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💥💥💥CHAPTER 5👥👥👥



👹👹👹UNKNOWN ☔☔☔

This was another Powerful realm or Dimension that is filled with powerful Beings Hovering around, Different Species of Birds and Ancient Wild Animals were used as Pets by this Unknown Race which were deadly, They were the Titans!

The Grandchildren of Time, The Titans who were recorded to be the third most powerful race which indeed wonderful powers and this is all about the Titans Abilities, Warriors guarded the realm and The Great Palace was filled with Strong Muscular Titan’s and Women around, Beautiful Princess and Six Beings could be seen sitting on mighty thrones and they were the Titan Lords.

” Titans! The Tyrians has proven to be threats to us, Even though Time supports the but he will never interfere and that’s what we will use, He is hearing us right now and I strongly believe that he will try to stop us because he favors them ”

” What Time Forgets to understand is that we all have the Sam abilities as them, But they have Deities bodies while us is Titan’s and We will prove to them that We Titans are the Strongest and not like Chronus who is weak before Zeus the old god, We will defeat them and send them to Gehenna for thousands of years ” The King of The Titans and the leader of the Titan lords said and they were all silent.

” We have Masterminds and I am ordering that the Green Racer should be sent to wreck havoc down to the Mortal World, I want to see what the Princes and the protectors of the mortals can do, I want to really know their abilities and The Three Archers most be down there with the Ice king and Storm lord ” The King said and they all gasped.

” But Master, Isn’t this an Insult because you are sending the least to attack the main warriors, Remember that it is the Princes that we are Testing and not weaklings, They are much more powerful and They won’t just come down because of mere attack ” An Elder spoke out.

” You may be right, The storm Lord, Ice king and Green Racer won’t be able to test them but we need plans to attack them, Why don’t I attack what they love the most and that is food, We kill all the chefs down there and they get enraged which kills thousands ” The Second Lord said and the king nodded.

” How Pathetic! Great Princes like that are so much in love with foods, Send those team down to the Mortal realm while we watch and I will also need some help to activate the lords ultimate Plan that will shred Tyrus into pieces ” the Third Lord said with pride.

” We will get everything ready My Lords, But what about the tournament? ” Another Elder asked.

” Good question but you ought to have remembered that you all are forbidden to step foot In Tyrus and Besides Tyrus is no ordinary place to go to, Once you step your foot into the realm, The Primordials Knows you and Everything about you, They control that Realm and nothing goes out with or without them knowing except they belongs to Tyrus or their royals or they were sent on a mission, Tyrus is a powerful place And you ought to know the rules, Once you step your foot into it, You are doomed because there is no way out except you are clean ” The King said and they all nodded.


👺👺👺GEHENNA 👺👺👺

The Dreaded Goddess of Darkness could be seen watching the dead cry as the Spirits and Grim reapers torments them, Enchanted Demons brutally punished them and they cried out in pains, Coutexa could be seen Walking with her Maids following her and she held her dreaded Spear of darkness which is very deadly.

” Brother Rae loves to stay in Tyrus, Father loves to stay in Tyrus and Also Mother and I guess I am the only one that is Lagging behind, Rae knows that he is a dark god and I don’t just get it why he is still in Tyrus instead of been in the underworld without me ” Coutexa’s voice was heard and She was satisfied seeing the tormented souls.

” Many Souls in Gehenna are mostly the dead souls of those Stupid races back then during those dreaded war, The Controller of darkness and The seeker of the Dark stone but I still don’t know where it is ” Coutexa said.

” But Lady Coutexa, The Primordials has declared a Tournament of power and Whoever wins the Gauntlet Match will obtain the three powerful Gems all over the Cosmos while the rest are still hidden from us ” a dark maid spoke out and Coutexa halted.

” Are you sure of what you are saying? ” Coutexa asked and the maid nodded, Dark Nymphs and The Primordials were having Control over the Nymphs of the Olympians and Also some dreaded powers and beasts such as the Trident and Bident.


Rae stood still as he watched the Brawling Battle, Therek the fire god was already burning with hot lavalic fire around him and Regai was completely Frosty, Vekan was in his Chaotic Battle mode and Tegan emitted Lightning from his body and they were all ready to attack each other.

” This second Round, I shall surely be the winner ” Tegan said with confidence and he clenched his fists together, Rae Smirked as he stood with closed eyes, Vekan muscles expanded and They all charged at themselves except Rae who was still standing.

” Things about Evil god’s that everyone are not noticing, We don’t Attack immediately, We wait for the enemies to attack and We Capture their skills and use it against them, They don’t call me the dark god for no reason ” Rae said and he opened his eyes, His eyes was completely dark and his body vibrated.

