hunt meats down to feast on, Remember that he is in love with hunting ” Rae said and Beauty scoffed.

” I still don’t know why you all hunt those beautiful Creatures, I am their Goddess and it hurts to see them been eating by your likes Rae, The princes Hunts them too much and I will be forced to take action in transferring them to another dimension ” Beauty said in annoyance and Vekan calmed her down.

” Beauty you wouldn’t just understand, We the princes loves food and we don’t eat without meats, So your darling animals are our favorite, So we killed them and eat together with the life giving Recipe.. Uhumm.. So yummy ” Vekan said while liking is Lips and Beauty giggled.

” So funny ”



Tegan appeared inside the woods together with his two Demi gods which was a speed demigod with dragon genes and a metal demi god which Wolf genes and Both of them looked happy because they followed Tegan to the Mortal World.

” You all knows why we are here right? We don’t just need six or ten animals but Hundreds we can get, Beauty multiplies them so we need many, Use your powers very well and be wise in catching them, We need them perfectly killed ” Tegan said and they both nodded.

Tegan leapt high to the Top of a tree and he sighted a herd of Buffalo’s which gladdens him, the first Demi god which is the dragon saw zebras all around and he focused on that spot while the second demi god which was the wolf sighted deer’s and his mouth watered.

Tegan jumped down and he zoomed off which scattered the buffalos everywhere, Tegan caught the legs of two buffalos and he lifted them up before slamming them hard on the ground, He wanted to use his speed and strength without his God’s powers and he charged at another three buffalos.

The Dragon boy dived from trees to trees in happiness and he caught one zebra and he swings it away till it was dead, The Dragon boy transformed into a dragon and he used his Legs to grip two zebras.. He flew into the sky and he released his legs grip on the zebra resulting them to fall and die before it came down to kill more.

An Huge wolf Howled was heard, A Blue coloured wolf bit down two deers to death and he jumped up high killing three more deers, Deers scattered and they were dieing by the hands of the Blue wolf who showed no mercy.

Tegan Smirked and he bounced up and he landed before two buffalos and he grabbed their horns, He swiftly tossed into the seas to drown before lifting them up, He Carried a Huge rock because he pursued them till they got to the rocky areas were there was Seas, He Tossed the Huge Rock which destroyed many buffalos at once, Tegan knew that he won’t use his lightning because he will destroy them all to the extent of no more remaining Meats.

Tegan Created a connection with his two Demi gods and he directed them to were he was standing, He knew that he has already killed Three hundred buffalos and the Two demi gods appeared and they teleported their kills instantly.

” How may are dead? ” Tegan asked as he stared at the deers and Zebras before him.

” Well I killed a hundred Zebras with his dragon senses and also my Speed powers, It was really fun and it will take us three more thousand years to start another hunt because we will be multiplying the meats.. This was fun ” The dragon boy said with happiness.

” Well to be frankly speaking, I used this Hunt to train my natural strength and Smartness, u was training myself on how to being quick in times of fight, I grabbed horns and tossed them away, I bounced and I used my fists…it was really perfect in tournaments like this ” Tegan said and they all nodded.

” It’s really wonderful to have a master like you Tegan, But I don’t think you need to be training because all you need to do is to use your alpha beams to erase them because it is a fight to the death and remember that they will be brought back to life with the Anit Reversal Equation of powers ” The wolf boy said and Tegan smiled.

” I am not talking about those weaklings, I am talking about the Princes, They are powerful and I have tested it already, Their ruthlessness is divine and when it comes to tournaments like this, They always go rogue all the time ” Tegan said and The demi gods nodded.

” Let get all this to Tyrus ” Tegan said and the demi gods held him, Tegan varnished together with the demi gods and all the things that they killed because in Tyrus, It is Already Preserved and nothing can ever decay… Neither did Tegan know that someone was watching him.

” Well well well.. Isn’t that the Greatest Tegan and his demi gods, He is kinda cute like I am ” A calm voice was heard and Craig emerged with Lex beside him and they stood upon the very ground that the Pregan god of thunder stood upon.

” Just relax Tegan… I am coming for you ” Craig said with pride and venom etched in his voice as he stared deeply into the sky.

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