MY WHATSAPP VISITOR … (18+) … Part 11



Ada stepped in the room to my surprise, she locked the door behind her and settled next to me.
I could feel her heated skin, she was aroused as she stared at the screen interestingly.

Me: you dey watch p*rn too?

Ada: before, see you. I even get am for phone.

As the prn went on I became tired of my mate bnging a girl while I have one beside me, I loose my belt and stood up.
Removed my shirt tossed it by the side, Ada watched me intently as I removed my trouser and I was left with just brief.

Me: make we act our own na!

She didn’t reply, she was quiet. I took that as yes, I sat beside her and started rubbing her laps because she wore a jean skirt and a fitting top.
She didn’t say anything or make a move, I took my hand further into her skirt and she caught my hand removing it.

I rested awhile and attacked again with more determination, as I targeted her lips and scked on them.
She gave me freedom into her mouth and I kissed her roughly, m
aning as I do so.

I held her top and tried to pull it off she resisted but I succeed, she tried as much to making me fight for it.
She laid on the bed as I tried to unclasp her br*, I tried lifting her up but she refused.
I lifted the left breast up from the br cup and placed my lips on the npple then started scking.

Ada: assshh! Oohh!!

I positioned in between her legs and lifted her skirt to her abdomen, she wore a g-string pnt and it was easy for me to insert a fnger inside her p*ssy.

Ada: aahh! Oohh!! Stop naa!!!

I added another fnger and slide it in and out of her wt pssy before I finally held my hrd dck and pressed it on her wt opening.
A quick push forward I fed her up, my dck fit in her tight pssy so well that I started slamming deep and h*rd inside her.

Ada: aashh! Ewwwoo!! Oohh!! No f*ck me!!!

Me: aaahh! Aaahh!!

Her screaming made me fck her faster and harder, she shook and started releasing, her pssy walls clamped my dck and I started spurting my warm cm inside her.
After we came back to our senses.

Ada: you release inside me?

Me: no vex, you are too sweet baby.

Ada: you be devil, na me you wan give me belle. Give me money, now oh! If you no wan be person papa I give her one thousand naira

Me: take.

She took it and left, I was so tired ’cause I have had s*x once that day and this one is making it twice.
I slept off and woke when the day is getting dark, I quickly wore my clothe and headed back to the playground.

The place is now more crowdy as boys were rocking girls, I rushed to get myself a girl who knows how to shake her *ss very well.
There was one who shook her behind very well that I wanted to rock, a boy went before me and positioned himself.

She turned quickly and landed him a slap, then pushed him away.

Girl: you dey mad? As you worowor like that.


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