MY VIRGIN STORY…..(18+)…..Part 12


The following evening I hit the streets. I located the most popular brothel in town. Today I was going to lose my innocence. I had to numb my mind to the scornful tales of love peddlers I had been told. This ashii joint is a legend in the town. It had been there ever since I remembered. When I was in secondary school, we used to pass in front of the two story building and stare at the girls. Whenever our eyes came into contact with one of them, we would run away. We used to be scared of the love peddlers then and you were Super-brave if you dared enter the place. Tonight, I had only one mission; to get la!d. I quickly settled in the spacious compound of the hotel. The whole environment was vulgar and enticing. Outside the building, men sat down in groups under canopies, drinking, smoking and eating pepper soup. All around the building and on the veranda upstairs, young women with heavy make-up and in different stages of nudity paraded themselves, displaying their wares.
Loud, s£nsu@l music was playing in the background. I could hear the lyrics; Waka waka baby, Ashawo, ashawo, clearly from the loud speakers. The whole place was lit with coloured bulbs. I entered the central bar inside the building and found more girls. I ordered for a bottle of star and settled down in a quiet corner; I wanted to maintain a low profile. I remembered hearing somewhere that drinking a few bottles of Star before s-x would prevent one from ejaculating early. As I sipped my beer, I eyed the love peddlers, surveying them one by one to pick my choice. I soon found a suitable one in no time.
After three bottles of star, I knew I was in the mood for some action. I quickly proceeded towards my prey, I called on to her and she came to me. She was fair-skinned and of average height. She had a pretty face I must confess and a tiny waist. The butts were well rounded and big, and that was my delight. I asked her name, she said Blessing and she is from Akwa-Ibom. As she held my hand and led me to her room, I kept wondering what such a young, beautiful girl was doing here but my thoughts soon faded at the emergency of my rising manhood. We quickly negotiated the price and settled down to hot, steamy s-x.
She undressed quickly. I also undressed, but leaving on my boxers. She started kissing me all over the body except in the mouth, they don’t do mouth kissing. She caressed my body and licked my n—–s, belly buttons and kissed my neck. I became fully sexually aroused and started caressing her body too.

First I sq££zed her b—-t and pinched the n—–s. Then my fingers found their way down to the thighs, and finally to the womanhood. I rubbed on the c–t, then slipped my finger inside. First one finger, then another until I had four fingers inside, fingering her. OMG, I was surprised her k—y could take four fingers at a time. She started m0an!ng because I was finally getting to her. She grabbed my kini and started massaging. I told her to give me a head, she said that would cost extra. I quickly gave her the money and she removed my boxers. Then she proceeded to give me the fluting of my life. She really did it like the pro that she was, taking in the whole cylinder. Then she told me to lay on the bed and asked which style I wanted. I said I want her to ride me the cowgirl style. She quickly tore a condom and slipped it on my ramrod stiff stick. Then she slid the stick inside her p—y and started riding. OMG the p—y was wide but penetration was so fast and deep that it was still pleasurable. She rode me in such a way that when my stick comes out it brushes the c–t on its way inside again. After some time, she stood up and changed to the reverse cowgirl style, backing me. The thrusts were even faster this time. After about fifteen minutes, she was wondering why I hadn’t released. Then I told her to change position.
She la!d on the bed and I b@nged her missionary style.
As I bleeped her, several thoughts kept going on in my mind. Finally I had lost my innocence, but not in a special way. I was enjoying the s-x, though I thought the girl’s m0ans were exaggerated because she’s a pro and she must have had all manner of diks, many bigger than mine. I asked her if she really felt me that much or she was pretending. At that point she stopped, looked me in the eyes and confessed to me that she faked it. Though she enjoyed the s-x, my dik wasn’t just that big enough to make her squirm. I was so nice to her and she really wanted to make me feel good. That was when I realized that the more you use it, the bigger and more efficient it becomes.
On my way back home, I realized something had changed in me. Deep in my heart I knew I was no more the nice guy I used to be. I had treasured my innocence for such a long time because I believed in true love. I was always seeking someone to love and cherish, not someone to s-x. But that night, everything changed. I realized I could have all the s-x I wanted and not give a d–n about any girl.
All my search for love had ended in betrayal, disappointment and despair. I made up my mind; from now on when I meet a girl, I would seek first my own pleasure, then all other things can be added on to it. I was surprised that I felt calm and happy coming to terms that love was dead and pleasure was alive. I braced myself for a life of hot, raunchy sexcapades.


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