” What! Is that the Dark forgery Force ” Tegan asked in shock while Rae was staring at him daggers, Dark fogs surrounded Rae angle and the princes retreated back, Not because they were afraid but they knew what that force can do if eventually Provoked to the rage form.

” Tegan Feel The Dark forgery Force… Avaras Metrion Trigen ” Rae chanted and a strong black smoky energy emitted out of RAE’S body and it blasted Tegan, Everywhere was scattered and all the demi gods flew backwards to evade that force and Everyone was shocked.

Rae Gasped in shock to see Tegan still standing, Although he didn’t use the Dark Obliterator on Tegan but that Dark forgery Force destroyed half of a universe when they went to another universe back then and Tegan just proved Invulnerable to that blast.

” But.. But.. But how? The Dark Forgery Force destroyed Half of a universe, How are you Invulnerable to it? ” Rae asked in disbelief and Tegan stood still with pride and Smiles plastered on his face.

” Don’t underestimate the great powers of Tegan, Now feel my lightning ” Tegan veered and He Unleashed massive lightning from his body and Rae crashed down on the floor weakly but he regained his stance and strength and he bounced back to his feet.

” We have been cousins Tegan, I know about your invulnerability to massive blast but not with strong force, I bet you can’t tank the Dark Obliterator from me, the dark forgery Force is one of my blasters but the Dark Obliterator is the ultimate ” Rae said and he was calm.

They stopped their training and Decided to rest, They now have New chefs because the ones back then have been sent back to the Mortal World with erased memories but they are immortals and They were hungry.

” So Tegan who do you think will win the Tournament and Acquire the gems? ” Regai asked and Tegan stood still, He was sure about himself winning but the Princes partaking in the tournament makes it the worst because it’s going to be tough and other entities from far and wide are also coming to fight.

” Well I don’t just know, I may win but you all will be fighting and that makes it difficult to win, But what we need to do is to make our opponents the ultimate target then we will fight ourselves to know the winner among ourselves ” Tegan said.

” I believe that you don’t know that the princess except Beauty are partaking in the tournament, Pegan and Coutexa are part of it and You know how they fight, Those girls are dangerous when it comes to battle ” Therek said and Tegan halted.

” What do you mean by that ” Rae and Tegan asked in unison.

” Well what Therek said is that Coutexa the goddess of darkness and pegan the goddess of Light are Fighting in the tournament of power for the Gems and Trust me They will be brutal in all ways to acquire that powers ” Regai spoke out.

” What I am just imagining is Putting Coutexa and Pegan in the same Arena and against themselves, That’s when you will know the true meaning of Brutality, Those girls hate themselves with so much passion ” Vekan said and they all laughed.



Craig could be seen sitting on the gigantic throne with Crystal his lover and he was now the ruler of The Hybrids because of the Help of his mum back then and Violet seems to be missing, She just varnished all of a sudden.


The Door was opened and Lex emerged into the Hall with pride, Craig stood up from his throne and he teleported himself before lex, Craig pulled Lex into a deep warm hug and they both embraced themselves when Queen Violet mysteriously appeared before them.

” That’s Enough Boys, We got work to do ” Violet spoke out and Craig was really shocked, He rushed and he embraced his Mother with tears flowing from his eyes, He has already absorbed the powers of the stone of destruction and Sharmetto is under him.

” That’s enough Son, I summoned Lex here because of one reason, The Primordials has ordered all strong entities to appear in Tyrus to start the Tournament of power, The Tournament of power which will bring us the three powerful gems out of the twenty one gems ” Violet said and Craig frowned.

” Mother why do I really need to fight when I am all powerful, Look at this now I have the genes of the famous Wolf god and I am also a wolf God, A Half Titan And Half Olympian and I have Angels genes in me with the powers of the stone of destruction with me, Don’t you imagine my powers that I haven’t even unlock yet, I don’t need it Mum ” Craig said and Violet scoffed.

” Don’t you think that I know about that Huh? Your Power levels is of that of Tegan the Prince of the gods and I want you and Lex to prove to them that you are also Almighty as them, Show them what you are really made of ” Violet said.

” What if they find out about What I am? ” Craig asked and Violet smiled.

” They know that you are the son of Zeus But they won’t dare to hurt you, You are the only useful person in keeping the world balance, They destroyed the Olympians and You were born which made the world Balanced and not imbalance, So they won’t Hurt you at all, Show them who is boss…Is that OK? ” Violet asked.

” When is the Tournament starting? ” Craig asked and Violet smirked.

” Two Months time, Get ready Craig and Make yourself known to them all, Lex you are a demon god also but you are a half god and half Spirit wizard like your mother Meira, Your powers are more than Weaker deities and make yourself known, Bring me the stones ” Violet said and Her sons nodded.


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