Our lips met hesitantly at first, then we both
slowly melted into each other’s faces and my
feet were not mine beneath me!! My night
nurse was not just cute, he not only had a
voice that killed, but his hands on my breasts
and his lips against mine were electric and I
was panting by the time he let go.
“I shouldn’t be doing this.”
His lips said, but his eyes were fixed on my
belly button. I walked over to the door and
locked it. It was still very early any noise could
be heard from a distance away, and his job was
on the line but the combination of all that, had
the insides of my thigh throbbing and I just
wanted my clothes off. I turned and with my
back to the door, pushed down on my dress,
and it fell down to my feet. I could see he was
too aroused to keep it hidden and it gave me
much pleasure that he reacted so fast to my
naked body. He walked up to me, hiked my
right leg up over the back of his waist and
placed his hand over my mouth.
I nodded.
He slipped his free hand down to my crotch and
began that same rubbing motion he did on my
wrist the night before. It was death twice and
over and to keep from screaming I bit into his
palm and he slipped his fingers in my very
ready warmth. I peeled his hand of my mouth,
“Fvck me!”
Then a wicked grin passed over his face and I
shuddered with excitement
“Not yet”
He said and bit gently into my neck. I grabbed
him and dug my fingers in his back.

I could feel his erection push through his slacks
and I pushed my hips against him, trying hard
to let him know I wanted him bad.
“You’re beautiful”
He said through a groan and sucked on my
brea*st. I thought I was going to convulse!
He stepped back and with my hands tremble
along with my whole body, I helped him out of
his green shirt and matching trousers. The
sight of him gave me another orgasm almost
instantly. I pulled him towards me, and he held
me up, his hands firmly placed on my butt and
as if he couldn’t hold back any longer, slid his
full firm length in me with a grunt. My back
arched and I bit down on my lip as he buried
his face in my chest.
Every second afterwards was rhythmic glory
and my pulse raced together with our muffled
moans. We climaxed together, sweaty and
content. Oh and in my case, I felt healed as
But one thing we both forgot…
So yeah, you probably have guessed right.
That was how I got pregnant and as to why we
thought marriage was the solution still makes
me want to slap myself hard. How he became
my ex-husband though is a story I must tell
later. But to give a clue…it involved another
female patient…

The End

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