MY WHATSAPP VISITOR … (18+) … Part 13



We wrapped up the chat with the promise that she will visit me when I get to PH city, my mother walked pass my room window.

Mom: na only phone this boy dey read.

I dropped my phone and left it inside, I went out and joined my brother in frying garri. After we are done, my father called both of us.

Dad: make ona go collect ona clothe for tailor hand, we go travel tomorrow.

Me: you mean Village? he nod

I was very happy ’cause we didn’t go to village through out the Christmas holiday, we took bike and went to town.
On getting to town, we entered inside thr market were there lots of stores side by side with just walk-way for buyers to see their desire products.

We got to the tailor section and met the man who was making the material we gave him a week ago for us,

Me: sir, good evening.

Victory: good evening.

Tailor: ona don come for the material?

Me: I nod.

Tailor: I no get your measurement that day oh! I never do your own finish, no vex.

Victory: your travelling don get k leg.

Me: oga na me?

Tailor: yes, see your brother own.

He went inside and brought a bag, he gave it to my brother who opened it and brought out a well fashioned long sleeves and trouser.

Me: oga, how we go do am? The travelling na tomorrow.

Tailor: you go give me your measurement, by tomorrow I don do am finish.

Victory: that kind thing.

Tailor: na only shirt remain.

He took his tape and measured me, he jotted it down on a paper.
We left after he has taken the desire information, we got home and talked about lots of Village happenings.

Victory: hope say nobody dey carry gun for village oh!

Me: you wan go shoot or go burial.

We laughed over it and slept off, the next morning my parents asked us to prepare.
Everyone started parking, I follow sha…
After we are done, I went to the tailor’s shop alone.

Me: oga, good afternoon. I don come oh.

Tailor: oga no vex, my stitching machine don spoil.

Me: how you wan do am na? You say my come today.

Tailor: come tomorrow, I don send am go where person go do am.

I shook my head and went back home empty-handed, the vehicle that will convey us to village was already there.

Dad: where your clothes?

Me: the man say na tomorrow.

Dad: we go leave you here, tomorrow you carry yourself come.

Mom: look at you, you nofit do something well.

I went inside house and nurse my pains alone, our tenants have all gone back to the village. I was only one at home, the spirit of konji now enter me.
Luckily for me, Chika appeared with bucket to come and fetch water in our tap.

Chika: how far? Why your face dey like person wey from mortuary.

Me: enter na, na only me dey.

Chika: to come do wetin?

Me: you know say I dey eye you tay tay, come make we talk.

Chika: I dey hear you from here.

Girls and shakara, someone that have been wanting me to handle her oh!

Me: I buy one fine necklace for you.

Chika: talk truth.

Me: you dey doubt me, you no know how I love you oh!

She left her bucket and came inside, I walked inside my room and she entered with me.
I locked the door.

Chika: wey the necklace?

I pulled my short and my hrd dck sprang up, standing straight and rigid to pound her hard.

Me: see am here na pointing at my dck*


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