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👑👑👑UNKNOWN 💥💥💥

The Primordials appeared and It was in another realm, The Realm of The Transcedant and The Resting Place Of The Greatest Omnipotent, Omniscient and Enternal Time, The Six Primordials Scanned The Entire Environment but they were relaxed because they had Already felt the Presence of Their father.

” What Brings You here My sons? Although I know why you are here but I just want to hear it from thy mouth but it is really good that you know the exact time I dwell in this Realm to rest and thou understandeth thy Father ” Time Glorious Voice was heard and The Primordials bowed.

” Well Father, We have decided to bring up the tournament of power, The Tournament that Consists of Cosmic Entities from far and wide, The Tournament of Power for they shall be Granted their wishes and Whoever stands as the winner will be the wielder of The Three Gems of Powers, The Divine gem! The Nature gem and the Celestial Gem and he or she shall be given a place in Tyrus ” Zord uttered and Time was calm.

” You are wise to do that but I know that The Princes are partaking in the Tournament which will make it More difficult and Entertaining, Their Blasts which I created isn’t Ordinary and I know what I did to make them this powerful and also to your weapons, All are not Ordinary and they are Extraordinary and Extremely Destructive and powerful, Are the Princes going to be part of the Tournament? ” Time asked and Theus Smiled.

” Yes father and This will make it more Enticing and Interesting, The Princes and Princesses which we all know to be Coutexa and Pegan because Beauty is not the Fighting type and She is a calm one, Females are allowed to fight and I am sorry to say it but it is A fight to the death ” Raven said with pride.

” O Raven, Why don’t you become Calm and It is not everything that You will be brutal, I shall be there and My presence shall be made known unto you all and Tyrus shall be perfected and Kept in order, It shall be a fight to the dead but Everything will be erased and They will be back to life, I am talking about the Erased one of Punished due to my grandsons ” Time said and the Primordials were happy.

” Thank You Father but What about the Titans? ” Neptune asked and Time was silent.

” There are things that I am not to talk, My presence is Everywhere and I know everything and the Titans are also my children and I will never Betray them, It is your Personal Battle against the Titan Lords and it is never my Battle and It is none of my business ” Time said and his presence left them without waiting to hear from them.

” I understand Father, He loves the Titan Also and He hates To See us fight but we don’t have any other choice, When they attack us, We shall be ready and we will send them into Gehenna for thousands of years before they will he free ” Eous said and they all nodded.

🍒🍒🍒TYRUS 🌀🌀🌀

⭐️⭐️⭐️THE PALACE💥💥💥

The Mother goddesses could be seen sitting down on a Round Table and they were busy playing games because they don’t have anything to do, Goddess that are to lazy to do anything and They are the Masters of Tricks, The Rulers of Tricksters and The Master minds in all disasters.

” Oh Yes! I am already defeating the queen of Tyrus ” Aranne said while still playing the game and they were all with Cards, The Mother goddesses were Violet, Evolet, Aranne, Cassie, Pink and Pryxx and they are all the Wives of each Primordials.

” Well Aranne don’t get to cocky because no one defeats the great Violet ” Violet said and she Tossed a card down which left Aranne more confused and she scratched her hair in confusion while the rest laughed out.

” Aranne, I thought you said you were defeating Violet but Why is the Defender Card confusing you, Weren’t you the one boasting that you could outsmart Violet, Let’s see how things role ” Pink said and she dropped a card down.

” Keep shut Pink, Well I am not yet done, So you will see the true winner ” Aranne said and they all laughed out and they continued Playing when the door Opened and a maid Emerged from the door resulting the mother goddesses into pausing their games.

” What news do you bring to us? ” Evolet asked and the maid bowed before them.

” Great Mother goddesses, Since my years of Been in the Titans Realm, I have Seen and Heard many things and Most especially from the Wifes of the Six Titan Lords and they are as prideful As you Are, No offence please ” The maid said with glowing eyes.

” We won’t take your insults but you have been forgiven because of who you are, A Maid with hidden Identity and You never for once told anyone about that you are a hidden entity Reca! Well just tell us what we need to hear ” Violet uttered and the maid known as Reca smiled and she stood up.

” Well I guess you all are indeed smarter than what they talking about you six, Well the Titan Lords have forbade any Titan from Entering Tyrus during this Tournament as The Primordials has invited and they seems to be planning something devious but I don’t know about that one for now ” Reca said with pride and the Mother goddesses were smiling deviously.

” I guess they have forgotten who we are, They plan on Ending our realm just like the way we did to the Olympians by Sending Rander who destroyed them all and Gave us their powers, We are to smart and We will show them what we got, What about The Supernatural World and all the Plans and Devices around? ” Pryxx asked and Reca nodded positively while smiling.

