MY WHATSAPP VISITOR … (18+) … Part 57



Chisom: this boy, you too like fu*ck.

Me: as em dey hot na.

She giggled and pulled off the gown, she wore g-string pant and one lacy bra like that, the thing come make her oranges set well.
She pushed me and I fell flat on the bed, spread my legs and my di*ck stood like pole in between my legs.

She pulled off her pant seductively, looking at me biting her lower lip. She crawled to my hard di*ck and placed it on her lips.

I started chuckling and laughing like mumu, the way she licked me with her tongue. My brain start to dance, the thing sweet me.

Me: assshh! em swe…et me..!! oohh!!!

The way she suck me, I no come dey see anything. I felt like am in cloud 9, I just dey moan dey grab the bedsheet anyhow. The blowjob no be here, I swear say the girl na high class runz girl.

She come remove her lips, sweats don full my body. I come dey breathe like person wey run 300meters, choi!

She come hold my dick then climbed on top me, crossed her legs both sides and slowly slowly buried my hard dick inside her sweet in the middle, the way she moves her pussy walls.

I know say I no go last two seconds and the worst part be say I no even use condom, chiaa! I don die.

Chisom: aassshhh! you are so fucking big baby! she moan

She grabbed my both hands and placed it on her chest, she started to ride me.
I no know which planet she take me to, but I know say I enter Pluto to tell superman how far!

The way her breasts was jingling left and right, down and up. I just dey feel my dick making that sloppy wet sounds with her pussy, our skins were making sounds like “kpakpakpa!!”

Me: I dey cu*m… Assshhh! ahhh!!!

Chisom: hold am! Aaahhh! make we cu*m to.. aahhh!

she started bouncing faster rubbing her clit fast with her fingers, I nofit hold am as my balls filled with sperm. I started shooting it and she grinded on me, rubbing it till I felt her screamed as someone wey holy ghost fire catch for church.

I felt her love juices flood to my laps.

Chisom: assshhh! aaaahhh!

She shook and leaned on me, as she poured everything on me. She placed her lips on mine and we started kissing again, after we are done. We entered the bathroom and had like two rounds before I tire, babe wey been dey do shakara for sex na em dey even tell me say make we dey do more.

God forbid, I no gree before the small proteins I get for body, I go use am give her finished.
After we dressed finish, I bring out three thousand naira for her hand and both walked out.

Chisom: i like your prick oh.

No wonder, sha… na money and prick the girl even like sef, she no even dey reason love.
We waka go out, she come enter keke I come turn back dey go house.

I come see Oniobong dey do joggling, with one tank too and sports trouser, the girl bumbum big oh.
I rushed go meet her as she dey jump.

Me: good morning.

Oniobing: you this boy, who be that girl?

Me: which girl?

Oniobong: the one you just escort.

Me: oh! na my sister.


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