” Everything is already in perfect Place, We are Tapping into the Source and We still don’t know where the Source Wall is, The Princes will become Extraordinary powerful enough to take down beings like the Titan Lords including their Fathers but they won’t dare try that ” Cassie spoke out.

” We know about that and We just want to know about the plans If it is Perfect ” Aranne said and Cassie Nodded.


The Five Princes could be seen training and Battling while their Double Demi gods stood beside their Corners without doing anything and they watched the princes brawl against Each other but they were not Fighting brutally but training.

Tegan leapt high and He Blasted Therek with massive Lightning and Therek groaned but he stood up without a single scratch on his body and he conjured fire balls at Tegan but Tegan deflected it all but He received a massive punch to his chin and he was sent crashing by the fist of Therek and Therek was now facing Regai but Tegan bounced back to his feet and he gritted his teeths in anger, Regai stood still and the floor became Icy and slippery, They all respected Regai because of his Ice madness and Powers, He is Called the Icy god because he normally doesn’t use his godly powers and he finishes his opposition with his Ice.

” Bring it on Cousins ” Regai said with pride and Therek charged at him with Full speed and Strength while Regai remained were he was standing and his eyes was completely frozen, Regai frozed the two legs of Therek but Therek broke it immediately.

” You may be the Greatest ice god but remember that I am the god of fire, My way is the Highway and You won’t imagine what I am capable of doing ” Therek said and he cloned himself into a thousand and they all charged at Regai who smirked.

” They don’t call me Icy without a reason, I do anything when it comes to ice ” Regai said and he created three greatest ice demons and they were in another Realm in the Princes Combine mansion and They were still in their Abode but Were fighting in another realm, Well it’s pretty complicated to be explained.

Rae could be seen watching the fight as Vekan brawled with Tegan and Therek against Regai, He was the only one left, He was bored and he needed to do something and something Crossed his mind, Why don’t he attacked them all at once.

” Here I come ” Rae said and he Entered the scene, Rae blasted Therek, Regai and Vekan away but Tegan deflected it immediately he noticed Rae, Rae conjured dark balls against the princes and Tegan Leapt high into the sky, Tegan landed heavily on the ground and massive lightning blasted Rae down but Rae was quick in standing.

” You know something Tegan, Apart from the Alpha beams from your eyes, I also hate your Ultimate lightning force but this is one of your lightning strike and I am invulnerable to it, You don’t just understand me.. I am Evil and I rule All Evil ” Rae said and he Kicked Tegan down while he was still standing, He was beating Tegan up while still standing and Tegan gasped.

” The Void attack! Did you use it? ” Tegan asked and Rae nodded.

” Yep and don’t act like you are shock because you ought to have known how devious I really am, I once created imbalance to this Universe and I was punished by the Heralds of Time, A being who came forth to this world in the realm of complete evil and darkness, You ought to have known me… ” Rae was saying when Vekan Blasted him away.

” Enough Guys, The Primordials are summoning everyone present in Tyrus to the Great throne room, We are to be there in three minutes to now ” Regai screamed out and they all stopped fighting, It was training anyways and they were back, Tegan created a portal and they entered into it.

The Portal Opened inside the Hall and The Princes emerged from it with pride, The Mother goddesses were already sitted on their thrones and The Princesses were sitted but the princes decided to stand because that’s what they wanted.

The Primordials appeared inside the Hall and Everybody bowed before the Six Primordials and the rulers of Tyrus but the Ultimate ruler is Zord there Leader and eldest, The Primordials sat down on their normal thrones while Zord was sitted on his golden throne.

” You all may be Confused about what is going on but I want to tell you that nothing bad happened, You all are summoned here because in the next two months, The Tournament of power shall be made and all entites from far and wide shall enter our great kingdom known as Tyrus and the Tournament of power will be made and Only one winner shall wield the three most powerful gems that are created by Time and all Warriors must be ready and it is a fight to the death ” Redan the messenger announced and They was murmuring in the hall.

” Fight to the death, That’s pretty cool and I guess I will surely be using my blasters on you cousins ” Rae whispered and they all scoffed except For Tegan who loved the idea and Vekan was very much delighted because of a fighting Competition is about to rise but he doesn’t like the fight to the death because the Princes will be part of it and It isn’t easy to defeat and kill all the princes.. They are to very powerful!

The Training Begins!
The Real Fighting scene has not even started and I am sorry about that, But you ought to know that this is a gods Story and you won’t just start war when gods are supposed to display themselves before everyone.

Who do you think will win the Tournament of power?




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